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Skills Youโ€™ll Learn

The answer lies in the data! On-chain data analysis method

On-chain data analysis! Let's hear directly from the person in charge of digital asset financial services

Cryptocurrency chart analysis to read the flow of the market!

Key indicators and principles of chart analysis! Real investment delivered by a trader specializing in cryptocurrencies!

Digital asset finance, real investment in DeFi!

A leisurely life created with digital assets! Secure and stable revenue generation

An โ€œirreplaceable tokenโ€ NFT! How to invest

NFT investment, what kind of NFT will succeed? Identify the latest market movements, starting with data-driven analysis

Ask an expert on digital asset tax, law, and more

From Korean digital assets, cautionary systems and legal prospects to tax treatment methods!

I'm sorry This class

I should have made it quickly, but... ๐Ÿคญ

I keep falling in love with coins these days, so it's difficult
There are a lot of people who have inherited it, right?

Recently, market conditions have not been very good, and coin investment sentiment has shrunk a lot due to adverse events such as the Luna crisis. But the more this happens 'opportunity'I thought, and studied properly, so it's not a speculative coin investment 'Safe Investment'How about getting started?

Direct to real investment

We've prepared a class to help you!

Curriculum for new investors as well as those with experience in investing to get practical investment ideasIt was configured as.

In addition to โ€œhow to sort out digital asset issues, on-chain data and chart analysis, DeFi and NFT investment methods,โ€ which are essential for safe investment, as well as โ€œlaws to be aware of and tax treatment methods related to digital assets,โ€ which are usually difficult to hear The best and most reliable experts in the industry in each field provide quality content.

10,000,000% over 12 years

Bitcoin has increased in value! ๐Ÿ’ฐ

Based only on the price of pizza that can be bought with Bitcoin, the price of pizza that could be bought with Bitcoin at the time of 2010 is as of 2022 It was 10 million times in 12 years.

No one was interested in digital assets in 2010, but the few people who saw the future and invested are now billionaires. Like this Digital assets will be the key to unlocking a new world. It was once criticized as โ€œa means of speculation and will soon disappear.โ€ The digital asset market is now a future industry where many leading global companies are striving to investIt became.

Major global companies are also moving fast

The fact that I've started investing in digital assets!

๋””์ฆˆ๋‹ˆ์˜ NFT ์ฝœ๋ ‰์…˜, GOLDEN MOMENTS

Digital assets are still in their infancy and are a trend that will drive the future. Recently, the world's top bank <Goldman Sachs> also recognizes Bitcoin as an asset and begins a mortgage loanI did, The king of content <Disney> sells their content through NFTsI'm doing it.

Now that famous global companies around the world are also keen to invest in digital assets, how much do you know?

Investing in digital assets is investing in an industry that will grow in the futureIt's.

It is an industry that is growing rapidly at a rapid pace, so if you study and invest properly, you can expect higher profits in the near future.

However, at the same time, there is also a big risk,

We must select assets that are healthy and have great potential for development!

๊ฐ€์ƒ์ž์‚ฐ ๊ฐ€๊ฒฉ ํ•˜๋ฝ์˜ ์˜ˆ์‹œ

Since it is still an early market, there are many cases where many related projects have lost their value and disappeared in a short period of time, and recently related to digital assets It is also true that misinformation and fraud are raging in the marketplace.

The more you do this, the more you have to study properly and invest,
You can seize the opportunity to invest and become your own asset.

In the process of investing in a growing industry, the most important thing is to avoid this misinformation and false projects It's about investing in healthy, developable projects and assets.

With content you can't hear anywhere

I made it with a full pack.

#1. A representative digital asset that will lead the future

The basics of coin investing! We will neatly organize the structure of major coin markets such as cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin), DeFi, NFT, and DAO.

#2. Comparing characteristics and fee systems of Korean and global exchanges

From centralized coin/NFT exchanges to decentralized exchanges. Are you wondering which of the many exchanges you should use? In addition to comparing the features of exchanges, we'll also talk about how to use wallets and travel rules.

#3. A summary of the news you should pay attention to by cryptocurrency issue

Domestic and international media news that mainly requires confirmation, and a community for data confirmation! We welcome the major cryptocurrency communities and major influencers. We will tell you how the market moves and how it should move in various economic news.

#4. On-chain data analysis applied to cryptocurrency investment

If you analyze macroeconomic indicators when investing in stocks, what kind of indicators do you analyze when investing in virtual assets? It's โ€œon-chain data.โ€ Starting with a list of various paid and free sites where data can be checked, I will tell you what kind of indicator logic to check, and how to use past data for investment.

#5. The secret to increasing return on investment by analyzing trading charts

From how to read a 24-hour digital asset chart to buy/sell score analysis that recovers from past charts! We will collect and organize only the chart interpretation know-how essential for investing in digital assets. If you just look at this, the charts will stop crying!

#6. Understanding DeFi and finding DeFi that's right for you

We will tell you about various investment methods, even DeFi that suits individual tendencies. Through various practical investment cases, we will unravel the know-how to receive interest even with coins and increase investment returns.

#7. How to select various NFT projects and tips for buying and selling

Along with the know-how to invest in existing NFT projects, we will also tell you about utility NFT, which has recently emerged as an NFT hot issue. The world's leading companies are also creating and investing in NFTs, so you should start before it's too late.

#8. From taxes to institutions for digital asset investment returns

From Korea's digital asset-related systems, legal status, and the global trend of institutionalization! We will point out future prospects and future directions. If you know the tax and tax savings know-how on individual/corporate investment returns, you can say that you know everything about real investment!

Understand the concept of 'digital assets' and future value, and connect them with investment to become rich!

Block Media will be your guide.

With experts in various fields you can trust

We'll tell you all A-Z of coins, NFTs, defy, taxes, etc.

๋Œ€ํ•œ๋ฏผ๊ตญ NO.1 ๋ธ”๋ก์ฒด์ธ ๋ฏธ๋””์–ด, ๋ธ”๋ก๋ฏธ๋””์–ด

Korea's No. 1 blockchain media, Block Media promises to all of you. With reliable information and reliable experts, we will be your partner and guide you to the right investment.

โœ… How to obtain information from rapidly changing news and apply it to practical investment

โœ… Master 'on-chain data', a macroeconomic indicator essential for investment

โœ… Technical analysis of the 24-hour chart and refer to it in trading

โœ… The secret to obtaining stable interest and return on investment at the same time like a stock dividend

โœ… Recently popular NFT project selection methods and buy/sell know-how!

Welcome to the promising path of digital asset investment in the future โ˜บ๏ธ

Your digital asset investment, Block Media, will be with you from beginning to end.





Hello! No.1 blockchain media, block media.

The digital asset industry is growing rapidly, and more and more people are sympathetic to investing and joining us.

Investing in digital assets is now a 'must' rather than an option When your chance comes, don't miss it! We will be your partner in digital asset investment with content you can trust.

Once again, we welcome you to the world of digital assets! โ˜บ๏ธ







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