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With filament/3D printer
8 Class Projects

It takes about Around 1-7 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • 3D printer DIY kit assembly

  • Fusion 360 3D modeling

  • 3D printing of modeled incense holders

  • Pen holder & diffuser container 3D printing

  • Tray 3D printing

  • 3D printing of unpowered speakers

  • Mini air purifier 3D printing

  • Vases & objects 3D printing

Skills You’ll Learn

3D printer assembly

DIY 3D printer that can be assembled in 30 minutes.
It's easy to assemble and use.

Slicing program for 3D printing

You can learn the detailed settings required for 3D printing.

FUSION 360 modeling

You can learn the 3D modeling program FUSION360 and do the modeling yourself.

Handling a 3D printer

Modeling your own modeled props
You can learn how to handle a 3D printer.

3D printer maintenance & upgrade

If output is not possible, cause analysis and
A big release of solutions and tips to improve quality!

Postprocessing of 3D printing printouts

Removing the printout supporter after 3D printing and
Making clean noodles

Stories about using 3D printing

Using 3D printing tips and open source,
Talk about certifications and realize your business

Hello, I'm Jae-Lee Yoon from the 3D printing class.

I am the CEO of Maker Planet Co., Ltd., which produces educational content on design making, and I run a space shape design studio for creators. They also run a 3D printing review YouTube channel called Harvey Works.

Is a 3D printer a machine used by engineering students and designers?

What is a 3D printer pastimeThe price is enough to be enjoyed at cheaperIt has become easier to use, so if you study with a little interest The joy of 3D printingYou'll be able to fall in love with it!

In the 3D printing class

Learn something like this!

Basic content of a 3D printerFrom 3d printer Diy kitYou can assemble it yourself and learn how to use and maintain it, and in everyday life sentimentsA life filled with vignetteListen immediacy You can design using a 3D modeling program and print it out to a 3D printer to create it.

3D printing classes,

Create an emotional object

Shall we take a look?

1) Assembling a 3D printer

Carefully selected and cost-effective 3D printer Diy kitYou can use to assemble together and learn how to use a 3D printer, precautions when assembling, and how to operate.

2) 3D modeling of emotional props in daily life

In everyday life sentimentsProps containing this immediacy 3D printing users so that they can design and try 3D printing lovingA 3D modeling program that does Fusion 360 You can learn 3D modeling using the program.

Vases, unpowered speakers, air purifiers, trays, business card holders, etc. Sentimental objectsYou can design directly with me and create your own emotional objects.

Can be placed next to a 3D printer or placed on a desk mini air purifierA HEPA filter kit is included so that you can 3D print!

3) 3D printer slice program

To output a 3D modeling program to a 3D printer, the 3D printer settings and output conditions must be set with a slice program.

Even with the same product, excellent quality 3D printing can be performed if the output conditions are adjusted in detail. Through the class, you too Happy 3D printingYou can try it.

4) Let's deal with 3D printers

How to operate an assembled 3D printer, control methods for output such as 3D printing Step by step I'll let you know. Machine valueIt's fine too! What is the 3D printer button oneBecause it is!

5) Maintaining and improving the quality of the 3D printer

Even if a 3D printer is easy to use for a hobby, it's not a home appliance, so many troubleThere may be this.

You can identify and solve common problems! Also, with a simple inspection Quality UP playable knowhowand important parts upgrading I know how to do it.

6) Supporter removal and post-processing

In order to prevent 3D printing from flowing down gantry The back is born. Assemble printouts in a structure that is assembled by removing the support, or a cleaner one qualityFor Postprocessing We'll guide you through the process.

Come and enjoy the world of 3D printing!

  • Is 3D printing being used in an unexpected job, or
  • A story for those who want to use 3D printing in their business.
  • As a 3D printing operator certification manager, I'll talk about certification tips!
  • Enjoy open source 3D printing even if you can't do 3D modeling!
  • The story of the 3D modeling program that's right for me

It contains plenty of stories I felt during my 5 years of enjoying 3D printing and doing business. Come listen to interesting 3D printing stories:))





Hallo My name is Yun Jae-i. I accidentally fell in love with 3D printing, bought various types of 3D printers, tried to tear them off, break them down, and fix them, so I gave this master class as a master class to let you know the fun of 3D printing and how to solve problems. I can be proud that it contains content that can be useful from students who don't know 3D printing at all to those who work as a 3D printing instructor. I am the CEO of Maker Planet Co., Ltd., which develops making education content, and I run a store farm that sells 3D printers for products from 4 companies under contract with distributors, and I run Harvey Works, the first 3D printer review YouTube channel in Korea. In addition, he has been appointed as the manager of each edition of the National Certified 3D Printer Operator Certificate, which was newly established two years ago, and is providing training on various 3D modeling programs and various making trainings.





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