Skills You’ll Learn

Process analysis using EDR solutions

System inspection method using carbon black

Virtual Hacking Incident Response Practice

Practice responding to hacking incidents using virtual machines

Reproducing a web hacking incident

The hacking process is reproduced using a web vulnerability.

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Class introduction

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Final Cut Pro announces the latest Hangul version of the 2022 class. I share all the know-how I've gained from practicing video editing, with 4 years on YouTube, over 500 Final Cut Pro edits alone. Edit videos using Final Cut Pro, which has an intuitive interface and overwhelming work speed compared to comparable PCs! I'll teach you the basics in detail so that even beginners can easily follow along.

Hello, this is Song Dae-geun.

The AhnLab (AhnLab) CERT team was responsible for investigating various hacking incidents that occurred in private companies and public institutions. I was in charge of the SOC construction project and operation project PM at IBM Korea. If a hacking incident occurs through a class, I will tell you the know-how to analyze the cause of the attack.

If you don't have experience dealing with hacking incidents, you're often at a loss as to what to do when an incident occurs. For those who lack experience in dealing with incidents, I will tell you how to analyze infringement incidents from a practical perspective necessary to respond to corporate hacking incidents. We will understand hacking incidents through practical exercises and teach you about infringement incident response procedures through simulated incident response training. I will explain technical measures to identify the cause of the accident and take measures to prevent the same accident from happening again.

Course effect

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  • Even beginners who don't know anything about video editing can easily learn the video editing process and skills.

  • You can learn about the chroma key functions that are commonly used in private broadcasts.

  • You can create more colorful videos in a short time through paid template purchase sites and usage methods.

  • You can learn how to distinguish processes infected with malware.

  • I will explain how to identify the extent of damage by checking file access history.

  • You can learn the process of analyzing hacking incidents through log analysis.

  • I will explain how to create an infringement incident analysis report.

  • By verifying vulnerabilities, you can learn how to prevent hacking incidents from being repeated.

Recommended target

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  • Those who have a MAC and are interested in video editing

  • Those who bought Final Cut Pro but left it unattended

  • Those who have Final Cut Pro and only use cut editing and subtitles

  • Those who have no experience in dealing with hacking incidents

  • Those who want to practice actual cases where hacking incidents occurred

  • If you are curious about how to write an infringement incident analysis report

Pre-course notes

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  • This class will be held in the Korean version of Final Cut Pro 10.6.4.

  • Practice is only possible with a MAC PC and Final Cut Pro.

  • The virtual machine used by the class (Oracle VirtualBox, VMware Player) must be installed separately.

  • The sample log used in the lab is for lab purposes only and redistribution or unauthorized reproduction is restricted.

N reasons why this class is special

❶ Learn a sense of realism by recreating accidents that occur in real fields.

Through classes, you can practice the same hacking case as an accident that actually occurred in the field. In a virtual environment for practical use, it is possible to analyze a system that has been reproduced in the same way as a real case.

실행 완료.png

log 파일.png

❶ From analysis of the causes of hacking incidents to countermeasures to prevention of recurrence

I will explain in detail the process of conducting an investigation from the cause of the hacking incident. I will tell you the architectural design know-how necessary to prevent the same hacking incident from happening again.



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❷ Learn the competencies required for practical use through application vulnerability verification training

You can learn how to build a test system to verify vulnerabilities. Install an application to reproduce the incident system and apply application weak settings.

By understanding the impact of weak settings on applications and learning how to eliminate vulnerabilities, you can learn the technical competencies required for practical work.


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Class finish




We analyzed and responded to security breaches by private companies and public institutions, and carried out various types of security incident responses, including 3.20 cyber attacks, community portals, and online shopping mall infringement incident investigations.

While in charge of technical work in the security division of IBM and Cisco (Cisco), a global security company, I carried out security projects for corporate customers. We share the knowledge and competencies required by corporate security personnel based on experience in dealing with various security issues and project construction/operation experience.

Key work experience

  • Security consultant: design/construction/operation of security enhancement strategies through security infrastructure consulting

  • Security Control Consulting: Conducting SOC construction consulting and operation tasks

  • Security Service Product Development: Next Generation Security Control Solution & Service Development

  • Response to infringement incidents: many military, public, private companies, etc.

  • 2014 KISA K-Shield Security Course Instructor (Instructor in charge of AhnLab network forensics training)

  • 2016 Personal Information Security (PIS) FAIR/ Presentation Topic 'Security Intelligence'


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