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Skills You’ll Learn

How to arrange a home for my family

Methods and key elements for arranging a home that never loses principal

Real estate transaction procedures that even beginners can follow in a day

Procedures and precautions from searching for a home arrangement to drawing up a contract

The secret to raising seed money the fastest way to arrange your own home

Systematic ways to raise 100 million in 3 years and money management rules

Preparing for old age with rent income

How to get rent instead of a salary during a time when work is at risk due to COVID-19

How to arrange my perfect home

How to prioritize subscriptions, quick sales, and auctions according to my circumstances and funds

Begin your honeymoon in a villa studio for 15 million won

It currently has billions of assets.

I say the first step to becoming a rich mom is to arrange my own home. Setting up a home for my family gives me peace of mind and allows me to design a bigger future.

Do you think arranging a home is only possible for people with rich parents or people with natural talents or luck? Absolutely not. I was the one who started my honeymoon with a 70,000 won second-hand washing machine in a villa studio with 15 million won in seed money. Finally, I made billions of assets through my own home arrangement and shopping district.

I went from being unemployed to being a bank employee, and now I work as a best-selling author, YouTuber, and businessman who earns a billion annual salary. Even at this moment, many mothers are crying because they are upset about money. Even though I only work like ants, my bank balance is always negative. What is a stable way to bring out assets? You can become a rich mom by studying money. Whether you're a full-time housewife or a working mom, anyone can do it.

You can become a rich mom by studying money.

Anyone who is a full-time housewife or an office worker can do it!

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It sounds like someone else's job, don't you believe it? All of them became rich mothers after 6 months. By properly learning how to be a rich mother, anyone can escape poverty and create the life they dream of.


I'm Lee Ji-young, an economics mentor for moms!

Starting with a 15 million won studio, I have made billions of assets by arranging my own home and investing in profitable real estate. Currently, he is a successful investor and writer of best-selling Mom's Money Study and Mom's First Real Estate Study.

✅ Kim Mi-kyung TV - Moms act as an economic mentor on Ji Young Sam's Real Money Study Channel

✅ EBS Homoeconomicus - I was a female financial mentor

✅ Large-scale lectures such as Morning Yard, Seoul Money Show TV Special Lecture - Financial Lecturer

I currently earn more than the salary of a large company executive every year without having to work. But in the past, I was just a shabby mom.

I started my honeymoon with a second-hand washing machine with 15 million won in seed money. When I was pregnant with my first child while living on the top floor of a villa in Let's Eat Alley, I couldn't help but wonder how to be a good mother once a child is born. I felt sorry for the kid because of the mold in the rooftop room.

I really wanted to be a rich mom. No, even if I wasn't a rich mom, I didn't want to fight with my family over money, and be a mom sorry for my child because of money. I didn't want my life to end up living like a slave to labor because of money.

After 3 years, I collected 100 million won in seed money and arranged my first home with a small investment. That's how I became a multi-billion wealthy person.

Is it really possible to get rich if you save on the price of sprouts?

“Studying money” is not an option, but a requirement.

If you want to get rich in a capitalist society, you need to start 'studying money' right away.

Do you find and listen to lectures on parenting and watch cooking channels to learn, but are you still leaving everything to your husband, comforting that you don't have to know anything about money, and that you don't have to learn?

Are you treating the money problem that shakes your family's life like someone else's job? If you're a mom, start studying money to survive in a capitalist society now. I and my family can only survive capitalism if we increase our income, invest, and roll our assets.

Don't just think big investments are difficult. I hope you enter the overtaking lane of a rich mom with a smart home arrangement and rent income. Start by studying money that you can do right away in your current situation and learn the secrets of capitalism.

It's not just a lecture about my success stories

We will reveal all the roadmap for becoming a rich mom.

When I was in high school, my parents went bankrupt while running a bookstore. I've lived in tankan rooms, and I've also lived under the ring. I've seen countless adults fight over money. Like me 10 years ago, I made up my mind to definitely help moms struggling to escape poverty. I also prepared a lecture showing the roadmap for becoming a rich mom.

