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The worst inflation? How to invest in raw materials that make rich people smile!


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Class introduction

Following inflation and interest rates, the exchange rate soared, and anxiety is growing due to the bleak economic outlook and negative returns from individual investors. though Wall Street's big hands say, “Rather, now is the chance”It says. 'Commodity Investment', an investment strategy in the era of inflation that wealthy people are paying attention toLearn about. From the energy sector to gold/silver, industrial metals, and agricultural products, we will tell you easily and properly what is the best “best asset friend” for the economic phase and which one is suitable for investment.

Course effect

  • You can see what raw materials to invest in according to the economic cycle
  • You can identify assets that are 'strong' against inflation
  • You can easily learn how to invest in raw materials

Recommended target

  • Other than investing in stocks and real estate Alternative investmentsThose who are interested in
  • Stable profit through asset allocation according to the economic cycleThose who want to pursue
  • Hedging against inflation (risk aversion)Those who are interested in

Pre-course notes

  • This class Economic outlook for 2022-23It was created based on.

3 reasons why this class is special

❶ 'Commodity investment' easier than 'stocks'

If we only understood the 'economic cycle', 70% of the 'commodity investment' would have been solved. It is a commodity investment strategy that finds the most suitable asset partner according to the 'economic cycle'. From the energy sector to gold/silver, non-ferrous metals, and agricultural products, we can find answers to industry prospects by analyzing what raw materials are emerging. You don't need to study as many stocks as stocks, and try investing in commodities that is easier than stocks!

❷ An investment strategy for wealthy individuals/rich people only?

In the meantime, “commodity investment” has been known as a hedge against inflation (risk avoidance) as a means of hedging (risk avoidance) against inflation, and as an investment strategy for Wall Street bosses and wealthy people. However, in a situation where assets continue to decline, now There are various domestic and international financial products that allow individual investors to easily and comfortably invest in raw materialsIt's becoming a city. In the future, “commodity investment” will not only attract attention during periods of rising prices, An essential portfolio for asset allocationIt will be positioned as.

By investing in raw materials

Even studying global economics

The rise in “prices” is most affected by the economy. When you analyze the commodity market, you can read not only economic trends, but also industry trends and future prospects spontaneously. Looking at this trend is essential for our smart lives in the future. If you analyze the 'commodity market' with me and learn practical investment methods, you will be able to examine global economic trends and develop investment strategies on your own. I hope this class will be your investment guide.



A place for the rich to invest! 'Commodity'


Is the Commodity Supercycle coming?


In the era of global energy wars, commodity investment is on the rise!


Where to invest in gold vs silver and precious metals?


Growing concerns about food inflation, how to invest in agricultural products?


Commodity investment? Ask 'Dr. Copper'


Commodity investment strategy for individual investors!

Congratulations on OUTRO stubbornness

Seize the opportunity to invest in commodities in the influencer market that came after decades




Hallo Lee Seok-jin is the director of the Raw Materials & Foreign Investment Research Institute.

Focusing on the Korea Financial Training Center and the Financial Investment Education Institute, we teach banks and securities workers about understanding the global economy, raw materials, overseas real estate, investment philosophy, and investment methods. I sincerely believe that there are no freebies in the world, and I don't think investing can be successful without studying it. Age is not just a number, but I also believe that it will shine in the financial market as a crystallization of philosophy and experience.

▶ Director of Raw Materials & Foreign Investment Research Institute

▶ Adjunct Professor at the Financial Training Institute (Asset Management Division)

▶ Guest Professor at the Financial Investment Education Institute

▶ Guest Professor at Dongguk University Real Estate Asset Management Chief Executive Program

▶ Former analyst at Samsung Securities/Dongyang Securities

🔉 Fixed appearances on a number of economic broadcasts including Korea Keizai, Maeil Keizai, and Seoul Keizai

📚 Books

  • If you know raw materials, you can see the global economy (2012)
  • The 4th Industrial Revolution and Future Investment (2017)
  • I buy Google shares at home and sell Dubai crude oil (2014)
  • Maekyung Economic Outlook (2014-2022)
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