Class introduction

If you dream of getting a job in the field of data analysis
ADP certification, challenge now!

What is a Data Analyst (ADP)?

Evaluating practical ability in data analysis to train data analysis experts who perform data analysis planning, data analysis, and data visualization tasks based on basic knowledge of data understanding and processing techniques, and perform tasks that support scientific decision-making such as process innovation and marketing strategy decisions through this National Accreditation TestIt's. In the case of test methods, it is divided into handwriting and practical tests.

Now is an age where practical ability to analyze and visualize beyond just looking at data has become more important! If you want to become an expert in data analysis, take the <Complete ADP certification in one place> class right now!

This class is organized by Korea Data Industry Development Agency Data Analysis Professional (ADP) handwriting preparation courseIt consists of information about In the case of a curriculum, for each subject to be submitted ① Understanding data ② Understanding data processing techniques ③ Data analysis planning ④ Data analysis ⑤ Data visualizationI will learn. After that, we will clearly prepare you for the actual situation by solving the problems!

In particular, after obtaining the Data Analyst (ADP) certification, you can work as a practitioner who can prove your expertise in the data field, so it's probably a certificate not to be missed for job-seekers in related fields, right? Let's run together until we pass ADP through this class!

Course effect

  • You can analyze data, plan, perform visualization tasks, and carry out data analysis projects.
  • You can learn a sense of practice by solving various exercises for each subject.

Recommended target

  • Those who want to work in the field of data analysis or related fields
  • Those who aim to obtain ADP (AdSP) qualification

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ADP handwriting: 3 subjects of data analysis planning


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