I will discard lectures that end with only the lecturer's success stories. This is a course that is easy to understand and follow, but I will prepare it as a rich mom course that will create the best acceleration for getting out of poverty.

I'll let you know something like this-!

1. Three principles of real estate investment that you will never lose

There are many people who lose their lifetime savings from a single real estate investment. Here are the three principles of real estate investment that you will never lose.

2. Things to remember when visiting a real estate agency so that even a real estate newbie can succeed

I'll give you a checklist and negotiation method for arranging a smart home. We'll help you overcome your fears at the beginner's eye level.

3. Key elements of subscription, general sale, and auction, which are the three typical ways to arrange a home

It's not a story about catching a floating cloud. You will discover an optimized way to arrange your home according to your current situation and funds.

4. The secret to getting extra rent even if you leave your job with profitable real estate (small shopping district)

We will show you a checklist for investing in a small shopping district, such as identifying the location of the shopping district, analyzing the industry, and calculating the yield rate.

If you follow the 5 steps of practical investment preparation, from arranging a smart home for real estate beginners to investing in a small shopping district for old age, anyone can succeed in investing in real estate without losing money. From providing a secret form for real estate investment to providing a list of recommended books for financial technology, we will carefully help you make a successful investment from one to ten.

From collecting seed money to arranging my own home

It includes everything up to 1 million won in rent income.

There is a separate way to become a rich mom ten times faster. It's actually pretty simple.

Step 1: Collect seed money

Step 2: Set up your home

Step 3: Create avatar income

Through this course, you can raise your own money, arrange your own home, plan your old age, and even an ordinary mom can become a happy rich mom. Did you want to give up on arranging my home because I spent my whole life? Are you blaming regulations and just trying to resent the world? Are you still dreaming that you can get rich just from your husband's salary?

It will be a very easy task if you stubbornly follow this course on everything from making seed money, arranging a home, and making a rent income of 1 million won. Now you'll be the protagonist. Let's get started with me. I'll help you with 1:1 coaching!

✅ Those who have not even collected tens of millions of won in seed money

✅ Those who gave up on arranging their own home in an apartment that was too tall

✅ Those who gave up on financial technology because they believed that only natural people were good at it

✅ Those who are sorry for the reality of not being able to do more for my child

✅ Those who quarreled with their families today because of money

✅ Those who pay only rent as a salary and have an empty passbook

✅ The one who arranged my own home but fell

✅ Those who are ruined after only listening to other people's stories and investing

You can turn this opportunity into a turning point in your life.

In the lecture, I'll now talk about practice. Are you ready?

Let's meet in class



Jiyoung's New Rich

Jiyoung's New Rich

I began my newlywed life in a studio with 15 million won in seed money. I was afraid of how to raise my children if I suddenly left the company one day and lost my salary. I only knew about savings in financial technology, and I couldn't even start because I was afraid that I would lose all my money due to a vacancy while trying to get rent. I spent 10 years studying money to arrange my own home and set up a rent system for a small shopping district. He worked as a financial expert at KBS, MBC, and EBS, gave lectures at Morning Yard, etc., and became a businessman, YouTuber, and best-selling author of 5 volumes. I am living my dream life by running Naver Cafe Newrich Research Institute and Lee Ji-young's TV YouTube channel. As I met so many readers and audiences, I realized why real estate can only be difficult and scary. There is a separate method for real estate beginners to follow along. From how to visit a property to a management secret form, we'll reveal all the secrets to successful real estate investment. If you dream of a warm home and a leisurely old life, we invite you to study real estate for your first time as a mom.

Case 1. The miracle of 2 months, becoming a mother who receives rent from a homeless person

Case 2. Arranging a house in Gyeonggi-do for 7 million won, making a profit of 100 million

Case 3: A dream come true for my home and shopping district after 3 months

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