Hobbies and financial technology at the same time, “Art Tech”

You can get started with just 100,000 won!

Did you know that 'art investment', which was thought to be the exclusive property of the rich, and the recent 2040 MZ generation is also making big profits from small investments?

Even if you don't have big money, You can start with a small amount, and even safely make a bigger profit than stocks & real estateYou can put it out! How good would it be if you could buy a picture that suits your taste, keep it, and then sell it 10 times higher in a few years?

예술+재테크 열풍에 방송 시작전 '완판', MZ세대가 꽂힌 예술품 투자 '아트테크'_뉴스

▶ “Sold out” before the broadcast began due to the craze for art+financial technology, and “Art Tech”, an art investment by the MZ generation. _News

Since I work as a business art dealer, I was able to meet customers with many needs on-site. Nowadays, especially when I go to a gallery exhibition or art fair, I see a lot of people in their 2030s, and they often search and inquire online without having to look at the paintings themselves. There are also many people who want to buy pictures that they have studied and found, but they need to be sure that the decision is right, so many people ask for personal coaching.

There may be works that are worth 10 to 100 times the profit if you buy a good work, but on the contrary, there are cases where the artist quits her activity or controversy arises, and the price of the work falls, and you cannot sell it.

That's why Study art properly,
You can reduce that risk by studying artists too!
I'll tell you the A-Z of art tech in detail ☺️

No acquisition tax, registration tax, or holding tax!

Profit greater than stocks or real estate YES!

Art not only has no acquisition tax, registration tax, or holding tax, but works under 60 million won, surviving domestic artists, and sculptures are also exempt from transfer tax, making it an excellent means of financial technology.

For this reason, liquid funds that have recently been blocked by real estate regulations have been flocking into the art market. particularly Compared to the size of Korea's economy, the art market is small, so there is room for further growth.

In addition, I'll introduce some of the many advantages of art tech.

✅ Effective means of tax savings and investment under various regulations

✅ Even if you don't have money, you can make a small investment of just 100,000 won

✅ From hobbies and investments to improving the quality of life with works of art

✅ Stable increase in asset value without price reduction when collecting major works

Stop worrying,

Immerse yourself in art tech with me!

I found a picture I like like this, Things you enjoy as a hobby and are economically helpfulThis is 'art tech'.

👤 Those who can't afford to invest in real estate that costs too much money

👤 Those who are too busy with their main business to invest in stocks

👤 Those who are interested in art and want to own their own art

👤 Those who own works of art but want to seriously study the art market

👤 Those who want to buy luxury goods or do chatech with Chanel bags

Tips for building taste and discernmentWith
Know-how to buy and sell artI'll let you know until

The latest fully revised edition in '22!

What is the difference from other classes,

📍 We will teach you basic knowledge about art through background knowledge such as art history.

📍 We will help you find your own lifestyle while learning discerning know-how.

📍 We will inform you about the conditions and various purchase routes for works of art worthy of investment assets.

📍 We'll tell you the pros and cons of art tech, the secrets of price formation, and investment tips.

📍 Learn about purchasing and selling laws, taxes, and management methods that can be used in practice.

📍 We will also introduce 7 of the most frequently asked questions recently, and we will also answer your questions.

“Art Tech” latest edition class!

The latest content from '22 is tightly packed and organized.

Hello, I'm Han Hyemi, an incumbent art dealer and author of <100,000 won per month painting investment financial technology>. We have conducted numerous interviews and lectures on art and art tech.

Buying a good piece of art is to accompany one's inner growth and richness in life, to participate in the artist's vision, and to write one's own history with art history. Therefore, I hope that you will not regret buying a piece of art without knowing the basic structure and principles.

In the midst of the hot art tech craze that has spread like a trend Find and buy good art, and enjoy the richness of life and return on investment, starting with a piece of art! Let's meet in class ☺️

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artdealer Han Hyemi

artdealer Han Hyemi

An art dealer, columnist, and art lover who connects people to people and times to people through art.

While working as an art dealer, she writes columns and gives lectures in parallel. My childhood dream was to be a painter. She learned various art materials and techniques while majoring in Western painting at Incheon High School of the Arts and Buddhist art at Dongguk University.

Since then, I gained various experiences in society in order to expand the world of my work, and I was attracted to introducing paintings from painting. Currently, he meets people through art and introduces the artist's vision. I received my master's degree from the Graduate School of Culture and Art Management at Kyung Hee University, and a journal paper was < listed in the 57th Art Management Research Book of the Korean Art Management Association as < the influence of the subscription economy on the creation, consumption, and distribution of the art market >. The representative book is “100,000 won per month picture investment financial technology”. As a proven art dealer loved by major media outlets, he is currently working at Gallery K Co., Ltd.

🏆 Many lectures including the 2021 Seoul Money Show, 2021 Daily Second Half Wealth Tour, 2022 Daily Money Window Concert, 2022 Financial Conference, etc.

🏆 Many appearances including KBS Integrated Newsroom ET, SBS Biz Economic Wide Morning Bell, MKTV, Korea Economic Affairs Don Lib Manse






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