9 chapters · 3 hours 56 minutes
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Skills You’ll Learn

Picture diary drawn with iPad

Learn how to draw a picture diary on an iPad using photos and a diary

Sketching a picture on paper

Learn how to transfer the photos you've taken to paper, sketch, and make use of the details

Impressed photo drawing

While traveling, I learned how to draw foods and objects that impressed me

Before drawing, write down your thoughts

Before drawing a picture, let's write down your excitement and decide what material to draw

Take a look at the means of transportation and draw with details

When you don't know what to draw, let's first draw a means of transportation that is easy to pass by

About the class

Hello, I'm Easy Monster who draws what I want to draw. I'm drawing all sorts of things based on photographs. When I think about it, I'm drawing pictures to make records because I don't have a memory.

I like traveling, but I don't really like taking pictures when traveling. However, the only thing left was a photograph, and I wanted to keep memories of the trip for a long time. That's why I started drawing trips. In this class, I included the know-how to unravel scenes and memories of a trip with my own vintage drawings. Why don't you go on a trip with me and take a drawing instead of a picture?

Course effect

  • You can go on a trip, observe tourist destinations and unravel them with illustrations
  • You can make your own goods from scenes that left a deep impression on you when you go on a trip
  • Learn how to easily keep a travel diary as a picture
  • You can draw a new picture as an illustration of a vintage picture

Recommended target

  • Beginners who don't know how to start painting
  • People who don't like taking pictures on trips
  • Travelers who want to go on a trip and leave pictures
  • People who want to try a new type of diary or recording method

What makes this class special

A travel drawing that captures my own sensibility, not just what it is

Photos can be taken by simply pressing the shutter, but every drawing is touched by my own hands. A photograph only captures what it is, but a painting can capture the emotions I felt, the colors that left a deep impression on me, and the air and mood of the day in my own way of expression. Just as listening to music heard at a travel destination in everyday life brings to mind memories of the destination, travel drawings created with my own touch and emotion are great works unraveled in my own way of expression along with records that remind me of my memories when I come back to my daily life.

I'll teach you how to unravel photos with illustrations full of your own feelings, and travel painting skills and know-how that you can use. While looking at the photos, I'm going to follow along, and I'm also going to focus on the food and the things that impressed me in the space.





Hello? EZMONSTER does this and that based on photographs.

I don't have much memory, so I draw pictures and make a lot of records.

I'm going to share that recording with you



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