Skills You’ll Learn

You Can Be a Global CEO Too!

Curious how someone can build a 500 billion won-sales business from scratch in just 7 years? I'll tell you how I made it happen with Kellydeli!

How to Avoid Failure

I'll share how I was able to make out of a billion won-debt and started over again.

Level Up and Be a Global Entrepreneur

You can't become a global entrepreneur just out of luck; it's a result of hard work and efforts. Let me share my insights with you.

[CLASS101 ONLY] Visualization - Key to True Entrepreneurship

Visualization skill I acquired while preparing for business will be of great use for everyone in this CLASS101 course.

Kelly Choi’s Secret to Success!

How She Found and Grew Kellydeli into a 700 Billion Won-Sales Company With 30 Subsidiaries in 13 Countries!

★★★ Listed 0.1% Amongst UK's Richest by “The Sunday Times” (2020)

★★★ Listed in the Uk’s Top Track Companies 3 Years in a Row

"The Sunday Times" UK announced UK's 400 richest people in 2020, Kelly Choi, the Chairman of KellyDeli, whose name was higher in the list than David Beckham, instantly became viral. But Kelly wasn't just a typical enterpreneur with a fortune; she has become a lifetime mentor for countless people in South Korea, Europe, and many other places around the world.

People often assume from her energy and confidence that my actions are all noblesse oblige from a successful enterpreneur, someone from wealthy family and high education background. But it's the TOTAL OPPOSITE.

All of this success were well-deserved results of her efforts to become a successful global entrepreneur. Though she come born from a poor rural family and didn't receive high education, she fought my way up to success.

Failure Is the Mother of Success :

Would you be Courageous Enough to Say the Same When You have 1 Billion-won Debt?

I was in my 40's when my first business went bankrupt and I ended up by the Seine River after with 1 billion won debt.

Debt is not the worst obstacle for a failed businessperson to bounce back. The real obstacle lies in the regrets of 'who I used to be'.

It was the same for me. I was in serious depression and couldn't find a way out. All I could ever think about was how I used to be so well off; I had a nice home and her business was doing so well. But in reality, I was deep in debt - literally billion won deep - and all I could do for 2 years was feeling miserable and devastated about herself.

Kelly Choi's First Class!

How I Grew My Business Into a 600 Billion Won-Worth Multinational Company With 30 Affiliates and 1,200 Stores in 12 Countries in Europe

This class covers my insights on various aspects of life from business know-hows and philosopy to understandings of relationship, the fundamental standard for life. I will share frankly about how my first business ended up in bankruptcy, what I learned from that painful experience, and what I did to never let it happen again. I'll also share how my business grew, including the core philosophy, operation process, and risk management strategies.

You'll also be able to learn why Kellydeli's business structure was reviewed as unconventional and extraordinary by some of the French MBA programs.

Class Takeaways

  • This class will become a chance to review yourself an set realistic goals.
  • You'll be able to find your daily goals even if you don't have an ambitious end goal.
  • You'll be able to further your self-esteen and confidence.
  • You'll be able to build a systematic process to manage all aspects of your life, not just business-wise.

This Class Is For

  • Those who are setting off their first business
  • Those who want to rebound from failure and succeed in new business
  • Those who want to become rich and successful but lack confidence
  • Those who want to take on the challenge in new area but are not sure where to start from

▲Class Worksheet

🚨 Note

  • There is no such thing as 'easy success'. There's no shortcut to becoming rich. Take this course only if you really want to become successful.
  • Think again and see if you really want to become successful and rich.
  • If you think you're lazy or lacking willpower, I strongly advise you not to take the class.

▲'Well Thinking' Book Concert

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Nice to meet you! I'm Kelly Choi.

Chapter 1

700 Billion Won Business Entrepreneur Kelly Choi!

Chapter 2

Global Entrepreneur Kelly Chois’ Secrets to Business Success

Season 2

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Kelly Choi

Kelly Choi

🎤 Who is Kelly Choi?

I was born in a rural family and my childhood wasn't quite well off. When I became 16-years-old, I moved to Seoul hoping to acquire at least minimum education and highschool diploma and found a factory worker job. I worked for the sewing factory during daytime and attended night school after work - all for the dream of becoming successful. Eventually, I was able to be called successful in my 30's.

But it didn't take long for the situation to turn otherwise. After a few years, all I was left with was devastating 1 billion-won debt. To find all the hard work I did end up as failure was more than discouraging. Sometimes, I even thought of dying.

But I didn't give up.

I studied and embraced the habits and thought process of 1,000+ successful people - people who overcame challenging situations similar to mine. And this change was the start of Kellydeli, a multinational company with 1,200 stores in 12 European countries and 600 billion won annual sales.

❤️Where can you meet Kelly Choi?

💻Kelly Choi's Youtube

This is the media brand of Wealthinking (

This Youtube channel covers my thoughts on 'Wealthinking', various thoughts crucial to leading a happy life such as wealth, relathionship, happiness, health, and social contribution.

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