9 chapters · 1 hours 21 minutes
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Use iPad/Galaxy Tab or Nomad Sculpt
5 Class Projects

It takes about 2-3 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Introduction to the functions of Nomad Sculpt

  • How to sculpting with minimal tools

  • Simple modeling using shapes

  • character modeling

  • Modeling using the features you've learned so far

Skills You’ll Learn

Functions of Nomad Sculpt

You will learn concepts about the basics of 3d modeling from the basic menu of the program.

Modeling with minimal functionality

I'll show you how to create a simple model with just a basic brush.

Modeling using shapes

I will introduce a modeling method that uses only shapes rather than sculpting.

Hello, I'm artist Dang.

Hello, I'm Dang Dang, a game developer and YouTube creator in his 15th year. I've been working in the game development industry for 15 years. Also, I'm building my career as a 3d background modeler, and I'm very happy to join you in Class 101 based on my know-how in lectures on YouTube.

3d modeling using iPad

This class I'm going to proceed using the Nomad sculpt application. Nomad sculpt is a 3d program that works on iPad, Galaxy Tab, etc., and can perform various modeling and detailed sculptingI will. You can think of it as the tablet version of G-Brush, which is commonly known.

However, it's different from Zebrush, which is complicated even at a glance Simple, intuitive interfaceI have it, so if you share a lecture with me, 3D modeling, which usually seemed frustrating and difficult, will feel like a much more fun game.

Self-taught methods from basic modeling to professional level

Were you interested in 3D, but it was difficult for you to try it because you thought something would be difficult? Don't worry I'll show you the basic menu one by one. You'll feel that your skills are slowing down without even knowing it. In this lesson, for beginners I'll show you a variety of sample tasks, from basic menu descriptions to useful frequently used functions.. We've worked hard to make it easy for you to watch and follow along.

From basic shapes to modeling

Do you find “modeling” difficult and complicated? You can easily model with a few hexahedrons or spheres. While modeling donuts, toasters, and udon How to create amazing works even with a little variationI'll let you know. Also, you'll learn about space sensitivity by making simple screen configurations.

Let's create a small world with Nomad Sculpt

Once my hands are relaxed, I'll try to create a small landscape. At this time How to optimize modeling, lighting and post-processing functionsI'll let you know until Isn't it amazing that you can do such great modeling with iPad and Galaxy Tab? After taking this class, start creating your own wonderful world!

Advanced modeling course, let's create a character

In the final chapter, we'll use the advanced process to create characters. Set proportions, refine shapes, and bring characters to life through facial depictions. If you master this process well, you'll be able to do an endless variety of modeling.

We support your creative activities!

Using the results of working on the iPad It can also be linked in practice and used as 3D printingYou can also do it. You can pick as many high-quality ones as you want, so use them in your creative activities!

Create your amazing creations anytime, anywhere with iPad!





Hello, I'm caster1015.

As a game developer, I am so happy to greet all of you in a car that I had fun with after learning that 3d modeling, which I only experienced as a 3d modeler, can also be done with an iPad.

There are probably many people who haven't tried 3D programs that seem vaguely difficult and complicated, and modeling tasks that seem too much to know. I was one of those people, and furthermore, I wasn't an art major, and it was a field I had never learned properly.

Remembering the vagueness and overwhelming feeling I felt at the beginning, I tried to easily summarize it in this curriculum based on the know-how and knowledge I have built up from your perspective as much as possible.





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