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About the class

This is the online class version of Sejong University's most popular course 'Performance and Culture', where registration is closed in 3 seconds. Professor Bae Jung-won included specific and sufficient information about sexuality in this class so that young people of the MZ generation can lead friendship, love, and happiness in their lives in general while actively managing their bodies and minds with healthy self-esteem. You can develop self-esteem that encompasses the body and mind, from “body stories” such as the body, masturbation, pregnancy, and contraception, to “how to establish a relationship” where people quarrel and break up with love, relationships, dates, and breakups.

Recommended target

  • Those who want to know accurate and specific gender information
  • Those who want to take a close look at everything from the “body” to the “mind”
  • Those who are curious about how to love healthily, quarrel well, and break up well
  • Those who want to know more about sexual consent
  • Those who want to know how to deal with social violence

Course effect

  • The more I know about “sex,” the more I can relate to others and live a healthy and happy life without putting myself at risk
  • It will be possible to expand “sex” to “stories about people's lives” rather than simply “sexual acts”

What makes this class special

Expressing feelings, dating, arguing well, and breaking up

“How to have healthy relationships with others”

Facing his twenties at university, Professor Bae Jung-won learned that “they are still ignorant about sex, that it is difficult to buy condoms, and that they are not good at expressing love honestly.” Twentysomethings have already begun relationships and are experiencing various and complicated concerns about sex, but they are missing the “important period to learn about sex and love” because they don't know what to do.

This class covers a variety of concerns that can arise in every love process: confessing feelings, dating, making love, arguing, and breaking up. If young people lead their own sex lives with proper values and practice acting according to their own values, they will be able to live as a mature person who knows and expresses healthy love.



Jeongweon Bae

Jeongweon Bae

An expert in life sex education sought by all generations, from young people to college students to parents. Sejong University teaches the most popular course 'Performance and Culture', where registration for the course ends in 3 seconds. This course, which is filled with specific and sufficient information so that a person can actively manage their own body and mind and live a happy life by establishing relationships with others, is considered a “life sex education course” by those who have taken it.

She completed her doctorate in health science at Ewha Womans University, received her doctorate in health from Inje University, and worked as a sex educator and sex counselor for 25 years. He is currently the CEO of Happy Sex Culture Center, an adjunct professor at Sejong University, and the honorary president of the Korean Society of Sexuality. She has served as Director of Counseling at Tomorrow Women's Center for Youth (Inc.), Director of Kyunghyang Newspaper Media Center for Sexual Culture, Director of Yonsei Sexual Health Center, President of the Korean Society of Sexuality, Guest Professor at the Korea Institute for the Promotion of Gender Equality Education, and Communications Specialist of the Ministry of Defense. She has operated a public bulletin board on sex counseling for many years on the portal sites of the daily newspapers Kyunghyang Newspaper and Chosun Ilbo, and is active as a panelist and columnist specializing in sex through many media such as newspapers and broadcasts.



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