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I am I succeeded in losing a total of 31 kg from 108 kg to 77 kg in about 9 months from June 2021 until February 2022:) Originally, I wanted to seal my old photos forever, but I had the courage to prepare photos from my past to certify my 31kg loss.. hehe

I am In 9 months < without going to the gym >, I was able to lose 31 kg of weight for “0 won”. As an ordinary college student, I felt burdened by paying expensive gym PT fees, and after all, I thought that will and steadiness were important.

I managed my diet on my own, exercised steadily, and succeeded in dieting a whopping 31 kg in 9 months.

This course is about 30 minutes long,

  • How I actually dieted for 9 months
  • What YouTube channel was I referring to
  • How to do in-body measurements without going to the gym
  • What kind of cardio and strength training did you do
  • How did you adjust your diet

rattan You can listen to my experience of actually subtracting 31 kg.

I've done all of the filming and editing on my own, so this may be a clumsy video. Also, since I'm an “individual” rather than an “expert,” I may not have any special content.

However, if you watch this video, you can actually watch the video directly of a person who successfully lost 31 kg in 9 months for 0 won without the help of a gym, and hear vividly how they lost weight, I think it will be a little stimulating and empowering for those with very high obesity/high obesity who are thinking about dieting:)

This video is not professional content. I would like to share with you my personal diet story that made me lose 77 kg in 9 months after being 108 kg and very obese.

Rather than expecting special content,

Oh, there's actually an example of subtracting it like this

I don't think getting a gym PT is 100% correct

I should try this too

If you only have this level of thought, I think the purpose of my course will be achieved;) Since it is an experience story rather than a professional content, I have set a reasonable price, so feel free to check it out and leave a 5-star review, I would be grateful if you could leave a good 5-star review:)

We'll see you in class!





Hello, I'm a medical student tutoring.

I'm attending a medical school in Seoul, and I'm studying hard to become a doctor.

We are about to open a regular class dealing with “Corona City, Blue Ocean of N Miscellaneous World” <Video Tutoring> in Class 101:)

Apart from this, I lost a whopping 31 kg from 108 kg to 77 kg in about 9 months from June 2021 to February 2022!

Since I dieted myself by investing zero won for 9 months without the help of a gym, I thought my experience would be helpful to all of you.

Therefore, I wanted to share with you a specific experience of how I dieted at this time, so I came here for a one-point class like this. Thank you for your interest and love:)





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