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Why 'Metaverse' and 'NFT'?

NFT가 뭐길래... 그림 그려 1,200만 원 번 14살 중학생

▶ What is NFT... A 14-year-old middle school student who drew a picture for 12 million won

Source: SBS Morning SBS News (

It became 2021 “NFT”with “Metaverse”The keyword is rapidly emerging.

It is now possible to earn new profits by issuing video materials, intellectual property rights, and works that were previously actively used online as NFTs, and this is soon one”Economic instruments”It became famous as it developed into.


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In fact, these concepts existed before 2021.

A price that sounds like “billion”... a reason to be enthusiastic about cryptopunk?

Have you heard of “cryptopunk”? Cryptopunk is an early NFT issued experimentally when the concept of an NFT was just emerging. “Lava Labs” issued 10,000 cryptopunk NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain in 2017, and now, 4 years later, the price of cryptopunk is currently on a high march.

Currently, there are many funds circulating in the NFT market that we cannot imagine.

For me, this trend is in the past Where to startWe will tell you if it has been done by comparing it with the existing market. In addition to that, we will provide you with a view to determine which direction this market will develop in the future, and you Investment directionWe'll help you set it up.

'NFT Art' What is your alternate identity?

NFT artIt proves the uniqueness of a digital work of art by assigning asset information and creators to a token called an NFT. It is recognized as a unique asset because it cannot be copied or falsified due to blockchain technology.

There are so many examples of NFT art transactions around the world, but I think we can hear Banksy's most famous work overseas, and Upbit's NFT auctions in Korea. There are many other examples, so we'll discuss them together in class.

📌 Overseas examples: Banksy's work

Source: Chosun Ilbo (

Banksy's painting “Morons” (Morons), a British “faceless painter,” was converted into an NFT and put up for auction, and the real painting was burned by people presumed to be involved. This painting was sold in Hanwha for approximately 430 million won.

When virtual and real things coexist,

The value of the work depends on the real thing, but

If you get rid of the real thing,

The NFT picture becomes an irreplaceable and authentic item.

📌 Domestic example: Upbit NFT auction


A new era of art trading has arrived, so why are you uneasy?

A new art trading market has opened, but this market is still there chaotic It's inside. It is being built by invisible hands, but I think there are people who feel uneasy before starting because there is no proper regulation or discipline. I'm here to help ease this worry.

Everyone to NFT art The purpose of getting startedWhat is it? The purpose is not only a simple investment, but also a variety of purposes. Depending on the purpose, the direction of your approach should vary. We'll show you a purpose-driven approach.

Also, since most of them aim to realize profit, I'm going to deal with it more deeply from the perspective of profit realization.

Taking the plunge in earnest

It's fine to invest directly, but someone might want to create and sell your work. We'll show you everything from how to create a basic NFT wallet to how to register directly on a trading platform.

💁🏻‍♂️ I would like to work with these people.

📌 Those who are previously working as artists and want to expand their field of activity by selling their works on the NFT market

📌 People who don't know much about art but want to create and sell NFT works

📌 People who are curious about what works sell well in the NFT trading market

📌 Those who want to properly develop ideas and plans to become writers

📌 People who want to earn money by trading NFT works

📌 Those who are afraid of the prospects of the NFT market

Is it an overheated NFT market bubble?

There are also voices warning that copyright issues, such as the use of images of NFT artworks that have been opened online, are still ambiguous, and that large transactions are made because they have unique digital value.

The public points out that “the price bubble is showing due to the influx of big money” and that if the craze subsides, the risk of loss is high and it is easy to become a good opportunity for fraudsters.

I wonder if that's true ❓

👨🏻‍🏫 You will learn this content

✅ Art in the metaverse era

✅ Analysis of investment and transactions in the NFT market <Differences and peculiarities of existing art investment/trading >

✅ Find my purpose in trading NFT art

✅ Looking at NFT from an investor's perspective <Strategy for selecting artworks>

✅ How to become an NFT writer?

✅ Develop a perspective on the NFT market

✅ Other information you may have as an investor <tax, copyright, ownership, etc. >

Once you know the above information, you can make your own judgment.

This class began with an artist's small wish that a little more people would be interested in NFT and NFT art.

May you always be full of happiness.

This writer's dream in Hongdae.



Gyuwon Lee

Gyuwon Lee

Hallo I'm an artist from Hongdae.

In this era of metaverse and NFT, we are one person who is still thinking about how to respond wisely.

NFTs have been coming to us since the beginning of 2021, when we were thirsty for new things as artists. Since I was interested in learning about it, I also created an NFT work and wrote a book by adding my existing art knowledge based on that experience. I also teach at art colleges.

Why don't you go to an unknown future with me?

📌 9 solo exhibitions and many group exhibitions

📌 (Current) Visiting Professor of Painting at Yeungnam University

📌 It's the Maebulu Show, Ildang Baek Art, and the artist Lee of Hongdae! art!! Appearing

📌 'NFT Art and Art Tech' published

📌 (Currently) Active as an NFT artist

홍대 이작가의 아트다! 아트!!

홍대 이작가의 아트다! 아트!!



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