Skills You’ll Learn

Create your own unique character

Ability to create characters with my own personality

How to imagine a story that explodes in views

Stories that people love

A to Z about video cartoon planning

How to make thumbnails that get more views, visualize pictures, add voice

How to make money from a video cartoon channel

Keep your video cartoon channel stable and earn revenue

Various Ways to Monetize Your VideoToon Channel

Everything about how to monetize video cartoon channels such as publishing, advertising, etc.

About the class

Hallo I'm Ari, a YouTube video comic writer! Currently, I'm running a video comic channel called Ari no Monogatari on YouTube.

2030 We will join 200,000 subscribers by creating stories that men and women of all ages will relate to and enjoy in the form of video cartoons.

There are many lectures on webtoons and writing, You haven't seen a lecture on “video toons” that combine drawing and writing anywhere else, right? This is the only lesson that contains all the know-how on how to become a video comic artist.

In this class A total of one work using a tabletYou can try making it.

  • Create an attractive character
  • Create a unique and popular story
  • Edit and complete the video cartoon
  • Try uploading a video to YouTube

Course effect

  • Ability to create attractive characters with your own pictures
  • Storytelling ability that gets a lot of views
  • The ability to rapidly grow a YouTube channel
  • Earn a stable profit with YouTube and many other ways to monetize

Recommended target

  • People who want to create a 'video toon', a new format for turning pictures into videos
  • People who want to monetize content in a new way
  • People who want to easily create video cartoons with stories they've created
  • People who want to create extraordinary growth with content that others can't think of

3 reasons why this class is special

❶ Video Toon ≠ Drawing Skills

Do video toons have to be good at drawing pictures? NO! What's more important than pictures are engaging characters, stories, and branding.

Are you wondering how to make a secret popular video with over a million views?

No matter who sees it, it's not just people who are good at drawing can do it. In the world of video cartoons, apart from drawing skills, anyone can succeed with their own story. You don't need to know anything about how to prepare pictures and stories. I'll focus on “how to succeed on YouTube.” We live in an age where everyone can succeed with their own stories.

❷ Hit the trend!

How to structure a story that can be solved with accurate targeting

I receive stable revenue from a high number of views and various monetization proposals (advertising, MCN, publishing, emoticons, goods, etc.) based on recognition. I think this is all because of my story, which was accurately targeted.

Consider those of you who are reading this article. What's the story you'd like to see the most? I decided to talk about things that are problematic in this society. It's like a morning drama where you keep watching even though you insult. Who can you talk to and on what topics? The answer lies with you. I'll tell you how to structure a story that you can't help but watch until the end.

❸ A single lesson for video cartoons

In fact, I never thought about becoming a YouTuber in my life. “Shall we just try it?” I started off lighthearted. There were no courses to become a YouTuber for video cartoons, so I had to know everything from one to ten on my own, and the process wasn't easy at all. All you need to do is get my trial and error and the insights I've gained from that experience.

One year after the channel started

I've reached 200,000 subscribers.

Aren't you curious? In this class, meet the know-how I gained based on my own experiences of success and failure.

Maybe you can achieve it faster and easier than me through this class.

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Class Introduction


What is Video Cartoon?


How to Start Making Video cartoon?


How to Create a Story?


How to Create a Character?


How to Create a Storyline?


[Practice] Let's Do This!


How to Make a Video with an Image?


Let's Put up Your Video on YouTube




Ahri's Story

Ahri's Story

Hello! :)

Starting with 0 subscribers and reaching 200,000 subscribers in 1 year

I'm Ari, a video comic artist who runs the YouTube channel <Ari's Story>

What I've learned through video cartoons

1. High number of views (stable revenue)

2. Various monetization proposals based on awareness

(Advertisements, MCN, publishing, emoticons, goods, etc.)

3. Supportive fans

4. Increase your self-esteem

아리의 이야기Ahri's Story[영상툰]

아리의 이야기Ahri's Story[영상툰]
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