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Class Summary

For over two decades, I've been a Lighting Artist at Pixar, working my magic with light and shadow to create stunning visual masterpieces. I've had the honor of contributing to over ten beloved films, including <Soul>, <Monster Inc.>, <Coco>, and <Toy Story 3>. My hard work and dedication have been recognized with the "Best Visual Effects Award" at the VES Awards, cementing my place as a top creative force in the animated feature film industry.

But what is it about light that makes it so important in art and film? Well, simply put, it's the key to setting the tone, telling the story, and evoking emotions from the viewer. Take a look at the image above, and you'll see how the lighting plays a vital role in conveying the characters' moods and emotions. It's no wonder that light is an essential element in many iconic works, enhancing their completeness and giving them a magical touch. In this class, you'll have the opportunity to hone your lighting skills and unleash your creativity. Through a blend of theory and practical exercises, you'll learn the ins and outs of cinematography, lighting, and color psychology.

By the end of the course, you'll have the skills and confidence to breathe life into your own works of art, using light to create compelling stories and captivating moods. So come on and join me on this illuminating journey to become a true master of lighting!

Class Takeaways

  • Learn to tell stories and evoke emotions using lighting techniques.
  • Understand how light, shadow, color, and psychology work together through examples from movies and paintings.
  • Develop your drawing skills by layering light and shadow in your artwork.

This Class Is For

  • For digital drawing beginners who want to learn lighting basics.
  • For those who aspire to be animators and lighting artists.
  • For artists who want to use light to tell compelling stories in their work.

Class Requirements

  • Use the iPad and Procreate 5.2.8 app for chapter 7 drawing exercises.
  • Both Mac OS and Windows OS can be used, and programs with layer functions (such as Photoshop) can also be used.

3 Class Highlights

❶ Navigate a Career in Animation with a Master Artist

Are you dreaming of a career in animation but don't know where to start? As a master artist with 20 years of experience, I understand how challenging it can be to break into the industry. That's why in this class, we'll explore the world of lighting artistry and the exciting opportunities it offers at animation studios like Pixar.

I'll be sharing my extensive knowledge and practical experience in Hollywood animation production, providing you with the skills and know-how needed to make your creative dreams a reality. So, whether you're an aspiring artist or simply interested in learning more about the animation industry, join me on this journey and let's bring your animations to life!

❷ From Theory to Practice

Are you ready to bring your artwork to life with the magic of light and color? As a lighting artist, I know firsthand that mastering the theory and knowledge of color and light is essential for creating stunning, impactful works. In this class, I'll guide you through the basics with easy-to-understand explanations and a range of inspiring examples from famous paintings and movies.

You'll learn how to analyze and use light and shadow to convey emotion and mood, as well as how to apply color psychology to your works. Say goodbye to that nagging sense of emptiness in your artwork – with these skills and techniques, you'll be able to create truly compelling illustrations and animations that leave a lasting impression.

Join me on this journey of discovery and take your skills to the next level.

❸ Creating Depth and Emotion with Light

In this class, you'll get hands-on experience practicing lighting techniques using a flashlight. By closely observing the direction and strength of the light, you'll learn about the different psychological effects it can create. You'll also explore the impact of shadows on mood and color, allowing you to skillfully convey the emotions of your characters through the use of light.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic works of Edward Hopper, you'll discover how to see complex light and express it simply in your paintings. Through engaging drawing exercises, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the theory and learn how to effectively tell stories with light.

With my guidance, you'll be able to enhance your skills and create vivid and expressive illustrations that captivate your audience. Join me for this illuminating class and unleash your artistic potential!






I'm Sansu (Choo Yeon), a lighting artist.

For 20 years, I worked as a lighting artist for Hollywood's biggest animation studio, contributing to the making of popular movies like <Buzz Lightyear>, <Soul>, <Luca>, <Monsters, Inc.>, <Toy Story 3>, and <Inside Out>. I also created an independent animation called <Grandma> while studying as a scholarship student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, which was invited to be screened at several film festivals, including the Sundance Film Festival and the Ottawa Film Festival.

As an animation artist passionate about lighting, I want to remove the misconception that animation lighting is difficult to master. The colors and contrasts we see in animation are made up of light, and understanding how to use them can help create deeper and more precise stories in animation, digital drawing, and photography. Many people rely on their intuition when using light to draw, but few have access to professional lighting education. In this class, I'll share my expertise from 20 years of experience in Hollywood with you, so you can easily master the art of lighting.

By learning the lighting techniques, you can experience the moment when characters come to life in animation, and you may fall in love with the charm of being a lighting artist!





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