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Skills You’ll Learn

The secret of a 4-year cumulative yield of 846% revealed for the first time!

At the beginning of 2018, I just kept it all the time with just one conditional setting, but the secret to the 3-digit return rate is surprisingly simple.

Customized investment strategies for each asset, from Korean and US stocks to coins

We will let you know that anyone can easily trade Korean and US stocks and coins automatically with their own investment strategy.

Upgrade your investment strategy to suit you!

Experience a change in strategy with advice from the founder of Genport, such as how to manage risk and strategies that others don't use.

Investors who are good at stocks on their own don't need quants!

For those who don't have the confidence to overcome fearful stock markets alone, such as inflation, war anxiety, etc., Zenport is essential!

Save Me on Sampro TV Jurin appeared in this episode

Meet Zenport, which is overcoming the current crisis through past data~

“Zenport” is the number one roboadvisor in Korea! The secret is yield!

They said they made a huge profit Super ants, youtuberWere you able to earn money by following along?

It's not a special case that anyone can easily follow How ordinary people make moneyIf you go after it, you, as an ordinary person, can also make a profit.

The founder of Zenport is different!

4-year cumulative yield record of 846%!

By the way, it's not a simulation, it's actual!!

It's one of the strategies I've run the longest; I've never touched it since it was set up in February 2018, but it has recorded tremendous returns. There may be some distortion due to deposits and withdrawals, but with the Kiwoom Securities yield calculator Cumulative yield of 846% over 4 yearshas been recorded. This strategy formula will be revealed in the lecture. It's so much simpler than you might think, and you'll probably be surprised. If you listen to my lectures, you can create enough strategies to this extent.

월 평균 거래금액 1조원!을 리딩하는 젠포트 여러분의 안전한 투자를 돕습니다.

▶ The average monthly transaction amount is 1 trillion won! Leading Genport helps you invest safely.

At this point, I think you'll be curious.
I'm CEO Moon Ho-jun, founder of Zenport!

GenPort (GenPort) as the co-representative of NewG Stock I am responsible for everything from initial planning to development and operation of the service. Since 2015, I have been broadcasting, educating, and writing articles about stocks and coins through various media. I can confidently say that I am one of those who knows more about Zenport than anyone else and can make good use of it. As such, I was able to teach Genport for the first time through Class 101.

🥇 Founder of Genport and Co-CEO of NewG Stock

🥇 Accumulated yield of 864% over 4 years!

🥇 Broadcasts such as Korea Keizai TV and Maeil Keizai TV

🥇 Lectures on big data, roboadvisor, and fintech at Sejong Cyber University

Why now?

How is your account?

After COVID-19, the stock investment population doubled, and fortunately, the stock market continued to rise. Investors who came in during this period had no experience with a falling market, and they didn't necessarily make money just because it was a bull market. As the issues of inflation and interest rate hikes in 2022 were raised in earnest, the market mood changed quite a bit, and returns began to decline.

Now that everyone is afraid of a falling market, there are investors who feel comfortable. Learn smart investment methods based on data right away, and no matter what market rises or falls Quant investment is building up assets over the long term! These are the No. 1 RoboAdvisor 'Zenport' users in Korea.

💸 Comfortable quant investment even in a bearish market

💸 Insights from 'Zenport' users, the number one roboadvisor in Korea, revealed

What is quant investment

Why does it shine more in a bearish market?

The United States So much so that more than half of all transaction fees are returned using algorithms alone Many investment companies are already investing based on quant. A bearish market is not scary because it excludes sentiment and bias and makes profits by verifying accurate information, philosophy, and strategies using figures and statistics.

Also, since I manage my assets with my own strategies, I feel less stressed while investing. It invests automatically, makes sense even if you lose money, and statistically, the return is better than direct investment. If you do Zenport, friends around you who are stressed by investing directly will be disappointed.

😊 Those who want to invest in stocks with figures and statistics that exclude emotions and biases

😊 Those who want to invest in stocks without stress

😊 Those who are tired of looking at stock windows all day

This class alone will make your life a little more relaxed!

Is it possible for beginners who don't know anything about mathematics, computers, or investing?

