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Skills You’ll Learn

How low should I be, my self-esteem is low?

Low self-esteem?
Let's start with a self-esteem test.

Can I not get carried away by them?

I learn how to love myself from people who are born and ready for old age.

Learn how to “pretend” to have high self-esteem.

“What would you like to eat?” ►Don't say “I like anything”!

Learn how to raise self-esteem throughout your life

It's a difficult but powerful method.
If you know this, you're graduating from a self-esteem class.

How to deal with people eating away at my self-esteem!!

I'll teach you how to deal with each type of person who makes you small.

The last special move, how to raise your own self-esteem!!

I'll give you a little bit of my own secret that I couldn't tell anyone because it was so weird.

언젠간 잘리고 회사는 망하고, 우리는 죽는다! -회사생활 모토-

▶ One day we will be cut off, the company will be ruined, and we will die! -Company life motto-

“Hey, you've really changed a lot!!!

Has anyone around you experienced this?

An experience that surprised me when a friend who was timid and had no presence as a child appeared in a different way

“I was just that kind of person”

[YouTube: I have 240 points, and I'm from a local university, how did I get a job at a large company?]

When I was a child, I only transferred to elementary school 3 times,

How was I always bowing my head at the back of the classroom because I didn't have any friends

Are you able to speak confidently in front of anyone?

"나를 안 좋게 보는 사람은", "저도 그 사람을 안 좋게 봅니다."

▶ “A person who looks bad at me”, “I also look bad at that person.”

Hello, I'm an ordinary office worker and I run the YouTube 'Moving Water' channel

I'm a YouTuber, “One day we will be cut off, the company will be ruined, and we will die.” Writer,

Tips on how to say everything without even having to notice anything,

I'm looking for my vision and giving a lecture on how to love myself

This is the number of “Uncle who just went to work.”

Have you ever thought about this?

Haa... She's that pretty, but... Why are my eyes so small and my nose so low?

Haa... Everyone is good at something... Why am I not good at anything?

Haa... Is there anything I can do if I just come out of the local university?

Haa... Why was I born into a small family?

Haa... Why is living here so uninteresting and helpless?

Haa... I want to work hard too, but what the hell should I start with?

A lot of people

Falling into the swamp of [appearance-supremacy], [capitalism], [academicism], and [meritarianism]

I saw my self-esteem go all the way down to the 18th basement floor.

The strange thing is,

People who have more money than me,

People who look better than me,

People with abilities superior to me,

Even people with better conditions than me,

It was that they weren't as happy as me.

Being a socially successful person doesn't mean they're satisfied with their lives,

Even if it wasn't a socially successful life, someone was happy, and someone was unhappy.

The bottom line I felt when I watched them was,

Happiness is 'How much do you believe in yourself? ' “How much do you love yourself?” It depended on,

Self-esteem was at the center of that.

“What happens when we have low self-esteem in our lives?”

[Company edition] I can't express my own opinion, so I become a “person who works hard but doesn't achieve results.”

[Romance edition] Being misled or used for replaying “I'm fine, so let's do what you like,”

[Friend's Edition] You won't be able to make a real friend because you can't stop loss and be fully proud of your “friend who should stop loss.”

When they all left,

If I have low self-esteem, I can't love myself,

A person who does not love himself cannot be happy.

Q. But I'm happy to be with someone else, right?

A. Happiness obtained only from others without loving me

As soon as that person disappears, your happiness will also disappear.

Why did you create a self-esteem class?

By and large, it's the age of money.

It's all good, but “it's an age of money.”

If you go to a bookstore, half of the best sellers are how to make money.

On YouTube, “How to make a thousand a month with a smart store!” “Profit automation” “How to make money unconditionally”

It is overflowing every day.

Of course I love money, but there are things that are more important than money.

“Even if you don't earn 10 million won a month from a smart store, you still love me”

언젠간 잘리고 회사는 망하고, 우리는 죽는다! _ 책 표지

▶ One day we will be cut off, the company will be ruined, and we will die! _ book cover

Yes? Don't say something you don't know??

This is what you might think.

Q: A~ If you make good money and succeed, of course, you will be happier and your self-esteem will increase.

A: Yes, I think so too.

But what if you don't make money and don't succeed?

If I try hard at a smart store and fail, do I have to live with misfortune and self-blame?

It's cruel, but even if you do the same thing and do the same thing, the results are different.

What is important to us is that we have to be happy in our lives regardless of the results.

Do people who have succeeded without anything really seem to have nothing?


In my eyes, I see that person's “I must be able to do it” strong self-esteem.


For people with low self-esteem

  • “I can do it too!” I can't even have the courage to say
  • The momentum of “Let's get started”
  • This is because there is no “courage to overcome one or two failures and try again.”

What is in this course and what isn't?

[Not in this course]

“It doesn't contain any great theories.”

“Because I don't know.”

“I don't even know a great theory, and listing a theory without a story

Nor is it my way of talking.”

[Available in this course]

“What kind of environment and how have I lived”

“How and why did you form your current self-esteem,”

“How can I express my opinion clearly in front of anyone without being noticed by others,”

About “And how I came to love myself”

“It contains experiences and stories.”

