About the class

๐Ÿ’ป This course covers preparation for the Big Data Analyst Handwriting Certification Course.

The best class for those starting the Big Data Analyst Course right now!

โœ… Big data analysis articlerefers to a practitioner who constructs, searches, analyzes, and visualizes large structured/unstructured data based on analytical techniques and methodologies in order to find useful information from large data sets and predict results.

This course is a course that can be easily understood by those preparing for a written exam for the first time by systematically capturing concepts and principles. We have prepared it for those who want to increase their pass rate for certification courses that capture the concepts, principles, and overall context of big data analysts.

I will explain the entire scope of the test in detail and clearly, from analysis planning, big data search, data collection, processing, statistical techniques, modeling, and result interpretation. I included everything I needed to prepare for the written exam without throwing away any of it.

I understand big data analysis more easily based on the concepts and analysis experience of big data and statistical analysis. CEO Kim Won-pyol is currently working as a university professor through statistics/data analysis for 20 years. From lectures that properly grasp basic skills to courses that improve usage skills! Let's experience the beginning and end of big data analysis together. We help you quickly access acceptance rates by understanding concepts and analytical tendencies.

Course effect

  • You can learn big data analysis.
  • Get insights into technologies and products related to big data collection.
  • You can derive data requirements and identify classifications and characteristics by type.
  • As a working data scientist, you can learn how to collect and load data.
  • You can learn various machine learning theories and practices at the same time.

Recommended target

  • Those preparing for the exam with the goal of passing the Big Data Analyst
  • Those who want to study Python more deeply along with data analysis
  • Those who want to study in depth about the practice of a big data analyst

2 reasons why this class is special

โ‘  Easily unravel data analysis experience with more than 20 years of experience

โ‘ก Lectures that clearly explain the concepts and principles of big data analysis

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Analytical planning


Exploring big data




Result interpretation


Data Campus

Data Campus

Through more than 20 years of expertise in statistical analysis & big data analysis, we have provided training for professors, researchers, practitioners, universities (institutes), and job-seekers. Data analysis is no longer an option but a necessity. Starting with Python, the Big Data Analyst certification, and the Social Research Analyst certification can be solved all at once at Data Campus. We will strengthen the capacity and practical skills of data analysts with a highly specialized curriculum.


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