Yes, it's possible.

It's so easy that even if you don't know coding, you can turn automated trading into your own strategy in just one month. Of course, you may experience difficulties when backtesting (the process of verifying the results of the strategy by simulating based on past data) with difficult conditionals, but if you learn step by step with me, automated trading is fully possible to turn it into your own strategy. In fact, I made Zenport and actually made hundreds of percent profit, and I don't know how to code.

⭐ 5 reasons why the stock investment robo-advisor platform 'Zenport' is unique!

  1. Anyone can easily create their own algorithms without the need for coding.
  2. Algorithms continue to evolve through collective intelligence.
  3. A well-made algorithm can even be sold.
  4. You can create algorithms, share them, and even trade automatically.
  5. It was created by Korea's top securities IT experts.

Focusing on Chairman Moon Hong-jib, the founder of Korea's first Daishan Securities HTS

'Zenport' created through research by Korea's top securities IT experts

🏆 Chairman Moon Hong-jib, founder of Korea's first Daishan Securities HTS

The founder of NWG Stock Moon Hong-jip The chairman is in the past Daishan Securities CYBOS, the first HTS in KoreaI have developed Having worked in the securities industry for decades, he started with the idea that “fund managers are made up of such smart people, why is the yield not consistent?” and created the first platform where outstanding collective intelligence gathered to develop algorithms, share them with individual investors, and buy and sell those algorithms to individuals. For “Zenport,” rather than a professional stock trader,Collective intelligence“It contains his philosophy that this is beneficial for investing in stocks.

Here's one more thing!

Domestic stocks that can currently be invested with Zenport Kiwoom Securities, NH Investment Securities Automatic trading is possible by linking 2 locations with Zentrader, and in the future Assets with different time zones from Korea, such as US stocks and coins, will also be able to be traded automatically.

US stockset coinBacktesting is currently available, and an automated trading system will be provided in the first half of 2022. Choose and invest in markets you are interested in, such as Korea, the US, and coins.

👀 Domestic stocks (Kiwoom Securities, NH Investment Securities) can be automatically traded and linked!

👀 An automated trading linked service for US stocks and coins will be planned in the future!

Here's another one!

100,000 users, 3.2 million accumulated investment algorithms, creation of approximately 5,000 algorithms every day, monthly stock transaction price of 110 trillion won, etc. Transactions at the level of small domestic securities firms occurred through 'Zenport'It has such a great influence in the market. It means that so many people manage their assets with investment strategies they have created,

Many of these people aren't “professional investors” or “IT professionals.”

We have created an ecosystem where very ordinary people can manage their assets with their own investment strategies in just 1 month. In this regard, 'Zenport' can be an opportunity to change your job beyond simply a tool that helps you invest. In fact, all of the lecturers who can be called 'Zenport' experts were non-financial investors whose lives changed when they met Zenport and became lecturers.

⭐ 100,000 users

⭐ Accumulated investment algorithms 3.2 million

⭐ Approximately 5000 algorithms are generated every day

⭐ Monthly stock transaction price of KRW 110 trillion

Even now, it's quite clear why you need to get started with Zenport!

It's easy! A lot of users are using it!

Strong returns regardless of whether it's a bull market or a bull market!

Korean stocks, US stocks, and even coins are automatically traded on Hankyu!

Well, let's start now!

In the future, investing is not an option, but a necessity. If you stick the first button well, you can live well for the rest of your life. N-jobber era! Catch both “investment” and “work” rabbits with an automated trading bot that earns money while you work!

The Genport magic formula, which was not published anywhere else, will be revealed exclusively in Class 101 for the first time.





Hallo I'm Moon Ho-joon, co-CEO of the fintech company 'NewG-Stock'. “Why can't individual investors make money?” Research that began with this concern led to the development of 'Zenport', a tool that allows anyone to easily create their own investment strategy and automatically manage assets based on this. Many Zenporter (Genport users) are investors who don't know much about finance or IT, and I'm sure that you can create your own investment strategy and live a better life in 1 month. It's absolutely not difficult. Please take a little courage and become a smarter investor.



HoJoon Moon

HoJoon Moon

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