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Hana Baek

From NFT theory to issuance all at once! Become an NFT writer


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Class introduction

NFT? I've heard a lot and got interested, but don't know how to get started? ๐Ÿค” For those people, I even prepared A TO Z for their debut as an NFT artist.

For those who have been working as a business and those who have personal works such as paintings and photographs, we will share the theory and basic knowledge of the NFT market and all the tips necessary for sales activities so that they can aim for additional income from the NFT market with a new revenue pipeline!

If you follow the class step by step, you'll be able to make your debut as an NFT artist right away!

Course effect

  • Learn about NFT theory, terminology, and markets, and find out what kind of product value it has
  • If you take the class, you can create a trading account and a cryptocurrency wallet
  • Let's look at NFT market trends, plan competitive works, and even create collections
  • I'll finish minting and listing on Hankyu and update it to a state where it can be traded right away.

Recommended target

  • Those who have or can produce art, drawing, art, or photographic works
  • People who are usually interested in NFT and want to debut as an artist
  • Those who want to complete the NFT work sales process once and for all

Pre-course notes

  • If you have a work you've worked on, please prepare it in advance.
  • Please install Chrome on the desktop where the class will be held.
  • Please download the pre-uploaded worksheet and bring it with you in a convenient way.

2 reasons why this class is special

Do you know what works are popular in the market?

What are some popular and selling works on the market? We'll look at trends in the vast NFT market, plan for competitive works, and even tell you about collections that need to be produced before they are sold. Also, let's take a closer look at the works that make up the NFT market!

From artwork registration to transaction, non-stop!

To trade on the NFT market, you need a trading account and a cryptocurrency wallet. If you're just about to enter the market and find it cumbersome and difficult to open two, just watch the video and follow along. Together, we can make practical preparations for sales.

Once you've created a digital wallet and even opened a trading account, it's time to start selling in earnest! I'll show you how to set up sales so you can earn money through the pipeline.

Before it's too late, don't hesitate to make your debut as an NFT artist. Together with Hundred Hana, I'll share some of the frustrating and difficult parts of the NFT registration process!



NFT, a market that will grow infinitely


Get started in the NFT marketplace where you can sell everything


NFT also needs planning


Getting ready for NFT sales


Let's prepare an NFT work


Start trading as soon as you're ready


My pipeline, NFT


Hana Baek

Hana Baek

Hallo One hundred and one brand designer.

I am doing personal branding lectures and NFT artwork activities on Instagram

I communicate with people by creating content that contains my values and personality.

Now that the modifiers of a lifetime job or a lifelong job have become unfamiliar,

I thought it was necessary to have a personal project in order to look into an individual's inner world and find one's self.

That's why I wanted to make content that captures my personality regardless of my affiliation and make me known.

Personal branding courses and NFT production also started with that in mind.

With the NFT knowledge I have experienced and learned firsthand, I would like to help those who are hesitant to take on the NFT challenge.


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