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About the class

Hello! I'm Hwang Sang-yeol, an author of 13 books on paper, including co-authoring. How was I able to write 13 books that would be difficult for someone to write just one? Do you think writing is your job? No. I'm an office worker working as an urban planning engineer. The habit of always reading and writing while going to work was made one book at a time. Writing a book like that really changed a lot of things in my life. Since then, I've been coaching many people who want to write books.

📘 Changes that have changed since I wrote the book

  • I get into the habit of expressing my thoughts in writing, and I can keep a record of my life.
  • From my favorite writing, I learn the know-how of people's favorite writing.
  • I am a search in Naver People Search.
  • You can brand yourself as an expert in the field you are currently working in or the subject of the book.
  • You can create companies and people looking for you and generate additional side income.

<Shut up and write a book> is a book writing process that actively helps with topics, concept planning, table of contents, draft writing, submission, publishing contract, and publication, even if it is an online class report only. I have prepared this class with the hope that it will be a source of light for those who want to try their hand at writing a book but are struggling to do it alone. I'm cheering for your publication!

Recommended classes

1. Those who are curious about the publishing process and book writing process

2. People who want to write a paper book but don't know how to get started

3. There is a topic for writing books, but those who actually find it difficult to write for the first time

4. Those who want to have a book with my name 2 hours or 3 months after work

Course effect

1. You can clearly summarize the key points of every step of the process of writing a book.

2. It makes it easier to fill out the table of contents and drafts.

3. You'll learn how to smartly sign a contract with a publisher without losing money.

4. If you usually write on your blog/T-Story/Brunch, you can publish it right away.

I started writing a book with artist Hwang Sang-yeol
I've now completed the table of contents and am writing a draft.
Like Senbae, who received the publication contract today
I will continue to imagine such a day.
What does writing and writing a book mean
I think this is an invaluable opportunity to get to know myself.
With a little help for readers
I was told that I should write.
Thank you
You have to listen unconditionally to the artist's lectures to be a source of strength
It's motivating. About how to write a draft
I learned again. Thank you
There's nothing that's easy to get
For those who want to publish quickly
I think I was just thinking about an easy way to get there.
Thanks to artist Hwang, I was able to sort out my thoughts.
Thank you
- Students' course reviews in progress -

Class differentiation

❶ With an investment of 2 hours a day, you can complete the draft in 3 months.

How do you usually spend your time after work? exercise? friend? Self-development? Every hour will be used to the fullest for your happiness. But is that time consuming a lot of time? Do you have a lot of productive time? Writing a book is one of the productive ways to record my life. Of course, books can also be a turning point where you can live a different life than before. Just focus on 3 months. You might come across a book with your name on it.

❷ You'll learn how to create compelling titles and tables of contents.

How do you create an attractive book title and table of contents? It's a good idea to take a good look at the books you usually carry in your hands. The title of the book should keep up with the trend, and the table of contents should be structured in a structured way with the necessary information from the reader's point of view. Therefore, there is a slight difference between writing and book writing. I usually write stories I want to write, but when I write books, I have to keep the readers in mind and write the stories they need. A book can only be sold if it has commercial appeal.

❸ By publishing a book, you will start an N job and generate additional income.

If you brand yourself as an expert in what you do now, you'll get scouting offers all over the place. Salaries will also rise rapidly. Or if my job allows me to be a freelancer, I may receive requests for various projects. You can also lay the foundation for freelancing to earn more than your salary while working freely. In this way, writing a book doesn't just end with publication. We invite you to the world of book writing, where you brand yourself through books and connect to N jobs.

Notes before taking the course

  • Searching for 10 role model books on topics you want to write will help you come up with a differentiated concept.
  • If you select 1 specific book and follow the main chapters the same 3 times, you can get help when writing a draft (first manuscript without revisions).



Sangyeol Hwang

Sangyeol Hwang

💛 Bachelor of Urban Engineering, Chung-Ang University (major in urban planning and transportation engineering, engineering student)

💛 Urban planning engineer/land development and licensing expert

💛 Lecturer (book writing, writing, reading method, basic knowledge of the land, etc.)/motivational speaker

📘 Writer (economic management/self-development, essay)

  • 13 paper books (It's your first time at forty, so it's tough for you right now! Let's meet a book, shut up and write, etc.)
  • 7 e-books
  • A book writing lecturer who made 10 people debut as writers in 2 years

Hello! I'm Hwang Sang-yeol, the “Engineer Who Shut Up and Writes” book writing coach who helps you write. I'm an office writer who has been running a writing and book writing course for 3 years now.

I started reading books in 2012 when I wanted to live again during the most depressing period of my life, and writing, which I began in earnest in 2015, is now part of my life. I was healed and comforted through writing and found my true self again. Now I'm giving lectures because I want to help juniors who have a difficult or difficult life like me.

“Who am I..

What do I like..

What kind of dream do you want to live the rest of your life with...

Are you living well now... If not, why did they do it..”

I thought about the answer to that. I wrote it every day and posted it on my blog.

As I wrote every day, I was able to publish a book by summarizing what I wrote, and that's how the first book <momentum> came out. I'll teach you how to write your own story and publish a book to make a difference for people like me who have had a difficult and exhausting life.

⭐ You can get the following 3 types of this class.

First. “Storytelling” If you have a story to write for yourself, I'll also tell you how to decide on the concept and theme.

Second. Why and how to write an article on “Essence and Technology”, and how to write a draft. I will teach you all kinds of writing and book writing techniques.

Thirdly. We help you prove the fact that “when everyone writes their own story, it becomes a work of art.”

Anyone can create a work by drawing up their own story and putting it into writing. How about shutting up and writing your own story starting today? I'm here to help. Welcome!











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