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Skills You’ll Learn

“Covering the boulders” among cryptocurrency stocks

We'll show you how to select cryptocurrency stocks with high growth potential and return on investment

The safest way to invest in cryptocurrencies

I will explain in detail how to invest in cryptocurrencies that are 99% disappearing and safe cryptocurrencies

How to use specialized investment institutions such as Silicon Valley VC

I will introduce the help and usage of domestic and foreign investment institutions in detail

Trading timing to raise the highest yield

We will deliver trading strategies that will increase return on investment using key indicators

Cryptocurrency asset allocation and portfolio principles

We will inform you about asset allocation and portfolio principles that can reduce losses even in a falling market

Investment sites needed to invest in cryptocurrencies

Here is an investment site that can understand the ever-changing cryptocurrency market and how to use it


disappeared (?) The first 'coin dream'

A thunderstruck man in his 20s, a new wealth is born

You'll remember it. Last January 2017/1, Bitcoin, which was only a thousand dollars, was a whopping 19,000 dollars a year laterIt has surpassed. Especially in my country 'Kimchi PremiumIt was traded at such a high price that the word “came up. The “cryptocurrency craze” didn't last long. When “Bitcoin” plummeted, some people raised their voices of criticism, saying it was like “tulip speculation” in the 17th century. Nevertheless, at that time, the phenomenon of “rising cryptocurrency prices” occurred all over the world Thunderstruck rich man in his 20s·100 billion wealthy·Fire Tribe etc. “The birth of a new wealth”has been loaded.

2021 'Luna Crisis'

Hesitant (?) The second 'coin dream'

2017 “The Birth of a New Wealth”When I was just watching, I belatedly hit my knee “There will definitely be another chance”I think Iran As I studied properly, I began to increase my investment in cryptocurrencies little by little. After all, my judgment was not wrong. In March 2020, As the coronavirus crisis reached its peak, Bitcoin dropped to the $3,800 mark, but since then, as institutional investors also entered into cryptocurrency investment, the cryptocurrency market grew incomparably larger than in 2017. From 2020 to 21, we are also “the birth of cryptocurrency development”However, since it peaked in November 2021, various negative events overlapped and overshadowed. Investors' trust was greatly lost due to the “Luna crisis”It's. As a result, among many investors “Cryptocurrency falls further”, “Rebound, far away”, “Cryptocurrency is over now” Opinions are divided. How do you see it? Will investors turn away from this?

A new opportunity to become rich with 'cryptocurrencies'
It wasn't that far.

However, everyone is rich in coins

It's not something that can be

“The man who 'almost' became 100 billion rich”

“Cryptocurrency rich, 1/6 of assets in half a year...”

“Investing in coins is a thunderstorm trying to get rich...”

“Thunderstruck vs. Thunderstruck”, what separated them? Cryptocurrency and stocks both look similar as financial assets, but there are big differences between investment methods and stock selection. Even if you just think about it Cryptocurrency is an investment asset that implements Web 3.0 based on the core technology of the 4th Industrial Revolution called blockchainSo, that would make some sense. As a result, if you approach investing in cryptocurrencies like stocks, you may lose a lot. It's not an old-fashioned fist Properly know and 'accurately' invest in cryptocurrenciesI've created this class so you can do it. The most basic From how to choose coin stocks, trading timing strategies to increase investment returns, and the basics of asset allocation and basics to reduce losses, investment principlesIt contains practical know-how for investing in cryptocurrency until.

▲ Asset Allocation and Portfolio Principles When Investing in Cryptocurrency (Class Data Screen)

Course effect

  • You can buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the best time when they are undervalued
  • Don't ask yourself, not an investment Develop a cryptocurrency investment strategy and build a portfolioYou will be able to
  • NFT value and the latest trends in cryptocurrencies such as Web 3.0, DeFi, P2E, and X2EI can grasp

Recommended target

  • Korinyi or prospective investors interested in investing in cryptocurrencies
  • Don't ask, investInvestors who always lose money
  • I want to be rich All cryptocurrency investors

📌 Notes before taking the course

  • This class As of the end of October 2022It was produced with.

📌 Things to remember before investing in cryptocurrencies

The investment paradigm is changing, as cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly valuable as an alternative asset. Above all, since it is becoming an alternative asset, it must be approached with cryptocurrencies, long-term investments, and value investments. Although it is the trendiest, I recommend buying coins that are good for the long term at a low price rather than a single sale.



Jonghan Park

Jonghan Park

Hallo Park Jong-han, CEO of Future Value Research InstituteIt's. I am Research and discover assets with high growth value that will enrich future livesI'm doing it. Before I started investing, I was an ordinary office worker living in Banjiha Rent in Sillim-dong. But now that I've invested properly, a lot has changed. In addition to a monthly profit of 40 million won, I gained the experience of increasing my assets by about 100 times through investment. Income is also income, but Above all, gaining “confidence” to be able to do it and the know-how to find undervalued assets is the most valuable assetIt's. Currently, I am working to create a system where I can share my “cryptocurrency investment know-how” and create “lifelong economic independence and freedom.”

📺 Lectures and appearances

  • <2022 Seoul Money Show> (Cryptocurrency investment)
  • <Money Today>, <Park Gom Hee TV>, <Single Fire>, <Woongdal Bookstore>rattan

📚 Books

<Cryptocurrency Trends 2023> (co-authored), 2022

<Invest in cryptocurrencies that will rise 100x in 10 years> 2022

<My first YouTube project> 2019


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