3 chapters · 1 hours 5 minutes
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Whipped cream bond and other ingredients
5 Class Projects

It takes about Within 30 minutes hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Knotted cream toploader

  • cute dog cream toploader

  • Dog Knotted Cream Toploader

  • Elegant knotted cream toploader with lace

  • Mademoiselle dog cream toploader

Skills You’ll Learn

Types of cream depending on the pod

Learn about the different types of cream based on the pods and learn about the uses of the pods.

Design for Knotted Cream

Learn how to make voluminous deco cream through layering.

Squeezing dog cream

You'll also learn how to make dog cream, AtoZ, and tips for a cute eye, nose, and mouth arrangement.

Using lace in decodens

Just stick it on, it's not the end of the race! Learn what to watch out for.

Tool Management Act

Learn how to manage pods and how to maintain them for a continuous hobby.

Create a total of 25 toploaders to your heart's content!

Hallo Deco cream toploaderThis is Rectangles, which produces. I'm working on creating a new design by recreating a classic and vintage cream cake on top loader. I started making ToLoader because I wanted to keep beautiful photos of precious moments or people for a long time. If you fill in a beautifully decorated toploader and take a picture, a new memory will be born.

In this class, I'm going to show you some original Rectangles design designs that have never been shown anywhere else. The most popular of our works Knotted cream toploaderBased on, the protagonist who sells out the fastest in every episode Dog cream point squeezing, An elegant toploader using lace I'll also show you how to make it.

The all-in-one kit includes not only works within the class, Up to 25 The configuration is spacious and rich enough for you to create a toploader. Also, I chose the parts and ribbons that we actually use the most.

In addition to the color schemes proposed in the class, we also prepared a variety of color schemes so that they can be used in various combinations. Full content and materials, reasonable prices Enjoy it!

There is a small difference

It makes a huge difference in results.

Unlike a typical Decoden toploader that focuses on parts, Rectangles' toploaders The point is the detail of the cream itselfIt's a decoden that becomes. It's simple in a way, but that's why the weaving method and process are really important. I'll show you what kind of pod to use to get the shape you want, and if you can squeeze the cream more cleanly and accurately, step by step, from the small parts.

Here are some tips we've experienced and learned firsthand so that even those who have done Decoden before can do a more complete and clean job. Minor differences will have a big impact on the finished result.:)

Your own lovely

Let's make a design.

I'll also teach you how to combine designs so that each class blends harmoniously into a single work. We'll also show you where to buy materials and buying tips so you can continue your hobby. Let's make a cream cake toploader that will hold precious memories with Rectangles!





Hallo This is Rectangles that manufactures Decoden Toploaders. The work we are making is like a frame that makes precious moments shine even more. I hope it will be a fun class so that I can always share my favorite photos and the memories contained in them.





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