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Skills You’ll Learn

Take a course on the basics of DeFi

History of DeFi that cryptocurrency investors must know

DeFi product types and concepts

Learn about the types of DeFi products we've looked at as existing financial products

Pre-preparation elements for real investment

Prepare a personal wallet and learn basic mainnet network concepts

How to actually participate in leading DeFi services

The theory is not the end, but the actual DeFi adaptation process

How to find and choose a good new Defi

Learn why Twitter and Telegram are essential and how to use Audit companies

What other killer apps will come out after DeFi

Predict future coin trends

You are now,

How do you invest in cryptocurrencies?

If you're interested in cryptocurrencies and are thinking about investing, I'd like to say first that it's amazing. It's still an uncertain market with a lot of risk, but rather than turning away from this market, you need to be interested to respond to changes. But maybe,

After signing up to the exchange, just report the coin name
Aren't you buying and selling?

트레이딩뷰(Trading View) BTC 차트

Source: TradingView (Trading View) BTC Chart

The coin is highly volatile and has a reputation for being highly gambling or fraudulent. For this reason, people entering this market often aim for a hot bath without proper study. Those people only look at the name of the coin and are investing with a “feeling of feeling.”

I sympathize with that because that was the case at one time. However, since 2017, I have been able to participate in the market and diversify investment methods and generate profits by trying to properly understand cryptocurrencies and learning.

KIMPGA (김치 프리미엄을 체크하는 사이트)

Source: KIMPGA (a site that checks Kimchi Premium)

직접 채굴에 도전했을 때의 이미지

An image of when I tried mining myself

Profits were sought in various forms, including mining, masternodes, arbitrage, and GIMP trading. In the process, I also had concerns about various investment techniques such as studying charts and margin trading.

However, the results so far
It wasn't very successful...

This is because the coin board has a structure that is swept away by external factors because there are many variables.

New financial technology using cryptocurrencies,

DeFi (DeFi, decentralized finance)

디파이 관련 기사 1디파이 관련 기사 2디파이 관련 기사 3

Source: DeFi related articles

I felt it was difficult to generate profits using traditional investment methods. In the meantime, a new means of financial technology 'DeFi (DeFi) 'The field called came to light, and when I came across it, it was new day by day.

Of course, I think I was able to raise a ridiculous yield because I caught the possibilities in this field faster than others. However, projects that were not captured quickly are clearly different from traditional trading etc. The DeFi (DeFi) area is a place where the more I study and the more I research information, the more profit comes backIt was.

Ape board(자산을 한눈에 볼 수 있는 서비스)

Source: Ape board (a service where you can view assets at a glance)

Most DeFi projects introduce their services in English, and the basic concepts seem to be the same as existing financial products, but they differ in many ways.

There are still barriers to entry to DeFi.

However, considering that the most characteristic of decentralized finance is protocolization, it is also an area where you can easily adapt if you study the concept accurately only about the characteristics of each sector and then learn only the characteristics of each network.

In this class

What can we learn?

This course is aimed at beginners in DeFi, and will cover basic concepts and actual service usage.

🧑🏻‍💻 The main curriculum of the class

① Types and concepts of DeFi products

  • What is a stable coin?
  • Are there deposit and loan services using cryptocurrencies?
  • Understanding Farming (Farming)

② How to participate in representative DeFi services Part #1

  • Klaytn-based Dex, Loans, and Interest Optimization
  • Luna-based Dex, Loans, and Interest Optimization

How to Participate in Typical DeFi Services Part #2

  • Binance (Binance) Smart Chain-based service
  • Services based on Ethereum (Ethereum)
  • Other DeFi introductions and guides (Solana, Avalanche, etc.)

④ Recommended services by investment amount

  • Assets of less than 10 million won, less than 100 million won, 100 million won or more

⑤ How to find a good new DeFi service

  • Why communities (Twitter, Telegram) are essential
  • How to use the block explorer, how to check audit company information, etc.

Using these popular DeFi services as examples, we will learn from basic understanding to how to participate in services.

🔥 Class preview

#1. Cryptocurrency mortgages

암호화폐로 담보 대출

Do you use cryptocurrency as collateral loan?! Something like this is already happening in the DeFi market. You can also receive interest on deposits by simply depositing cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) that you have with your existing financial system. Also, you can get a loan for another cryptocurrency as collateral for your cryptocurrency and deposit it again.

디파이에는 러그풀(Rug Pull : 프로젝트를 갑자기 중단해 투자금을 가로채는 투자 회수 사기)

However, as high interest rates are there are risks, right? Also, there is always a risk of Rug Pull (a payback scam where investment funds are intercepted by stopping a project) lurks in existing and new DeFi. This course does not provide a 100% secure Defy. You will practice looking for projects that are relatively low risk and can be popularized.

