5 chapters · 1 hours 42 minutes
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3 Class Projects

It takes about 20 minutes to 25 minutes hour(s) to complete each project.

  • cup

  • spoons

  • milk sugar

Skills You’ll Learn

Basic operation of Procreate

You can understand the basic operations of Procreate and the types of brushes that are important for drawing illustrations

How to express different textures

You can learn the basics of texture and how to express it while drawing a few simple motifs

One illustration with texture in mind

I can also understand the finishing points to make the illustration look more attractive

Master attractive, textured illustrations in a short time with minimal touch

Get the hang of how to express texture and gain the skills to draw illustrations that convey the atmosphere.

By skillfully expressing the texture of each motif, it is possible to directly convey sound, temperature, fragrance, etc. from a single illustration. Also, even beginners in illustration can easily improve their skills with a simple touch that can be drawn in a short time.

Effects you can expect after taking the course

  • It doesn't require difficult skills, so even beginners can experience digital illustrations without worry
  • The expressiveness of motifs can be greatly improved
  • You can draw fascinating illustrations in a short time and with a simple touch

Recommended classes for people like this

  • Those who are new to illustration and don't know what and how to draw
  • Those who are not good at expressing texture, those who want to get better
  • Those who want to draw attractive illustrations in a short time

When you take the course

・Use iPad and Apple Pencil

・The Procreate app must be purchased separately

*This video was created based on information as of 2023/5.

3 reasons why this class is so special

①Even if you are a beginner in illustration, you can easily acquire texture expression skills

It's a class where you carefully introduce and practice techniques for expressions by texture one by one, from basic operation of equipment, so even those who are new to illustration can learn without worry.




Hello, my name is FINE (Finney).

I'm drawing illustrations that look like they have cut out a part of a peaceful and glittering life. I will carefully introduce the texture expression methods I got from researching illustrations and how to finish them in a short time so that even beginners can easily understand them. Of course, this class is also recommended for those who want to further improve their skills even if they are not beginners. Let's draw fascinating illustrations together!

● Career

April 2022 Artist Activity Begins

Responsible for live flyer illustrations for August and October 2022

2022 November-December Responsible for many requested illustrations for SNS icons, headers, perfume leaflets, etc.

Exhibited at the 2023/1 production exhibition “A Natural History Room”, and original pictures sold at the booth

Illustrations published in the 2023/4 art free paper “megru”





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