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3 Class Projects

It takes about 1 to 10 hours or more hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Icon-sized character illustrations

  • A character illustration with a simple composition

  • One picture of a character with a view of the world

A digital illustration course where you can draw illustrations that look great with “easy thick paint.” Acquire illustration skills that allow you to stretch and draw what you want to express

This class is an online digital illustration course where you learn how to draw human illustrations and original “easy thick painting” from illustrators active in game character design, CD jackets, fashion design, NFT, etc.

While learning how to draw character illustrations and the expression of shadows and color/color schemes, you will acquire the know-how to create illustrations in the process of drawing multiple works together with the illustrator.

In this illustration course, why don't you learn the skills and know-how to create illustrations that allow you to stretch and draw what you want to draw, and be able to draw a picture with your own view of the world?

[This illustration course is suitable for people like this]

  • Those who want to draw attractive character illustrations
  • Those who want to draw works that have a good atmosphere and attract the viewer's eye
  • Those who want to improve their digital illustration skills and the finish of their work

[Step 1] Learn the illustration production flow and way of thinking, and learn a series of flows while drawing icon-sized illustrations

This illustration course is a practical course where it is important to learn know-how while actually moving hands. From small works to larger works, we draw illustrations together with creators while increasing the difficulty level of the work to be created.

The beginning of the class starts with a lecture on the flow of illustration creation, methods and ideas for character design, and the overall sense of illustration composition. After that, while making use of what they learned there, they will firmly acquire the know-how they learned by drawing icon-sized works.

[Step 2] Draw simple character illustrations and acquire the know-how to create digital illustrations

In the middle of the illustration course, while drawing character illustrations with simple compositions, you will steadily acquire the production flow and know-how you learned in the beginning.

The work I draw is an illustration of contemporary fashion characters. Start with the idea of costume design, and learn tips and know-how while performing each process together with the creator, such as drawing a rough drawing → creating a line drawing → color scheme and lighting → writing → finishing.

[Step 3] Draw a single picture with particular attention to composition and make the know-how of creating digital illustrations your own

At the end of the illustration course, while learning how to think about composition and how to think about character design and worldview, we will draw a single character picture that makes you feel the story.

It's a lesson that has many discoveries for beginners to intermediates in illustration creation, such as the key points of thick coating, how to layer and increase colors, etc. They also learn how to improve the quality of details and finish processing, etc., and finish a single picture with a particular focus on quality.

<Message from the Creator>Please draw whatever you want to express without taking a detour

Nice to meet you, my name is lemontea.

Do you have any problems such as “I want to try thick paint, but it seems difficult”, “I wanted to draw a picture with a good atmosphere, but the finish is somewhat different from the image”, “I want to level up my illustrations, but I don't know where to improve”?

In this class, I can master how to apply with my original “easy thick coating” that looks good and looks like a thick coat. I'll explain it from scratch so that everyone from beginners to intermediates can understand it. Also, I will explain the points that lead to improving the overall level of the illustration for those who have already drawn an illustration but have problems such as lack of sharpness, color schemes that don't fit well, or not knowing where to draw.

I've been drawing illustrations on my own all this time, so I've taken many detours.

I want people who want to learn illustration from now on to draw whatever they want to express without taking a detour, and I would like to pass on my experiences and the knowledge I have gathered in this class.

When it comes to drawing illustrations, of course, enthusiasm is important, but information is also important.

I myself have often experienced that even if there is something I want to draw, I don't have enough knowledge to express it, and I get frustrated here and there.

In this class, we plan to pack lots of useful content to know in a way that supports everyone's enthusiasm.

Let's enjoy learning together!

[Summary: What you can learn and acquire in this digital illustration course]

  • Fundamentals of drawing illustrations
  • How to draw character illustrations
  • How to think about character design
  • How to think about a stylish color scheme
  • How to apply thick paint, from drafting to coloring
  • How to express shadows and wrinkles
  • How to think about composition and processing




An illustrator who works mainly in Japan and China. I draw illustrations of people characterized by nostalgic, dusty, or retro pop colors and lighting that makes you feel warm light. We aim for a light and nuisance atmosphere without being heavy even with thick coatings.

[Main career]

Smartphone game character design, CD jacket, fashion design, Vtuber model illustrations, etc.

I have experience as an illustration instructor and designer for a major smartphone game company. Recently, they have also entered NFT. After 3 months of entry, the transaction value of the work exceeded 9.2 ETH (equivalent to 3.7 million yen in Japanese yen).

Q. What kind of activities do you usually do? Please introduce yourself briefly!

A. While mainly accepting individual requests for overseas markets, I was also in charge of teaching illustration courses. Recently, we have also entered the NFT world.

Q. What led you to start creating illustrations?

A.I've been fond of drawing since I was little, and when I was in elementary school, I drew illustrations with Copic. When I became a junior high school student, I got a pen tablet and software and started drawing pictures on my computer. Digital illustrations have reached the present while practicing various methods, such as referring to books and online courses, and trying out various things in one's own way.

Q. Why did CLASS101 offer online classes?

A.I've been drawing illustrations on my own until now, so I've often taken detours.

I want people who want to learn illustration from now on to be able to draw whatever they want to express without taking a detour, so I would like to pass on my experiences up until now and the knowledge I have gathered.

Q. What points did you put the most effort into planning your classes? Who would you recommend it to?

A.We have packed a lot of knowledge to support leveling up illustration that anyone, from beginners to those who have experience with illustration, will find useful.

I'll tell you the entire flow of creating the work,

Those who want to try their hand at creating thick-coated character illustrations from now on, and those who are concerned about how to do character design,

I recommend it to a variety of people, such as those who are concerned about good-looking shadows and how to gather ideas.

Q. What kind of experience do you want the students to have through this class?

A.Being frustrated because there is something I want to draw but don't know how to express it is something I've often experienced myself, and it's a problem that painters tend to face.

In this class, I plan to fill in a lot of content that will be helpful to know in a form that supports everyone's enthusiasm, so I would be happy if you could remember them and make use of them when drawing illustrations.

Q. Please give a message to the students!

A. Let's enjoy learning together!





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