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Skills You’ll Learn

Candle formula

We'll take a look at everything from how candles are created to actual danta types using modified candles.

Trading volume formula

Starting with the HTS trading volume setting method, you'll learn about the trading volume formula formulated by Ju Sam.

Trend/pattern formula

From how to use the tool toolbar to draw trend lines, to catching trading points using trend lines

moving average formula

You'll learn how to set daily, weekly, and monthly moving averages, and how to use moving averages.

Hogachang formula

You'll learn about important figures, starting with how to look at one-day single sales quotes.

Buy/sell formula

You'll learn everything from how to set the optimal order window for single trading to the principles of stop-loss.

Issue/Material Formulas

You'll learn how to find leading sectors and themes, starting with how to find sports using HTS.

First lecturer in stock investment,

This is a stock wife:)

“Juha, this is Ju Sam”

Hallo Stock Wipe, who is working as a stock investment expert in the 6th year of Keizai BroadcastingIt's. While broadcasting, I felt a lot that there was no place where individual investors could learn how to properly invest in stocks from A to Z.

There are many lectures that talk about “why” to invest in stocks, but it's a pity that there are no places that tell you “how” to do it. I would like to provide practical help in investing in stocks by incorporating the knowledge and know-how I have learned into lectures. I hope you will learn and learn to help you create your own skills.

The modifiers “first place” and “expert”

No one can use it

No. 1, expert know-how

Since entering the securities broadcasting specialist industry, every moment has been a battleground. Over the past hour, there are more than 1,000 items sold together with viewers through broadcasts. The know-how accumulated over many years has already been proven, and their skills have also been recognized in the yield program.

The reason why it was loved by viewers in the intense professional industry is because of its “steadiness.” Every day, I sold out 14 to 16 hours a day on stocks. In addition, we will fiercely analyze and eliminate the causes of failure Trading methods that increase win ratesI went on to learn.

No.1 viewership in the same time zone

Keizai Broadcasting boasts proven teaching ability with the highest viewership in the same time zone. Rather than boasting a brilliant account yield, rather than a lecture that catches the clouds Skills you can use in practice I mainly included it in the lecture.

Single-hit trading where technical analysis is important, Even if you have a solid foundation, your yield will increase by 1% or more. You should listen again even if you already know technical analysis and don't think it's necessary. We will formalize the parts that are easy to miss, such as test questions from a small fingerprint.

Learn like mathematical formulas

Preview of single trading techniques!

① Candle formula 🕯

Do forces always leave traces?!

“Another candle?” There may be people who say that. But, do you really know exactly what these candles mean? Don't you still have your own standards for whether it's unconditionally bad if you get a sound peak, whether you should watch the daily peak or the main peak? We'll tell you what you must see through the candle formula, and show you how to find traces of the forces.

② Trend/pattern formula 📈

Are you searching for another pattern after forgetting it?
Learn it once, imprint it, and use it for a lifetime!

Movements leading to candlesticks and volume appear on the chart as trends and patterns. By reversing investors' psychology through trends and patterns, we can create opportunities to make a profit. Through trend/pattern formulas, it is possible to analyze investors' psychology and produce investment results with a high probability of 99%.

③ Issue/Material Formulas 💡

The best places to look for issues and materials are public announcements and breaking news. But did you know that even if you make good use of HTS, you can look at stock market conditions at a glance and find leading sectors or themes? HTS is not just a place to place buy and sell orders. We will inform you so that you can find everything from information about the company to issues at a glance without having to go around various sites.

What changes are expected from this class?!

📍 You can do basic chart analysis and stock discovery on your own

📍 You will learn the hidden uses of HTS, which only used to buy and sell

📍 Gain confidence in stock trading

📍 You will not be afraid of falling markets or falling markets, but rather learn how to use them

수강생 후기

▶ Student reviews

Let's listen to the testimonials of people who have invested with Stock Wife.

① Interview with 'Tae Joon' 💁🏻‍♂️

Interview with “Immediate Life 1” 🧑🏻‍💻

③ Interview with 'Ka Eun' 🎁

With the “Thumbtalkya Finder”

Intraday sports discovery skill UP!!

Thumbtalkor Finder

We're going to find and invest in good stocks, but how can we find so many stocks every day? How do you use HTS?

Provides a search formula applicable to Kiwoom Securities Heroic Moon HTS. This is a professional search engine that is actually used while broadcasting during the day. If you have trouble finding sports in the middle of the day, please get help from the search engine after taking all the courses. I've included everything from how to set up a browser to how to use it in an additional lesson.

※ The “Summer Talkman Finder” is offered separately to those who have purchased the course ticket and coaching ticket package. If you have purchased a coaching ticket, submit a question along with the search engine request through [Use Coaching Ticket] and we will send you a link to the search engine. ※

Now with Stock Wife

Start Danta Trading with a goal of 3% every day!

크리에이터 소개

▶ Creator introduction

Although I graduated from the Department of Economics, I made a lot of effort to specialize in broadcasting a field called 'stock investment'. I realized that steady profits will eventually follow only if it is based on continuous interest and study of the market.

If you accumulate 3% profit every day, you get 60% profit in one month. Since my lecture formalizes basic theories, I'm sure it will be useful enough for practical trading.

In my lecture, I would like to emphasize two things. First, it is necessary to study and make an effort to obtain information in order to find good sports so that the formula can be applied. Second, it is necessary to have the determination to buy and sell by excluding emotions as much as possible and making rational judgments. If you combine steadiness, mentality, and techniques from my lectures, you can successfully invest in stocks.

All items shown in this course are examples only, and investors are responsible for their investments. Just as there isn't 100% in the stock market, my lessons cannot be 100% answered. We hope that you will always have doubts and questions while creating investment techniques just for students. We support your successful investment! We'll meet you in class. Thank you





“Marry stocks”

📢 No. 1 in the economic broadcasting yield program

📢 No. 1 in viewership for stock lectures during the main time zone

We are proud of our proven teaching skills. In the wider world of Class 101, I would like to generously share my stock investment know-how and grow together.

🙋 Profile

Former) Economic broadcasting expert for Company E and Company M

) A broadcaster specializing in economic broadcasting

🏅 Awards

2018 MTN Profit Hooray <Winner-take-all Ceremony> Season 1 No.1

2018 MTN Profit Hooray <Winner-take-all Ceremony> Season 2 No.1

📋 Broadcast list

2018 MTN <Winner-take-all Feed><Hidden Stock>

2019 Daily <Stock Ranking Show><Stock Uijeongseok>, MTN <Law of Survival>, <Hidden Stock>

2020 Daily <Stock Uijeongseok><Stock Householding><Upper Limit><Introduction to Stock Romance>><Sports Restaurant<Sports Restaurant>

Personal YouTube <Stock Wipe> Management in 2021



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