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Skills You’ll Learn

First relationship, parents

Psychological theories that can be used in problem situations with parents and solutions using them

Second relationship, friend

Psychological theory that can be applied and used when friendship relationships are difficult

Third relationship, sweetheart

What are the common conversation characteristics of break-up couples? Causes and solutions to frequent fights

Fourth relationship, boss at work

Mind control methods to reduce emotional consumption and ways of thinking to turn a company into a place of opportunity

About the class

Hello, I'm Kwak Jung-eun, who will teach you the power to study the mind and reflect on relationships.

We face many relationships in our lives, and we face various problems in relationships. Why do we get into fights with our boyfriends and girlfriends? I want to get along well with my parents, but why do I keep getting on with them? Problems in relationships that don't have clear answers, such as work life being too frustrating, make the mind feel frustrated and difficult.

We face many things in relationships that are taken for granted in our lives, but no one tells us a clear solution to that problem wisely. Even in schools that call it essential education.

In this class, I'm going to look at the relationship problems that every human being experiences, and present a somewhat realistic and wise solution to them by combining psychological theory.

🏆 Meditation Lab CEO

🏆 Master of Adult Counseling, Hanyang University Graduate School of Counseling Psychology

🏆 Enrollment in the doctoral program at Dongguk University Graduate School

Course effect

  • It makes it possible to deal wisely with various relationship problems that can be faced in everyday life
  • Being able to better understand oneself through psychology
  • With a broad understanding of human relationships, I can apply them to my own situation and find ways to use them
  • I can objectively judge relationships based on psychology and apply them to my own situation
  • Being able to gain insight into difficult situations and be able to specifically look into what happens in relationships in life

Recommended target

  • A person who wants to build relationships wisely like me without being swayed by others
  • People who want to better understand themselves through psychology
  • People who want to learn psychological theories appropriate to each relationship or situation and deeply understand the nature of the relationship
  • Able to look insightly at situations that occur in life

What makes this class special

Exploring real-life psychology in four types of relationships

1) Parents

Parents are the first human relationship I meet when I'm born into the world. The relationships we met during our fragile childhood have a lot of impact on our self. My belief system created at that time also solidifies until I reach adulthood. It's like someone makes footprints before cement hardens.

If your relationship with your parents is difficult and daunting, go back to your childhood and find out what caused it. Based on attachment theory, I can find out what kind of attachment I and my parents were, and how I was influenced by this attachment style. And I will be able to come up with a solution on how to move forward in order to wisely solve this difficult moment in the future.

2) Friends

“Why do only friends like this come to me?”

I will reveal 3 things that I have actually struggled with and that I have come to recognize as my own problems that I need to look at.

What makes it difficult for me is that it may be my “irrational beliefs” rather than those “friends.” Are you wondering if my beliefs are reasonable or irrational? I'll also share some examples in the class where I can analyze my beliefs.

3) Lover

If you look at it, it may seem obvious that there is a quarrel between loved ones. However, there are destructive conversation types that have a high probability of breaking up in the end.

If I feel that the conversation I have with my partner during frequent arguments with my loved one is not healthy, check whether I am engaging in this destructive type of conversationTry it.

4) The boss at work

I feel like my work life is meaningless, so why is this person asking for it? There are times when this thought comes to mind in my company life. However, if we change our thinking system, the workplace may become a place where we can find meaning in life in a place where only money is earned. I'll try to unravel what things actually change when I apply Victor Frankl's logotherapy that I talk about in class through my own experience.

We all want a relaxed and happy life. There won't be a single person who wants to live in anxiety and distress. However, we have never properly learned about the mind, and we don't know how to look into the heart.

Do you want to build a good relationship with me without blaming or blaming yourself?

Take this class and start studying relationship psychology with me. I've only compiled the content that I received a lot of help from. If you listen carefully, you'll not only solve your problems, but your eyes will open up to look back at your current difficult relationship.

Well, good luck everyone!



Thinking Jeongeun

Thinking Jeongeun

  • Meditation Lab CEO
  • Enrollment in the doctoral program at Dongguk University Graduate School
  • Master of Adult Counseling, Hanyang University Graduate School of Counseling Psychology
  • Graduated from Sogang University, Department of English Language and Literature

  • India O&O Academy Certified Meditation Trainer
  • Completed “The New Destiny” at One World Academy

  • Works selected as one of the top 10 companies at the Seoul Mental Health Fair
  • Meditation & Psychology App <elephant> Meditation making
  • Gangnam Ward Office launches 'Corona Blue Overcoming Program'
  • Museum Mountain Meditation PRO 'Mindful Trip' held
  • TIKTOK Healing Campaign 'Healing with Piano and Meditation Project'

  • Books <A Good Day Alone>, <Without Prejudice or Fear>, <Discovery>
  • TV shows <Interfering in Love 1,2,3>, <witch hunt>
  • Jobs 2002-2014 <COSMOPOLITAN KOREA > Feature Director, <Singles> Feature Editor





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