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Skills You’ll Learn

Understanding the character design process

Idea planning and sketching for character design, which is the first step in illustration planning

Illustration planning

Explanation of theory-based illustration composition (composition)

Fundamentals and uses of the DAZ 3D program

Basics and use of 3D programs for illustration work

Photoshop basics and how to use the artist's unique features

Introduction to Photoshop task settings and frequently used tools

Detailed work that enhances completeness

How to understand and express texture, and how to enhance character detail

Popole configuration strategy and production

The director's thoughts on the strategy and production of the Popol composition

Hello, I'm a stable illustrator.

Game art director, Marvel cover illustrator, webtoon, lecturer, CEO of Concept Art Studio, etc.

Accumulated by working in various fields of painting

The know-how of the past 20 years will be revealed in this class.

What do you think of digital art?

In my class, I simply drew analog pictures with paint and brush

Moving away from reproducing similarly on a computer

Make the most of and accept computers as “a completely new tool for drawing pictures”

I'm going to present ways to actually create and complete wonderful scenes that have stayed in imagination.

Through a different approach to digital art

Beyond drawing in an analog sense

We'll help you “turn” the wonderful scenes you've imagined into reality.

Illustration requires artistic knowledge of many things, such as human body drawing, perspective, background, and composition.

In particular, in the case of action illustrations where multiple characters appear, the level of difficulty increases even more.

Have you ever had an experience where you unfortunately gave up on a great scene you had imagined because the picture wasn't drawn as you wanted?

Starting with basic elements such as three-dimensional sense, light and shadow, and material expression that were difficult to understand on one's own

Even my own know-how to complete works such as 3D tools, textures using photographs, and photobashing

I'll tell you everything you need to know about creating action illustrations.





Hello, I'm Jeong-sik, an illustrator.

Game art director, Marvel illustrator, webcomic artist, etc. for over 20 years

I have continued to draw pictures in various fields.

In addition to a thorough understanding of basic techniques, the use of 3D and textures, photo bashing, etc.

I want to go beyond just drawing and share a variety of know-how.

I hope my lectures will be an opportunity for you to reconsider your approach to painting.

- Games

  • Webzen - Sun Online Concept Team Leader
  • WEMADE — N.E.D main character and cosplay concept art
  • Executive Art Director of NeoAct - Chaos Online, etc.
  • Nexon - TITAN FALL ONLINE Art Director, Graphic Division Committee Member

- Operation of the concept design studio “Pixtube”

  • Many domestic and international projects such as overseas CAPCOM and APPLBOT

- Illustration and concept art work

  • Cover illustrations for Marvel's Iron Man, Avengers, Ant-Man, etc.
  • Lucas Arts Star Wars, Disney Pirates of the Caribbean, Game Divinity cover illustration
  • Square Enix Tomb Raider

- Movies

  • District 9 New Project Concept Art directed by Neill Blomkamp

- Lectures

  • Visiting Professor of Manga at Sejong University
  • Visiting Professor at Seoul College of Practical Arts
  • 101 Academy Live and VOD Lectures
  • Ipil Future Painting Research Institute Digital Illustration

- Webtoons

  • “Crossroads” - Independence Activist Webtoon Project
  • EBS, Kakao Page series

Ahn jungsik

Ahn jungsik



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