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Skills You’ll Learn

Learn how to invest with charts without investing with information that is one step late

There are still many unscrupulously investors who see false information and invest in the stock and cryptocurrency markets. It will be possible to correct the wrong trading habits that are one step late every time by dealing purely with charts.

Make sure you have a strong mindset before you start investing in chart technology!

Investments must be made with the head, not with feelings. Establish your own trading principles and even establish a stop-loss rule. Little by little, you will experience the magic of compound interest, which is called the law of a virtuous cycle.

I have prepared everything from basic to advanced technical analysis of the chart

I'll teach you various charting techniques in an easy-to-understand manner, such as how to read candles, understanding trend lines and s/r filp lines that act as support/resistance, reversal chart patterns and persistent chart patterns, how to use moving average lines, and using momentum support indicators.

About the class

If you're an investor who reads all kinds of information on the stock and virtual currency markets and listens to experts on YouTube and makes a decision, only sees losses in the end, pay attention to this class! In this class, I prepared a curriculum that deals purely with charts and corrects investors' wrong trading habits. A chart analysis class that only ends with a chart and a chart! Charts don't lie. I hope you have an eye for charts and a happy investment that makes more profit and sees less loss.

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Recommended target

  • Investors who want to read chart flows in the investment market
  • Investors who want to expand the spectrum not only in stocks but also in the virtual currency market
  • Investors who invest with false information or late information/victims of crappy charts and paid courses

Course effect

  • Instead of judging buy/sell timing based on emotions based on the flow of forces, the flow of the chart is accurately read and judged.
  • Investors develop an eye for investing that realizes more profits during rising periods and minimizes losses during periods of decline.
  • You will experience patience, restraint, and self-reflection through self-objectification of the attitude of participating in the investment market.

Pre-course notes

  • This class was created based on the 2022 investment market.

2 reasons why I recommend this class

❶ Can be used and eaten for a lifetime Technical analysis of charts

Charts are knowledge you can use for a lifetime if you study them. Through the basic skills of chart analysis, you will learn how to read charts using candles, read trend lines and s/r filp lines, analyze chart patterns, and use moving average lines, and in the advanced chapter, you will learn trading techniques that make the most of indicators based on momentum (MACD) and auxiliary indicators (OBV, CCI) that can be used as a reference. Additionally, I'll tell you all about chart trading techniques using Bollinger Bands.

❷ Investment buy/sell timing that gives you confidence

When it comes to investing, the most important thing is not loss/profits, but confidence in your own judgment. Investments should be made with the head, not with feelings. To create an optimal strategy based on your investment propensity, create your own trading principles and establish a stop-loss rule in advance. We'll help you maximize your investment skills through common points and simulations of stocks with good chart flow.

SK common stock price

  • Ideal charting analysis is possible with HH, which raises the high point just before 195000 while not raising the high point after the upward wave, and LL, which lowers the low point of the upward trend transition in the form of a falling wedge, while keeping the low point just before 195000 in the form of a long-term adjustment.
  • Fibonacci retracement confirms RBI, buys at 0.618 and sells 0.382 in the short term
  • Since there is no V-shaped rebound, there is a market situation where it is possible to break the trend market by re-entering a short-term upward wave after confirming the bottom

Hyundai Marine Chart Analysis

  • The reverse head and shoulder pattern of Jubongsang was confirmed, and the target value of the simple pattern was reached after retesting the neckline
  • Short-term resistance value (selling price) can be confirmed with simple pattern target value + Fibonacci retracement 0.618 resistance
  • In a situation where the low continues to rise, safe trading is possible by entering confirmation of further increase due to rising trading volume after breaking through the neckline



Lasstudio Song

Lasstudio Song

Stock and crypto trading from 2017 to 2022

Study at Trader Class in New York, USA

Collaboration with Team XABCD 2020

2020 Cow Project 3rd year lecturer

Personal trading online school opened in 2020

Similar investment advisory business registration in January 2022

With a broad understanding of various financial products such as cryptocurrencies and stocks and price action techniques

Analyze and forecast with pure ONLY charts regardless of macro information


At the beginning of 2017, I accidentally saw a friend's investment return and became interested in financial technology, and when I suddenly made a lot of profit at the beginning, I thought I was a very talented and lucky person. Soon after, however, I experienced great loss, frustration, and truly felt the bitterness of life. After that, I started selling charts because I wanted to study properly, and I was able to trade by investing through technical analysis through charts rather than investing through emotions or misinformation. I have been able to pay off all of my debts through investment in the early days and have been making steady profits until now.

In the world of investing, you shouldn't invest by simply listening to listed information or trusting someone's words. To keep our precious assets safe and be called smart, we must never lose anything. You must close your eyes and ears and trade with your own confidence to gain experience. Through such a process, profits and losses are repeated, and I believe in myself and develop my skills. For your happy investment life, we will fully prepare trading methods through PRICE ACTION techniques and present good methods to you. Thank you for your interest in Life-Changing Classes.



L.A.S Trading Team

L.A.S Trading Team



L.A.S Trading team - 공개채널

L.A.S Trading team - 공개채널

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