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Skills You’ll Learn

Southeast Asian characteristics and sales strategy

Identify the characteristics of the Southeast Asian market and develop sales strategies.

Competitive product sourcing

Learn how to find competitive products.

Lazada optimized product registration

You can learn how to register products that are optimized so that products are well displayed.

Marketing techniques that lead to sales

You can learn how to use marketing techniques to increase sales.

Special benefits for taking classes!

LAZADA KOREA intensive management라자다 셀러 가입 수수료 없음, 입점 후 3개월 판매 수수료 면제, 수강생 전용 라자다 단톡방 운영

▶ No Lazada seller registration fee, no sales fee for 3 months after entering the store, operation of a Lazada Dantok Room for students

For those who have taken Class 101 classes, LAZADA KOREA has agreed to operate a separate dantok room for students to help manage.

After taking the class, it is great to be able to solve the problems caused by the actual operation with LAZADA headquarters, which will help you a lot in the actual operation.


Select a global seller

I'm a housewife in her 40s whose life changed.

I used to be a housewife in an ordinary working family. As you all know from raising children, it wasn't easy to raise money after spending on children's education expenses, living expenses, etc., even when they worked together.

It was a day when the landlord asked me to raise the charter fee, and I lived with full pride.

The job I went to in 2016 was a job called a global seller because I lost my job and didn't want to be the same.

And my life changed a lot. Being able to freely adjust my work hours and time off for my children and for the sake of my children has greatly changed my satisfaction with life It's the same.

The Southeast Asian e-commerce market

The center of young and big consumption

The Southeast Asian e-commerce market is called the center of young consumers and is becoming increasingly active. Also, we all know that interest in Hallyu is growing.

Please only send goods to Incheon.

After that, Lazada takes care of it, LGS

LAZADA (LAZADA) can be seen as the beginning of the Southeast Asian Open MarketThe scale of the logistics system is very different. LGS, the LAZADA (LAZADA) logistics system, carries out most of the delivery, rather than being carried out by an outsourced company.

This means that if you only send a product from Korea to the Incheon (Seoul) logistics center, Lazada will take care of the delivery to the destination. Isn't that so fascinating?

5 major Southeast Asian countries

Product registration and management is possible at once

배송: 동남아시아 어떤 장소이든 100% 배송 가능!

Lazada has updated its system so that products can be registered and managed in the five major Southeast Asian countries, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines at once.

Actively from 2020

Lazada is helping Korean sellers!

Lazada abruptly stopped signing up for Korean sellers in 2017, and then returned in 2020 to proceed with the registration of Korean sellers.

Unlike in 2017, we are now actively helping Korean sellers in Singapore and Korea to successfully enter the Southeast Asian market. It's a hot market that hasn't been around for a year, but nobody knows very well, isn't it attractive?

Even if there are no products in circulation

Global selling that can be done

The wholesale price is 4,600, but the lowest price on the Internet is 3,800 won!?

I started as a reseller with no capital and no products to distribute. There are many people who think that reselling is not competitive in price, but the Korean online market is not much different from the price you get from a wholesaler or the price you buy online.

Rather, there is also a situation where the lowest price on the Internet is cheaper than that of a wholesaler. Therefore, even resellers can be competitive in price. We will also cover in detail how to compete on price in detail in the class.

Instructors who understand the minds of students

Like me, I went back to a time when I didn't know anything about global selling, and I'm trying to figure out what parts I'm curious about and what parts will help me with sales, and let you know one by one.

Therefore, many of the people who took the course were satisfied. Offline education has the advantage of being able to teach in a very familiar manner,

The advantages of online lectures are that you can learn one by one in a systematic manner, and Repeat over and over and retake parts you don't know I think the point is that it can be done.

With the “sales” of students

I disprove it.

출고될 리셀링 상품들/ 수강생 한분의 1일 출고량 약 50건

▶ Reselling products to be shipped: Approximately 50 items shipped per student per day

The success of any business seems to be WIN - WIN. When you start selling globally, I think you can succeed if you think about how to satisfy customers.

My students, who have learned these basic things, are growing day by day. I also feel a sense of joy as I watch the students grow. I think this is also WIN- WIN.

Try making a second Buka.

My motto is”Life changes through challenges “It's. I was an ordinary housewife, but through the challenge, I got a buke called a global seller, and I also got a third buke called a global selling instructor.

Who is a global seller Three hot keywords: untact, e-commerce, and globalIt's a job with. I think you can definitely make a Buka right now.

If you are attracted to global selling, try it out!!



Nice to meet you! This is the global seller Rhea


What more does Southeast Asia want


Guide to entering Lazada stores in 5 Southeast Asian countries


Live! Selling Lazada


Lazada shipping guide


Thank you so much for your hard work!




I started my career as a global seller in 2016.

The reason for this was very small: I lost my job at the age of my mid-thirties due to poor company circumstances. I was too old to enter the company again, and I felt sorry for my children a lot while living as a working couple, so I couldn't figure out what to do.

However, it wasn't enough to live with only the children and expect only the groom's salary, so what can I do without knowing distribution and having no capital? I had a problem with that. I also had a few interviews. However, there were not many jobs that met the requirements..

I was wondering if there is a job with a small amount of capital, and while searching the internet, etc., I learned that there is a job called a global seller. The definition of a global seller is “doing import and export business across borders through the Internet.”

Since it was something I could start with just one computer, I paid 2 million won for training. Actually, it was a lot of money, but since I invested a certain amount of money, I think I worked harder with a sense of responsibility.

I was able to earn a higher income than my salary within 3 months of starting, and although there were ups and downs in sales to some extent, I became a person who specializes in selling and educating Japan, Southeast Asia, etc.

It may be difficult for everyone to lead to the same results as me, but I definitely believe that we can grow together by helping people like me.

If you don't feel like starting a global seller, or if you have a desire to take on the challenge right away even if you only have seniors who can tell you the right way, I'll share all of my know-how

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