8 chapters · 8 hours 49 minutes
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Blender 3D (Blender 3D), to Photoshop
2 Class Projects

It takes about 20 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Casual illustration using Blender

  • Background thumbnail applying configuration theory

Skills You’ll Learn

Basic Blender Modeling and Mapping

Learn basic Blender modeling and mapping while building a simple city

Blender techniques for illustration

You'll learn about textures and lighting, which greatly influence the quality of the result.

Coloring that connects light and color

You'll learn how to create an atmosphere by studying basic light and color theories.

How to configure a background

Learn effective compositional theory, such as how to place objects in the background and add perspective

Connecting an illustration to Blender

You'll learn how to effectively incorporate a finished Blender rendering into an illustration

Let's draw a background illustration using Blender!

Hello! Art Covent InstructorI am active as OUKOIt's. I have taught many students at Art Covent over the past year with a solid foundation concept and background curriculum learned at an art school in the United States. That's why this course is for the time I've been teaching Know-how and knowledgeListen A chance to take it with you generouslyTo be able to become Each detail is carefully detailedI'll let you know!

Strong composition theory and fundamentals

Are you tired of the days when you wanted to draw a character and then just fill it with white because you didn't know how to do it, many hours of wandering around not knowing where to place elements, and Blender videos that were difficult to use for painting?

In this class, we will be able to effectively construct characters and backgrounds, and harmoniously connect Blender 3D with the background I'll teach you solid composition theory and design.

Coloring that connects light and color

To draw a picture with a good mood Understanding light and coloris a huge help! Fundamental light and color theoryI'm going to study listening and try to make color in action.

In the case of pictures where the background and characters don't match, the colors are too similar, the silhouettes are not well separated, etc. Problems with light and colorThere are many cases where there is. thus Based on accurate theory I'll check out various cases and show you how to draw a picture with a variety of backgrounds and characters.

Depicting characters in harmony with the background

In order for the background and characters to be in harmony Detailed descriptionshould be similar. Sometimes when I use a photo as a background, it doesn't match the character, but this is the problem with the description. Therefore, make sure that the character and background are in harmony Drawing and descriptionI'll give you a variety of tips on!

Eye-Catching Backgrounds

Have you ever wanted to draw an eye-catching, large-scale background? You'll learn a variety of thumbnails so that you can draw large-scale backgrounds efficiently using Blender and Photoshop without simply having to work for a long time.

Blender techniques for illustrations only

grassroots Lighting starting with node configurationUntil now, I'll show you some blender techniques specialized in illustrations. The quality of 3D resultsLet's learn the essential knowledge, such as textures and lighting, which greatly influence, easily and step by step!

I think there are many people who wanted to experience Blender 3D, which has recently started to become popular. It was difficult and complicated To make studying Blender easy and fun according to the illustrations I would like to help you complete it step by step. Let's catch Blender, the background illustration, and both rabbits through this lesson!





I'm OUKO teaching Blender, backgrounds, and casual illustration. The goal is to teach students to create and learn effective new techniques that can be used in illustration. I hope this course will be of great help to those who have a lot of interest in Blender and its background! Thank you!



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