4 chapters · 2 hours 11 minutes
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Long-distance acrobatic paper airplane
12 Class Projects

It takes about 3 to 15 minutes hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Wingman, a gliding aircraft with a nice missile silo structure

  • Falcon jet that flies smoothly with a 2-layer structure

  • A bullet train with a projectile that pierces the sky and flies far

  • The basics of paper airplanes! Two block!

  • Deltaigle, the ultimate in long-flying delta

  • Birdman, the originator of the Korean square type

  • A bomber glider gliding over a distant sky

  • An amazing flight that rotates infinitely, tumbling wings

  • Although it looks like a circle, Merlina is an amazing airplane, the Ring Plane

  • Delta Boomerang, the world's best boomerang gas

  • A cool infinity glider that seems to use telekinesis

  • Soring rocket glides high above the sky

Skills You’ll Learn

How to fold a paper airplane correctly

Learn the important elements of folding a paper airplane by folding it over and over

Aeronautical science, mathematical knowledge

Learn the essential and basic aeronautical science and mathematics knowledge needed to fly

Flying position

Learn practical postures to fly a paper airplane well

About the class

Learn in action from the world's number one paper airplane national team How to fly a paper airplane wellLearn to listen.

In addition to that, there are amazing things you need to know to fly a paper airplane well Science and mathematicsLearn and experiment together, develop knowledge, and every course A vehicle with tremendous performanceYou can fold them up. The folding is in English, so if you listen to it naturally and fold it, you'll notice English Your listening skills can also improve rapidly! Also, when I go outside with a nice airplane and fly it myself, I get sweaty staminaYou can also grow them.

This class Science, mathematics, physical education, EnglishThis is a national team paper airplane class that combines!

Recommended target

  • A beginner flying a paper airplane for the first time
  • People who have learned how to fly acrobatics for a long time and want to fly great right away
  • People who want to upgrade their paper airplane skills

Course effect

  • Some of the aircraft you learn in class are those that can fly 50 meters or more for 20 seconds or more using actual national team players. If you learn this airplane, you too can win first place in any competition.
  • Aerodynamics applied to paper airplanes is the same as those of real airplanes. You can learn basic aerodynamics through classes and develop your dreams as an aviation field.
  • The folding parts in English can be folded while looking at them with their own eyes even if they don't know English, so anyone can fold them and develop their English listening skills naturally.

What makes this class special

  • Let's take a look at the aircraft developed by the national paper airplane team, which has the best paper airplane skills in the world.
  • Learn aerodynamics that are useful in practice to fly paper airplanes well.





Hello, this is WePlay from the national paper airplane team.

We are the team with the best paper airplane skills in the world, winning the 2022 World Paper Airplane Competition and holding a Guinness record for hitting targets.

We met 7 years ago at the 2015 World Paper Airplane Competition and began working together to promote paper airplanes and unique sports culture. Even then, the culture of paper airplanes in Korea was almost dead. However, we loved paper airplanes so much that we created new jobs and companies with them and promoted paper airplanes in many regions and countries for 7 years. Also, today, Korea has become a paper airplane powerhouse with tremendous ability to set number one in the world paper airplane competition, a Guinness record for target hitting, and a Guinness record for long-distance flying.

In Korea, the paper airplane culture is currently being developed by holding events such as the Han River Paper Airplane Contest, the Moorim Paper Korean Cup Paper Airplane Contest, and the Sacheon Air Show paper airplane competition with the award of the Chief of Staff of the Air Force.

I created this video class in the hope that more people would know the amazing fun and value of paper airplanes.

I hope you will love us a lot and enjoy it safely, and we will continue to write history together.

Let's play!







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