8 chapters · 4 hours 10 minutes
English · Korean|Audio Korean

Skills You’ll Learn

Learn to procreate

Learn about the main functions of ProCreate and useful features such as gestures.

Simply identify the target and make a croquet

Learn how to get to the simple core in form.

Draw a character in D shape

Learn how to draw attractive characters with simple expressions.

Expressing plants using only straight lines and curves

Learn how to express the characteristics of various grasses and trees using only straight lines and curves.

Easily complete buildings and landscapes

Learn how to easily draw backgrounds in a simple and efficient way.

Class Summary

Did you know that you can see every object, person, and landscape you see in the form of an “letter D”?

The one that opened earlier 1st Illustration Class Many people particularly enjoyed listening to the drawing using D shapes in the chapter, and I was very happy that the simple yet appealing expression through D seemed well conveyed to many people.

I'll show you how to draw an object in an easier, more efficient, and attractive way through a D shape with a straight line on one side and a curve on the other. Interesting methods will be used in the lesson, from the process of cutting and pasting colored paper to croquis using D.

Class Takeaways

  • You can learn and use ProCreate's useful features and gestures.
  • I understand how to find straight lines and curves in a shape and get to the simple core of the object you want to draw.
  • Moving away from anatomical knowledge, you'll learn how to find simple yet prominent features of objects and capture them in an appealing way.
  • You can easily draw people and objects by freely using simple expressions.
  • Backgrounds that may seem difficult can be easily completed in an effective way.

This Class Is For

  • Those who want to find pleasure in drawing
  • Those who are interested in digital drawing with an iPad
  • Those who want to draw simple yet unique pictures
  • Those who are thinking about attractive forms and methods of expression
  • Those who want to move away from drawing the object as it is and create a form that contains subjectivity

Class Requirements

  • There is a fee for the Procreate (Procreate) app used in the class.
  • You must have them ready to take a course
  • They are not included in the package and must be purchased separately.

Class Highlights

❶ How to express the simple essence of an object

The process of simple expression when drawing a picture is definitely the same as writing a poem. What you see as the result is simplicity, but that simplicity must have a core point.

Like poets who pick and choose a seer, the process of implicitly leaving only the parts that are needed is not an easy process, unlike the results that seem simple. In the process of finding and simplifying straight lines and curves hidden in forms, how to approach the core elements of an object I'll let you know through this lesson.

By understanding that simple forms are attractive enough and can be expressed in a variety of ways, it is possible to draw people, objects, and backgrounds in an easier and more efficient way.

❷ Sensational illustrations that have been recognized overseas

I have worked with clients such as Apple, LG Electronics, Shinsegae International, Sloware, New Balance, Oxford University Press, Monocle Magazine, Variety Magazine, and Mr. Potter. I would like to share with you how to create attractive illustrations that have won the hearts of domestic and international clients through classes.

❸ Providing practical materials for each chapter

In each chapter, we'll share a color palette that you can load and use in ProCreate during practice.



Donghyun Lim

Donghyun Lim

Hallo I'm Lim Dong-hyeon, who went through the French agency Creasenso and is currently working as an illustrator for the British agency Folio.

Following the first digital drawing class <movie-like illustrations from an artist belonging to a French agency>, I was greeted as a second class with an iPad.

Until now, I have worked on various projects with clients such as Apple, LG Electronics, Shinsegae International, Sloware, New Balance, Oxford University Press, Monocle Magazine, and Variety Magazine.

As an illustrator, I'm always studying and thinking about creating attractive illustrations, and I'd like to share with you how to create attractive forms through this lesson.





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