8 chapters · 5 hours 27 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio English

Skills You’ll Learn


Learn easy ways to draw figures

Sketch Process

Make your sketch process faster


Amplify your character's features


Composing a dynamic illustration

Want to add exaggeration in character design poses? Lost in the creative thought process before beginning to draw?

Mary will teach you how to fully plan out a piece before adding fun, dynamic elements and putting figures into perspective.

Mary will be going over several examples so you can easily follow along and receive 1:1 feedback.

Character rotation, anatomy, movement are just a few topics!

Spice your illustrations up with exciting and crazy poses!

Iseekim is here to help you from teaching you essential and basic anatomy and structures with useful procedures to simplify and breakdown complicated figures to enhance your illustrations to be more dynamic.

This class is for anyone wanting to improve their sense of anatomy by putting up for more challenging poses and angles. You can develop skill assets on manipulating the composure of the character which can be a helpful aspect on composing illustrations to a much dynamic or intensive fashion.

By the end of the class you'll be able to have fun putting characters and figures to a more amusing or extreme angles and poses that can enhance the looks of your illustrations. You'll be able to know how exaggerating features can be done with just three key fundamental skill aspects such as anatomy, perspective and composition.





Hi I’m Iseekim, just an artist for fun from the Philippines.

I have been drawing ever since I learned how to hold a pen, despite not having any formal education regarding art, I was able to be consistent and continued the growth of my skills for I was driven by inspiring artists and animations that also made me become an illustrator and animator today.

I wanted to share some fundamental skills that I have learned growing up and lend the perspective to students to gain such intuition and find drawing as a fun activity which led me the opportunity to establish this class.







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