#2. Introduction to NFT mining


Fortress NFT is really hot, right? There is also a way to make a profit by holding an NFT and selling it back when its value rises, but there is also a way to earn another coin by mining it using the NFT. In the same way, I will also show you how to monetize using cryptocurrency financial assets.

📍 Are there any materials I need to prepare for the study?

We recommend that you prepare a PC for smooth lessons and practical training.

There is no problem with the PC specifications as long as normal web surfing is possible, so it is also recommended that you manage it with a dedicated PC that only uses DeFi.

In order to use DeFi, there is a part where it is necessary to use a personal wallet rather than an exchange wallet. Also, the 'user' has complete control over the information in this private wallet. Because of this, accessibility is extremely low and difficult, and there is a risk of hacking if the information is not properly managed.

Therefore, personal information should not be misdisclosed. Messages and links, such as DMs, that come from unknown people or people who impersonate the operator should be absolutely ignored. If you keep this part, it seems that you can use it a little more safely against hacking etc.

Now I'm going to learn DeFi (DeFi) in earnest

Let's start investing in action!

If you follow all of the above curriculum slowly, you can now not only learn how to use basic DeFi, but also learn how to select new DeFi services and how to obtain relevant information.

Why don't you start your smart cryptocurrency investment life with me in a world where additional return on investment has become a must? I'll give you some quality information that can help you a little bit in generating revenue. Finally, review the things you should be aware of before investing in DeFi or cryptocurrency, and join this class if you're ready.

※ Precautions (please read!)

  • This class does not recommend certain items (DeFi products, coins, etc.). Many users have participated in the projects mentioned in the curriculum to date and are making a profit, but in the meantime, there are also people who lose money. Prices in this market still fluctuate greatly due to government regulations and market issues. The blockchain-based cryptocurrency market is still a market with insufficient institutional supplementation. As a result, the project's developers may disappear at any time, and your assets may not be protected as a result. Therefore, please keep in mind that you are responsible for all your investments.

  • Before you sign up for a course, you should carefully evaluate whether your funds are lost due to these high-risk risks and are not having problems with your daily life. At the time of the rapid rise of Bitcoin from 2017 to 2018, after many investors invested in loans, house collateral, and honeymoon funds, etc., they suffered enormous mental and material damage over a long period of time. I recommend that you do not invest in funds directly related to survival like this, and I hope you will carefully consider your investment decisions dozens of times.

  • Beware of personal data disclosure and hacking threats. Also, as mentioned above, in the DeFi (DeFi) market, developers, operators, and participants communicate through communities (Discord, Telegram, Twitter, etc.). During this process, you may be provided with anonymous DMs (1:1 messages) impersonating the operator and links that can be hacked. Misrepresenting one's own information causes great damage to hacking. Please fully understand these risks.

  • You don't have to pay for this class. If you spend more time and attention, you can also fully learn from my YouTube channel, high-quality domestic and international blogs, and communities explaining about cryptocurrencies. In this class, I will explain what I learned through my own learning and execution under a systematic curriculum and clearly summarizing them all in one place to reduce the time required. Of course, I would like to make a difference by explaining the things I usually have been curious about one by one. However, if you have an excellent ability to read the market quickly and acquire information, we also recommend that you study while searching for information on your own.

If concerns about regulations, risk of loss, or hacking are ahead of you
We recommend that you don't take classes!

The purpose of this course is not to induce students to pay and generate sales. It was planned to help people understand DeFi (DeFi) correctly from the production stage and hope that there will be positive participants in the market. I hope the lessons I have prepared will help you understand DeFi systems. I'll see you in class. Thank you





At least in the financial sector, Corin, who invests most of his assets in cryptocurrencies with the belief that blockchain-based decentralized systems will replace existing centralized systems, is the kindergarten director.

Since 2017, we have been investing in cryptocurrencies, mining, and planning services, and since August, when the DeFi boom began in August 2020, we have also been running a YouTube called “Corinyi Kindergarten,” which tells you how to use DeFi.

As of October 21, I have had the experience of calling seeds up to 10 billion won as of October 21 with an investment of 40 million won as of the month of March last year. There was also an auxiliary effect due to market growth, but I'm not looking for luck, but I'm looking closely at the project and still investing while studying.

In class 101, I would like to conduct a lecture where beginners can easily understand from A to Z about cryptocurrency DeFi services that are difficult for the general public to access.

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코린이 유치원

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