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Skills You’ll Learn

“Arrangement map” from an organization expert

The secret to organizing books and broadcasts lies in “organizing maps.” Learn the concept and need for an organized map.

How to buy the right storage tools for each space

You can buy storage tools you won't regret.

Make a clean-up plan according to your situation

If you do it 10 times in 3 days, it's a month! Learn how to make plans every few days and put them into action.

About the class

Maybe I am right now A tidy arrangement that is only clean when organized and can't be maintained for a weekWhat if you're doing it? Even if I tried to sort it out, I didn't know where or how to start If you haven't even started? After taking this course, you can experience a different quality of life than before, such as sustainable organization, consumption habits, time planning, etc.

Even if the house you live in changes or the things you own change, solve everything from organizing methods and organization routines that you can use according to your situation in one lesson.

An easy way to organize for each space that can be followed by the general public,

Detailed organization skills that can be used directly by anyone from beginners to experts in organizing,

Get tips on choosing the storage tools you need, and more!

Course effect

  • Like an organizer, you can plan an organization layout to suit your own space
  • Like the items displayed in a store, I can keep my home tidy
  • You can buy storage tools you won't regret
  • You can make proper use of neglected items

Recommended classes

  • Those who are only clean when organized but can't maintain them well
  • Those who want to know an easy way to sort things out when they are starting to become independent for the first time in their lives
  • Those who are curious about the 1% secret to detailed organization
  • Those who have storage tools but can't use them

2 reasons why this class is special

“Conglomerate clean-up expert”, “Chairman's house cleanup expert”

We developed the world's first self-cleaning quotation system and introduced the first organization using feng shui, and have consulting experience for over 3,000 households over 13 years. From kindergarten to college for the elderly, she has the highest level of satisfaction in lectures for men and women of all ages, and has appeared on numerous broadcasts, sharing not only tidy up but also easy ways to keep a household.

1:1 consulting for students who have completed the clean-up mission

Until now, no one has told me to plan and record clean-up. Even those who give up on organizing every time can organize their desired space by taking this course, and their quality of life will change. Set a space to organize, specific items, and a deadline to organize, and succeed in organizing while keeping your promises to me. We plan to conduct 1:1 consulting for students who have completed the clean-up mission.





Hello, I'm Julie Beauveau, a tycoon clean-up expert who helps successful people learn about their way of thinking, consumption patterns, and lifestyle in the organizing practice section.

We will help you organize any space or object according to your lifestyle using an organization map that has never existed before. This is a summary course with no more failures and no abandonment.


  • CEO of Korea Organization and Storage Education Center
  • CEO of Hagi Co., Ltd.
  • Book: Today's summary
  • 2019 Management Award, Salim 9th Prize
  • Korea Times Life and Culture series
  • Today's Home YouTube Channel [Today's Home] Video Advisory

Broadcast activities of over 1,000 episodes (major broadcasts):

  • TV Chosun Manmoolsang: The wisdom of organizing to make money, the summer housewarming conquest that is essential now/ Dae-hit CEO
  • KBS Ask Me Anything: Money Making Habits, Tidy Up Skills /Take Care of My Fridge, and More
  • KBS Newtime: How to organize a utility room
  • KBS Live Information: The End of Information/ Life Tips Number One/ Organizing Summer Items
  • KBS Relaxed: A Super Easy Way to Use 200% of Daily Necessities
  • MBC Feeling Good Day: God of Storage
  • MBC Morning Is Good: Refrigeration Storage
  • SBS Good Morning: How to catch germs
  • Channel A <Kim Hyun-wook's Good Morning >:How to save money
  • Let's try EBS first, explore architecture <home>, your energy charging station
  • MBN Vivid Information Center <Vivid Tube Closet Organization>

Magazine interview:

  • Living Sense: Minimal Life/A Dry Summer
  • Magazine N <Good tidy habits>
  • Business country: people who brighten up the new year

Corporate lectures:

  • LXZI:N Corporate Lectures
  • Beautiful shop

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김현주의 미인TV



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