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Skills You’ll Learn

Not a simple arrangement, but a summary of “life”

It contains details such as the consumption patterns of successful people to their lifestyle and lifestyle.

A minimalist life is possible

Learn how to live a minimalistic lifestyle through proper consumption and reduce items without stress.

Various ways to use things

Learn how to use unusable and neglected items.

Create your own clean-up routine

Create your own organization routine that you can do from organizing to maintaining.

About the class

“I watched books and TV shows and followed them, but it would be weird if I did it!” “My house has a different structure!” A storage tool I bought because I thought I needed it, but it was just luggage and I couldn't use it. Why is this the case?

There has never been a class like this before! While organizing the homes of successful people, I fully captured not only their clean-up habits but also their way of thinking. Tips from a 13-year old tycoon house organizer that can be applied to any space. We also share the clean-up habits of rich people with the know-how gained from cleaning up the homes of many rich people.

How to make a customized organization plan that is perfect for your situation, and expert skills that can be applied to any space. In this class, I'll teach you the clean-up habits of successful rich people. Take everything with you, from buying the right storage tools to using them in a variety of ways.

Course effect

  • You can learn the clean-up habits of successful rich people by recording and putting them into practice
  • You can become a minimalist through proper consumption
  • I can cut back on things without stress
  • I can find a long-lasting cleaning method that is beautiful to look at and easy to use

Recommended classes

  • 2030, the beginning of my first independence
  • Those who want to learn and practice how to organize successful rich people
  • People who fail every time even after watching and following a summary book or video
  • Those who want to know how to maintain a good level of maintenance even after organizing

What makes this class special

❶ Korea's first housekeeper who developed the world's first self-quotation system.

I taught the concepts of tidying up and Feng Shui for the first time to get rich, and I wrote the book “Today's Summary” for people who find it difficult and put off organizing. I will not only organize the concept and objects of Feng Shui Li, but also my life.





Hello, I'm Julie Beauveau, a tycoon clean-up expert who helps successful people learn about their way of thinking, consumption patterns, and lifestyle in the organizing practice section.

There was a time when a customer who experienced depression due to a miscarriage smiled for the first time in 7 years when she saw the space changed through tidying up. Each family has many happy memories that can heal wounds through organizing like this.

There are many people who feel stressed in unorganized spaces. In addition to organizing things, I want to help me become a minimalist in the areas related to my life.

We will help you organize any space or object according to your lifestyle using an organization map that has never existed before. This is a summary course with no more failures and no abandonment.


  • CEO of Korea Organization and Storage Education Center
  • CEO of Hagi Co., Ltd.
  • Book: Today's summary
  • 2019 Management Award, Salim 9th Prize
  • Korea Times Life and Culture series
  • Today's Home YouTube Channel [Today's Home] Video Advisory

Broadcast activities of over 1,000 episodes (major broadcasts):

  • TV Chosun Manmoolsang: The wisdom of organizing to make money, the summer housewarming conquest that is essential now/ Dae-hit CEO
  • KBS Ask Me Anything: Money Making Habits, Tidy Up Skills /Take Care of My Fridge, and More
  • KBS Newtime: How to organize a utility room
  • KBS Live Information: The End of Information/ Life Tips Number One/ Organizing Summer Items
  • KBS Relaxed: A Super Easy Way to Use 200% of Daily Necessities
  • MBC Feeling Good Day: God of Storage
  • MBC Morning Is Good: Refrigeration Storage
  • SBS Good Morning: How to catch germs
  • Channel A <Kim Hyun-wook's Good Morning >:How to save money
  • Let's try EBS first, explore architecture <home>, your energy charging station
  • MBN Vivid Information Center <Vivid Tube Closet Organization>

Magazine interview:

  • Living Sense: Minimal Life/A Dry Summer
  • Magazine N <Good tidy habits>
  • Business country: people who brighten up the new year

Corporate lectures:

  • LXZI:N Corporate Lectures
  • Beautiful shop

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