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Skills Youโ€™ll Learn

I can understand the basic knowledge of financial statements.

Financial statements I've heard about once,
Don't get confused anymore.

Basic knowledge for startup accounting

Learn what financial statements, income statements, and cash flow statements are and how to use them

Basic knowledge of startup tax

What taxes are associated with my company?
Let's find out together!

Basic knowledge of startup finance

From attracting investment, corporate valuation, financing to encroachment, the preparation of financial knowledge is over!

Major startup issues

Let's take a look at the capital cannibalization and divestment of the Savior that can occur when running a startup.

๐Ÿ“ Hello. I'm Joy, a tax accountant.

As a tax accountant specializing in startups, I met many representatives. Less than 5% of them have majored in accounting or taxation, or have dealt with their own jobs. So it's probably quite natural that this field is difficult and unfamiliar.

โ€œI see as much as I know.โ€The phrase also fits this field very well. So I decided to prepare for this lecture. Although accounting, taxation, and finance are difficult and unfamiliar concepts, those who listen to this course I wish I could know a little more and see even a little more Please.

๐Ÿ“ Do you know exactly what financial statements are?

If you received an investment or loan while doing business, you've probably received a lot of financial statement requests from investors or banks. But can you answer exactly what these financial statements are? At first glance, you won't get an answer.

Financial statements Various tables showing financial statusIt means. As the first topic in the class, I will cover accounting, and I will show you in detail what is included in the various types of financial statements and what each table represents.

๐Ÿ“ What taxes are associated with my company?

If you're new to taxes and taxes, it's bound to be difficult. In fact, everything related to taxes is stipulated in the tax law, so it's not difficult once you know it. We will tell you in detail about taxes related to our company in startup taxation, such as who is responsible for paying taxes, filing deadlines for filing and paying taxes, and tax calculation structures.

โŒ You can't start a business if you only like items.

โญ•๏ธ Once you understand finance, you can start a business.

Starting a startup is because an item or service has business potential, and to put it more simply, it would be money, but in the early days, you can't do business without seed money, that is, initial capital. We will look at startup finance together, such as how to raise funds, how to use them, and whether there are any precautions while using them.

๐Ÿ“ From eliminating capital cannibalization to EXIT, A-Z of startup finance

We do business, but we can't ignore profit generation, which is the reason companies exist, right?

โœ”๏ธ What is capital cannibalization and how to overcome it

โœ”๏ธ How is our company displayed in numbers

โœ”๏ธ What kind of taxes should be paid on what basis

โœ”๏ธ From what perspective should we approach financing

โœ”๏ธ What are the steps of an exit

In order to help those who are starting a business, it is important to know everything from capital cannibalization to EXIT, which is a major issue in startups Our company's accounting, tax, and financeI will finish with this lesson.



โ€œI can see as much as I know.โ€ Easy accounting and tax

1. This is the end of our course on accounting, taxation, and finance for our company!



Startup Accounting: What are financial statements?

1. Basic knowledge of financial statements (definitions and principles of preparation)



Startup Accounting: How to Use Financial Statements

1. Financial statements and income statements


2. Use of cash flow statements and financial statements


3. The impact of government grants on financial statements and how to manage them



Startup tax

1. Corporate tax


2. Combined income tax, value added tax


3. Withholding tax


4. Tax schedule for startups


5. Startup tax initial settings



Startup finance

1. Attracting investment and corporate valuation of startups


2. Funding for startups (borrowing, government grants)


3. Startup runways and cash balance management


4. What is capital cannibalization


5. Types of capital-related investments



Top startup issues

1. Measures to eliminate capital cannibalization


2. Sale of the Savior (Exit)



To startup representatives

1. Last greetings





Hello, I'm Joy, a tax accountant who supports all startups.

As a tax accountant specializing in startups, I met so many CEOs.

Among them Less than 5% of those who have majored in accounting and taxation or have dealt with their own dutiesIt won't be.

Therefore, I often thought that accounting and taxation was a difficult and unfamiliar field. Rather than studying accounting and taxation yourself, you may think that you should entrust it to a person in charge of our company or an external expert such as a tax accountant or accountant.

Of course, that's true.

It is correct to entrust this field to experts and focus on more important tasks such as marketing, development, and planning, where the company needs more hands from the CEO. However, even if I entrust a job to someone else, I know to some extent that there is a difference between entrusting it and just entrusting it.

So I decided to prepare for this lecture.

โ€œI see as much as I knowโ€It's also a word that fits this field very well. We've tried to include a wide range of topics as easily as possible so that you don't waste time. I think it will be very helpful for those preparing to start a business to have a broad understanding of this field.

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  • tax accountant

  • Head of Creative Partners Services

  • Graduated from Korea University, Department of Business Administration

  • Seoul Startup Hub Hub Partner MATE Program Tax Accounting Instructor

  • Lecturer at Korea University Anam-dong Campus Town Academy

  • Ansan City Youth Cube Yedae Camp Accounting and Tax Lecture/Mentoring

  • Hanyang University Entrepreneurship Support Group Tax Accounting Mentor

  • Tax Accounting Mentor at Sookmyung Women's University Campus Town

  • Accounting and tax mentor at Yonsei University and Presbyterian Theological Seminary Campus Town

  • Mentor dedicated to the Entrepreneurship Promotion Agency Preliminary Startup Package

  • Korea Tourism Organization 2022 Tourism Sector Investment Promotion Support Project Advisor

  • Baby Unicorn Jury, Entrepreneurship Promotion Agency

  • Ministry of Justice accounting content series

  • Former) Sein Tax Corporation


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