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Skills You’ll Learn

Change your image of tidying up

The negative image of tidying up drastically changes to a positive image.

Tidying up know-how that many people actually don't know

I understand why they can't clean up and why they rebound.

Storage rules and tech that can be applied anywhere

You can understand storage methods that can be applied even when lifestyles and housing shapes change.

Tidying up methods that make simple “life” and “life” come true

Simple Life Advisor will explain!

I want to tell people who want to clean up and people who can't.

It's more important than clean-up know-how.

What is your image of tidying up?

Many people who have negative images such as housework, doing it out of a sense of duty, or being troublesome may be to clean up.

What are we cleaning up for in this class? What kind of changes will occur when you clean up? You can know and experience it.

Experience is a small success experience.

By having this experience, you will change to a positive image that you want to clean up quickly and that cleaning up is fun.

Effects you can expect after taking the course/appearance you can get used to

・The image of tidying up becomes positive

・Learn the basics of cleaning up without rebounding

・Experience the changes caused by cleaning up

・Life and life become simple and light

This class is recommended for people like this

・People who don't like tidying up, don't like it, and think it's bothersome

・People who don't clean up even if they refer to clean-up books or SNS

・ People who think “cleaning up will change your life” is an exaggeration

What makes this class so special

The image of tidying up has changed, and through tidying up, you will be able to naturally acquire a simple way of thinking, living, and living for a lifetime.

From my experience of living with “simplicity” as my base for over 15 years, cleaning up was the most familiar and effective way to think and live a simple way of thinking.

Tidying up isn't just housework; it's about being aware of things that are really important to you.

The way of thinking and know-how about tidying up leads not only to our lives, but also to our lives.

I would be happy if tidying up would be a “trigger” for you to live a richer life.



Organizational storage advisor

Simple Life Advisor®

They are in their 40s living with a married couple and two rabbits.

Living in a 2LDK apartment.

20,000 Instagram followers.

Writing for web media, publishing books, etc.

Simply “live,” “work,” and “live”

Create opportunities and support for women who want to achieve it.

▸ Presiding over by Simple Life LABO

▸ Post on Instagram

▸ web media writer

Organize and store “be simple in your own way”

I hope it will be an opportunity for you to live, work, and live.



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