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About the class

I'm not trying to become a financial master.

Because it's a very difficult and difficult path. What we want is financial freedom!

You can gain “financial freedom” as much as you want without trying too hard.

In a world where everything goes up except the salary, they are asked to wear a belt and save “half of the salary.” Is it possible? Getting rich by collecting a salary is like an elephant going through a needle hole. That's why many office workers are investing in stocks and real estate. Unfortunately, there aren't many cases where high returns are obtained from investing in stocks and real estate. Is it really impossible to earn a satisfactory profit from investing in stocks and real estate while going to work? That's not the case.

How to earn an average annual profit of '35%'

While going to work How to achieve financial freedomThere is this. Know-how to gain economic freedom by raising an average annual yield of 35% by investing in stocks and real estateI'll teach you in an easy and short way in this class.

Course effect

  • Even if you don't know anything about financial technology, you will know the core of financial technology

  • You will learn the key concepts and methods needed to arrange your own home

  • Real estate investment will reach the “medium value” level in 3 days

  • After 4 days, stock investment will reach the “medium value” level

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Recommended target

  • People who don't know any financial technology but want to make money

  • Those who want to make money with easy investments

  • Those who want to use their short time after work to become a financial agent

  • Those who want to learn only what is essential for “arranging a home” and “financial freedom”

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2 reasons why this class is special

❶ Easy even for beginners

Even if you've never done financial technology before, even if you don't invest a long time while going to work It was carefully structured with “easy explanations and detailed arrangements” so that you can learn not only financial concepts but also how to invest in real estate and stocks in just one week. In particular, professional voice actors will arrange and explain in an easy way that will stick to your ears through videos recorded by themselves.

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❷ Easy to follow

We will tell you in detail through maps and pictures so that you can understand it even if you just look at it. In the case of stock price graphs, it may be difficult to understand, but I will explain them thoroughly so that even beginners can understand and execute them. In particular, when investing in foreign stocks, I will tell you in detail how exchange rates move and what losses and profits can be obtained from exchange gains.



Tiger Kim

Tiger Kim

An office worker who started with a salary of 2 million won, saved 100 million won at age 27, and saved 2 billion won at age 36. I'm running the YouTube channel “5 Bunsunsak Financial Tech, Kim Si Tiger TV” in the hope that it will be of some help to those who are just starting out in finance.

We will not only cover any one field of finance, but will tell you all about finance in an “easy and short” way. I'll share with you the know-how to gain financial freedom even if you have “serious” financial skills like me.

Make lots of money and be happy!



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