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Skills You’ll Learn

Everything about the 8 billion dollar coin investment

Basic investment mindset
Various chart usage techniques
Real investment
All about profit and loss

About the class

If you have lost money due to investing in stocks or coins, please pay attention!
I'll tell you techniques that are essential for practice and can really make money!

I'm not a great trader to make 300 billion from 6 million won. However, I can share with you the trading know-how that has saved money now.

1,000%. 10,000% revenue Don't be misled by titles like this. Monthly average When it comes to 30% profit, that's a huge profit margin. Profit rates for deception don't make sense, and real traders don't use the above wording.

From the perspective of when I first started investing, I packed the secrets of making money from trading into the top 19. I'll tell you what a real “investment” is.

Course effect

  • You can learn how to make real money, which is essential for actual investment.
  • You can develop the most important “mindset” for successful investment.
  • You can develop skills and your own perspective that allows you to invest rationally.
  • You can learn how to make money on your own without being dependent on others.

Recommended target

  • Those who want to make money by trading coin/stocks
  • Those who only lost money and lost money by investing in coin/stocks
  • Those who want to make a profit by investing in futures
  • Those who want to earn money from a side job other than their main job

What makes this class special

Free to read along with the video! PDF materials

I created PDF files one by one using the same method I had studied so far.

The course was also created based on this PDF material, and it will definitely help you.

(The PDF material is attached to lesson 1.)

🔖 This class is described based on “coin futures trading,” but

The same can be applied to coin spot and stock charts.🔖

I'll see you in class!





Hello, this is donboksa_tv!

What coin courses have you taken in the past?

Theory-focused lectures?

Technical analysis of charts?


What's really important?

If you have a brilliant technique or theory, it doesn't mean anything if the results aren't good, right?

I proved it with my results, and it came true.

It's not about what techniques I use; it's about whether the person giving the coin course is really proven.

You can also look for it on my YouTube channel.

I revealed and showed them one by one the processes that made 100 million won from 1 million won in a month

I'm not a great trader who made 300 billion from 6 million won.

But I can at least tell you how I was able to save money now.

I'm not dazzled by exorbitant returns.

Even if you make only 30% of your monthly profit, that's a huge profit.

10000% 20000% Don't be misled by this statement.

Real traders don't use such words.

You have to learn about investing again from the beginning. I'll tell you what a real investment is.

I'll see you in class!

🔖 This class is described based on coin futures trading,

The same can be applied to coin spot and stock charts 🔖





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