Skills You’ll Learn

Basics for recording

You'll learn the basics of recording.
Let's set up the equipment and program.

Make my voice shine even more! plugins

I'm going to learn about plugins that can make my voice shine even more.

Your own presets!

I'll work with you to create a recording preset that's perfect for you.

Let's record it yourself!

Learn easily by checking out the difficult parts one by one while recording your own!

Hello my classmates,

I'm Jennie Choi, the music creator.

최제니의 홈레코딩 함께 하시겠습니까?

▶ Would you like to join Jennie Choi's home recording?

Haven't you ever heard that thought?

If you learn art, you'll be left with pictures, and if you learn to exercise, you'll have muscle.

What's left after learning music?

I think the recordings can be left.

In this class, we'll learn how to record vocals using Logic Pro X, and even mix while recording together.

We have prepared a curriculum that is easy and fun for anyone to create without specialized skills, so I think it's a good idea to follow along without worrying about it.

If you listen to a song sung with a student who has been learning home recording for two months, you will sing very well and look classy.

However, before learning from me, this student didn't know how to touch logic, and didn't know how to record or control the distance from the microphone.

though In just two months, I was able to record and mix with this kind of confidence, and I learned how to record and mix with logic.

If you want to make a video like this, if you want to record with such confidence,

While doing this class with me, I learned about logic,

How about recording together?

At first, of course, it will be difficult.

What kind of thing is it, how to touch it,

I understood it with my head, but I couldn't move with my body,

I followed the video, but it didn't seem to sound as I wanted,

Of course.

That's true even when you exercise for the first time.

Suffering from muscle pain, muscle tearing and stretching,

As you share that pain, your exercise skills will gradually increase, and your time will increase.

The same goes for music.

At first, the sound of my song was awkward and I didn't like it,

My voice may sound awkward,

As soon as I recorded it over and over again, I got used to my voice

I'll soon feel confident in my music.

Before I started recording, my self-esteem and confidence were in a state of absolute decline.

I didn't have confidence in music,

I didn't even have any self-respect for myself.

My life changed completely after I had the ability to record.

Even if you can't sing, you can save it with correction,

I split the recording several times to make use of the parts I can do better,

Technology that makes you do well by practicing harder on what you can't do

For me, it was a part that gave me a lot of confidence.

I hope that all of you will gain a lot of confidence while recording.

최제니와 쉽게 시작하는  Logic Pro X

▶ Easy to get started with Jenny Choi with Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X is only available on Mac OS

Logic Pro X, a DAW created by Apple, is only available on Mac OS.

Therefore, please prepare a MacBook or iMac.

Logic Pro X is a professional program and is an advanced program used by current majors,

It's designed so that even those who just want to start playing music can get started easily, so anyone can easily take on the challenge without worrying about it.

레슨 후기

▶ Lesson reviews

As I conducted many lectures, I learned how to teach them how to effectively conduct lessons.

At first, I had a lot of trouble thinking about how to proceed, created a very sorry situation for the students, and there were many difficult things, and there were many happy things,

I still think teaching is a happy and happy thing for me.

Because of me, many people are happy with the process of starting home recording and learning about the joy of home recording.

My vision is for more people to challenge home recording without being averse to music.

혼자라면 어려워도 같이라면 쉬워져요

▶ It's hard to be alone, but it gets easier if you're the same

If I want to make my own music one day, even if I'm not an expert,

Why don't you start with me?

Would you like to record together?

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Day by Jenny

Day by Jenny

Hello, I'm Jenny Choi. I'm currently teaching Garage Band and logic classes online and offline, and I've published a <Home Recording Alone> book. In order to let you know the joy of recording, I would like to introduce this logic as well. Whether you're just starting out or have already studied logic, this course will definitely guide you through logic. I'm looking forward to spending time with all of you who love music.:)

Day by Jenny최제니

Day by Jenny최제니


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