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As an ingredient in the refrigerator
18 Class Projects

It takes about 10 to 20 minutes hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Salty Rice Thief Spam Soy Sauce Rice Bowl

  • Unconditionally delicious spam tortilla wrap

  • Mapo tofu rice bowl

  • Pork cutlet bowl

  • Mushroom vegetable bibimbap

  • Spam jellyfish sushi

  • Corn cheese kimchi fried rice

  • Jelly omelette

  • Egg sushi

  • Egg curry

  • Omelet rice

  • egg sandwich

  • Spam rice sandwich

  • Simple garlic butter bread using commercial bread

  • Mentaiko square rice

  • Pickled sesame leaves, horse mackerel rice

  • Kimchi Bulgogi Mozza Toast

  • Topping deep-fried sushi

Skills You’ll Learn

Authentic refrigerator cleaning, preparation of ingredients for lunch boxes

Introduction to the ingredients for a one-person customized bento

Prepare materials quickly and easily

How to prepare ingredients that both beginners and busy office workers can do

Practical bento plating

How to organize a lunch box that captures taste, practicality, and aesthetics

About the class

Have you ever tried to save on food costs by packing lunch boxes in a continuous garbage bag? However, due to current circumstances such as work, child care, etc., you are probably giving up every time to worry about whether packing a lunch would be bothersome and cumbersome.

If so, what if you could spend only 10 to 20 minutes a day and eat a delicious lunch with a different menu every time? If this were possible, you might need to think about lunch, and you might be able to save money on lunch. For busy modern people, we have prepared bento boxes that produce maximum efficiency in a minimum of time.

Are you wondering how you can continue to pack lunch boxes in your 15th year as an office worker? I'll show you some bento menus that have been consistent.

Course effect

  • You can make a quick one-bowl bento on a busy morning.
  • You can learn how to make lunch boxes that are both realistic and practical.
  • You can make bento boxes that can save on food expenses using ordinary ingredients.
  • It can solve the menu problems of people who are in the throes of “what to eat tomorrow.”
  • You can learn simple dishes that even beginners can easily follow.

Recommended target

  • A parenting mom who packs lunch boxes but always has concerns about the bento menu
  • An office worker who is thinking about packed lunches to save on food expenses
  • People who want to use 20 minutes before or after work to make a practical lunch
  • A beginner cook who wants to quickly and easily make a high-quality bento with common ingredients

What makes this class special

20 minutes a day of work life in the 15th year

Fridge A practical lunch box that anyone can easily and quickly make with common ingredients

After 15 years of working life, I became tired of what I bought, and I think the end point was to make a lunch box that fits my mouth and pack it. I think the most special thing is making a delicious lunch for me while saving on food costs using only extremely plain and common ingredients.

In class, I'll try to make bento boxes that focus on taste and practicality with plain ingredients for busy modern people rather than sentimental bento boxes.

The 18 concerns that usually come to mind when it comes to organizing a lunch box 1. The point is that you need a lot of ingredients and have to buy them all one by one 2. I don't have time to go to work, but it's cheap but it takes a long time 3. You may be worried about the difficulty of organizing a menu. This is a bento class that focuses on taste and practicality to solve fundamental concerns about bento boxes.



ttukttak egg

ttukttak egg

Hello, I'm Took Took Took, a YouTuber.

I'm an office worker in my 15th year, run YouTube for 2 years with lunch content for office workers, and eventually became 100,000 YouTubers.

While working, I made only menus that were as realistic and easy to eat as possible, and I mainly use single-tier bento boxes that are not uncomfortable to move around while commuting to work.

It's easy for anyone to make, so I hope it helps those who are hesitant to pack a bento or those who are worried about the bento menu:)





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