Fusion 360 modeling software
17 Class Projects

It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete one class project.

  • shopping bag holder

  • round storage box

  • square pencil holder

  • paper boat model

  • Lego models

  • smartphone holder

  • vases

  • Hanging flower pot

  • cup and coaster

  • cup holder

  • slide box

  • memory card holder

  • tea table set

  • An image of Taegeukgi

  • Character image

  • swing chair

  • room model

Skills You’ll Learn

How to install Fusion 360 and create an account

Install the program and switch accounts for 1 year of free use.

How to use a variety of tools

We will inform you about various tools that can be used in personal design work in the future.

Modeling using manuals

We will inform you easily and simply using a pre-prepared manual.

Production of various works

We will teach you about modeling of various difficulty levels, from simple everyday accessories to structures.

Create a rendered image

After modeling, materials are applied to create a unique work.

Class introduction

In this class, you can learn Fusion 360 easily and quickly with 'Maker Chuck', a training team specializing in modeling. Why should I learn modeling? Simply put, modeling is the process of designing a three-dimensional shape using a computer. Currently, most products are made from 3D drawings, and modeling work is used in various places such as product design, animation, video, interior decoration, and the metaverse. In particular, since all objects that exist in virtual spaces such as the metaverse are designed through modeling work, modeling technology is being emphasized as much as coding technology in the coming metaverse era.

📌 [Metaverse] Can be used by Geppetto creators and Roblox Studios

📌 [Industrial design] Manufacturing, rendering, pattern making

Why don't you start modeling simply with Fusion 360 software? Everyone should try Fusion 360 too!

Course effect

  • Approximately 16 modelling examples can be completed using Fusion 360.
  • You can create your own 3D portfolio using modeling examples.
  • You can learn how to model with Fusion 360 and print it out on a 3D printer.

Recommended target

  • Those who are new to 3D modeling
  • Those who are interested in industries that require 3D modeling, such as the metaverse and industrial design fields
  • Those who want to quickly and easily create a 3D modeling portfolio with Fusion 360

Pre-course notes

  • “Fusion 360,” which will be used in this course, can be used after installing the program and receiving a personal license (1 year) through membership registration. Therefore, email and mobile phone are required for authentication.
  • The actual license price for Fusion 360 is 500,000 won per year, but the education/hobby license can be used free of charge, and there is no significant difference in functionality. It seems like symbolically that even modeling (3D design) programs can literally be used raw. There is a way to extend the license for education even after 1 year, so it may be an opportunity to continue using Fusion 360.
  • However, it is not possible to install on a 32-bit Windows among the specifications of a laptop or PC, so be sure to check the benefits.
  • Fusion 360 cannot be used on Windows 32-bit
  • When running Fusion 360 on a PC that is about 10 years old, stuttering may occur due to specification issues

2 reasons why this class is special

❶ Curriculum that is easy and quick, yet the principles are clearly understood

“Raw Food Fusion 360” is an offline, modified and developed class that educates a variety of subjects, from 5th grade elementary school to adults. Above all, I prepared it so that I can produce results as if I were just watching a lecture without any preparation.

What Maker Chuck felt while watching many modeling-related courses was “strange” and “difficult.” Of course, conducting a lesson based on a brilliant modeling design may give a high level of satisfaction when the work is finished, but I thought it would be nice if someone emphasized the essence of the modeling process and told them more easily and quickly. This is the case with the “Raw Fusion 360” course that Maker Chuck wants to do. It was created taking into account the degree that “if you let me know it easier than this, it would be too slow, and if I told you faster than this, I wouldn't understand it once I saw it.”

❷ Complete your portfolio with one of the easiest classes in the world

There are many things that can be done through modeling work, but as an introductory course for those who are starting out, I would like to provide a form so that they can create a portfolio of modeling files they have worked on through document programs such as PowerPoint or Hangul. Capture the modeling files you've worked on and insert them into the form to create a portfolio!

I believe that if you habitually create a portfolio even after working on modeling through your own free design activities in the future, you will be able to elicit good reviews of your work beyond just being proud.

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I'm a training team maker specializing in modeling (3D design).

Since 2016, Maker Chuck has formed a team to conduct modeling (3D design) lectures, and has a career in online and offline teaching.

The course I prepared this time, “Eating Raw Fusion 360,” is a course for beginners, and above all else, I have organized a curriculum with easy, fun, and useful educational content to solve vague difficulties with modeling (3D design).


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