“One day it will be cut off, the company will be ruined, and we will die”

An old man who just went to work, of Moving Water

-Self-esteem classes these days-

Self-Esteem Practical Solution STEP 1.2.3

Step 1. [Identify the problem] Analysis of my current self-esteem

This class is about knowing my wounds, and the story starts from there.

I'm going to look very deeply into why my self-esteem is low.

Because every story starts from deep within me.

It's not just thinking, it's about buying and selling.

I may even go back to my first memory, even before I was born.

What kind of environment, what kind of experience, or trauma lowered my self-esteem

I'm going to take a good look.

Step 2. [Solution 1 ️] Reveal Self-Esteem Cheat Keys You Can Use Right Away in Real Life

First, you'll learn how to pretend to have high self-esteem. Fundamentally boosting your self-esteem isn't something you can do overnight, but you don't have time to wait until then. First of all, we will reveal self-respecting language, behavior, and cheat keys that can be used immediately in corporate life and relationships. If you pretend to have such a high self-esteem, you'll know, “Oh, I could have done this.”

[Solution 2 ️] How to deal with the type of person you learn today and write tomorrow by type of person who eats away your self-esteem

Are there people around me that are eating away at my self-esteem?

🗣 “Of course you did this wrong” “Hey, why are you so ugly?”

👥 “Haa.. Are you calling this a job?” “What are you saying?”

I'm going to organize these people by type and learn how to deal with them. It also contains know-how on coping with situations from the 10th year of work life.

Step 3. [Continued] How to really raise self-esteem without losing your whole life

새벽 5시' 딱, 한달만 달려봤다! # 잘살고 있는 것 같은 느낌이 드는건 느낌 뿐이겠지?

▶ Just 5 a.m., I only ran for a month! # The only thing that makes you feel like you're living well is your feeling, right?

Instead of doing something huge, let's start with small, trivial things that can do small things right away. By finding a small hobby and making it a specialty, I'll learn what I like and what I'm good at, and I'll regain my confidence by accumulating small challenges and small successes. Even if the given environment is difficult and difficult, you will learn how to set an underdog mindset to enjoy and find breakthroughs, and make your side for a lifetime.

What's the difference between YouTube videos and YouTube videos?

If YouTube is a trailer or 10-minute summary of a movie,

Class 101 is a full version of the film's director's full video, making story, and epilogue.

- YouTube channel

1) Various topics: select topics that people will be interested in

2) Core only: If you go too deep, you can get bored, so just talk about the core

3) Fast tempo: Maintain a fast tempo to increase viewing duration, but

- Class 101 lectures

1) Have a topic of self-esteem

2) It covers a very deep and rich story in its entirety

3) The content is as if it were a 1:1 conversation with everyone.

#유튜브는 It is a suitable platform for lightly dealing with various topics and various issues in life,

It wasn't a platform because it contained all of my thoughts and experiences on a topic in a systematic way.

Therefore, I captured everything about self-esteem that I have felt and learned in my life in this lecture.

I recommend this class to these people.

  • Not sure how important I am?
  • Don't you know how to deal with people who hurt you?
  • Do you want to improve your self-esteem, but don't know where to start?
  • Do you envy people who seem to have high self-esteem in your company or in your friendships?
  • How to raise self-esteem that you can use right away
  • Do you want to build self-esteem that won't be lowered for the rest of your life?

How will we change?

With different types of people and in different situations

We can respond with confidence without indecision.

[I can say this at work]

  • How about this project? → Instead of “I think it's fine,” ____
  • What do you think? → “Hmm...?” Instead of procrastinating, ____
  • Is the project going well? → Instead of saying, “It's just...”, _____
  • How about this idea? → Instead of saying that I've tried that before and it didn't work, ____

[It can be so sweet in a relationship]

  • What would you like to eat? → Instead of saying, “I'm good at eating,” ___
  • What's your hobby? → Instead of saying, “It's not really there,” ____
  • What do you do on weekends? → “You really don't have any promises?” Instead of saying _____

[This is how you can deal with friends]

  • To a friend who wants to stop loss → Instead of saying “OK, let's see you on the weekend,” ___
  • When a friend breaks my will → “Yes... is that so?” Instead of saying, ____
  • When I'm trying to gaslight → “I'm saying it because I'm...” When I pretend to be on my side _____

[Above all else]

  • I get to know what I like,
  • I learned how many small advantages I have and how valuable they are,
  • You'll be able to organize unnecessary relationships around you.

Specifically, I don't know how each individual will change.

With the hope that it will be a turning point in my life that is greater than what I said above

I have prepared a lecture.

When we all love ourselves and live our own lives
I believe the world will become more diverse and livable.





Hello? I'm Moving Water. I'm an ordinary office worker working at a financial company, and I'm also a YouTuber who runs the YouTube Moving Water channel.

There was a chance that it appeared on an office worker's observational entertainment TV, and someone made that video as a memo and spread it, what? I was shooting without a script, and suddenly I found myself a very talented person and a hip office worker in the world??

짤 댓글

huh? What is it? Is it because of the company's life motto?

Or is that honestly?

Or is that about being comfortable with the boss and executives?

Or is that because I used parental leave as I wanted?

Or because he's a long-haired YouTuber??

I'll tell you honestly,

I don't think that's a tough job. I've never studied well, I'm from a local university, and I don't really have a good personality. But I have as much to say about my self-esteem. I'll take your self-esteem out of my heart on the 60th basement floor and put it up on the roof



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