8 chapters · 2 hours 3 minutes
Korean|Audio Korean

Skills You’ll Learn

Making spicy mackerel konjac rice

How to make sundubu seaweed roll

How to make konjac bacon risotto

Microwave chicken gratin making

Rice Cooker Making Singaporean Chicken Porridge

Making low-carb gimbap without rice

How to make marbled konjac rice

Making a pizza with edible tofu and kimchi

How to make a super easy dish with soft tofu and bacon

How to make kuduku-duk konjac crab soup

Making Chinese-style crab soup without starch powder

About the class

Are you curious about how I was able to lose 10 kg without stress after experiencing fasting while eating a diet with chicken breast, sweet potatoes, and vegetables?

This class will teach you how to make healthy and tasty regular food dishes such as risotto and mac and cheese that everyone will love. Also, just 10 minutes for busy modern people! Here are some super simple dishes you can make. Eat a simple yet healthy diet with super easy diet recipes!

Course effect

  • You can lose weight by eating a satisfying and tasty menu
  • Anyone who isn't good at cooking can easily follow along and complete a dish.
  • You can learn ingredients and dishes that can replace rice, which is the basis of Korean food, and even make your own dishes using this.

Recommended target

  • Dieters who want to lose weight by eating their favorite foods on a regular basis
  • Busy modern people tired of eating food delivery every day
  • Those who want to take care of health and taste all at once

What makes this class special

Capturing “health,” “taste,” and “ease of use”

cooking class

If you have a healthy diet, such as low-carb dishes, high-protein fusion dishes, chitogenic, and vegetarian fusion dishes, you can enjoy easy meals in 10 minutes. Check out Kunikuni's unique recipe that combines health, flavor, and ease of use in the class!





This is Kunikuni introducing a super easy 10-minute diet dish.

I tried and made various diet recipes in an environment where I had no choice but to choose a diet diet method that I made and ate myself while living abroad I was able to lose 10 kg without overdoing it.

Also, I was able to break away from the stereotype of “diet = news,” and since I was satisfied with meals, I was able to live a happier life than before.

I started recording my know-how on my personal social media, and now I'm living the life of a video creator who provides recipe information rather than just a record.

I hope that many people will become healthier and lose weight by eating satisfactorily with my super simple 10-minute diet recipe.



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