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Adding a vivid sense to the space, how to make tufting props using punch needles


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Skills You’ll Learn

Understanding punch needles

Learn how to thread a needle, and the tools and basic principles of a punch needle.

The basics of punch needles

Learn the differences and techniques of a file (ring) depending on the thickness and length of the needle.

Texture treatment method

Learn how to process textures, such as working with a tufting gun.

A neat way to finish

Learn how to finish using latex bonding and blanket stitching.

Application in real life

I'll show you how to use the techniques you've learned for small items such as rugs and cushions.

Tips for future work

How to make connections for bigger tasks, color schemes, and even tips for making patterns!

At home, without expensive tufting guns!

Let's make some sensuous props.

Hello, I'm Peace of Apple who uses tufting techniques to make rugs and other real-life props. tuftingThere may be people who are unfamiliar with this phrase. It is a process where a gun-shaped machine called a tufting gun is used to shoot a thread into a fabric to create a shape.

Working with a tufting gun has received a lot of attention recently because you can express yourself freely and the results are beautiful, but since it is expensive and the work space must be equipped, it would not have been easy to challenge yourself at home.

For those who wanted to do sensuous tufting work, Punching needles that can be done at home I have prepared a class. The preparation kit and curriculum have been carefully organized so that you can understand the principles and various techniques of tufting while having fun at home. Start a tufting craft that anyone can do now.

It's easy to start and learn properly step by step.

Punching needles are one of the embroidery techniques, in which a needle is pierced into a gap in the tissue of a fabric and a thread is inserted to form a ring. When this process is repeated, the full threads show a unique color and texture. The technique itself is relatively easy, fast, and beautiful compared to other embroidery techniques.

The tufting gun was converted to an electric one by applying the same method of punching needles. Therefore, it can work faster than a punch needle. Since the basic principles are the same, there is no big difference between a work made with a punching needle and a work made with a tufting gun.

I will try various tasks while understanding the principles of tufting with a punch needle, and gather all the necessary supplies to make a bunch of beautiful props and send them to you. Get everything ready at home and start punching needle work.

From how to make workpieces using the punch needle technique into real-life props, how to sew a clean finish, and how to use scissors to cut threads to create texture! Peace of Apple Know-how to make sensuous propsI will gather all of them and deliver them to you. If you follow them step by step, you'll learn the skills and have all kinds of accessories ready!

Everywhere in everyday life,

I collected only the most useful props.

From experiencing tufting with a punch needle, I deliberately gathered only highly useful props so that I could be more proud of the finished work every day. I'll put in plenty of ingredients, so after you've made something you use, it's a good idea to give it to someone around you, right?

Let's start with a small key ring, learn how to use punch needles, and work on various shapes, colors, and textures as we gradually increase the size of the work. You will be able to feel that a small item with a variety of feelings and uses can be completed using just one technique.

When creating a work of a certain size, such as a stool cushion or cushion, you will also learn how to complete it with small items, such as sewing and putting on a zipper yourself.

It's not about following a fixed pattern,

Express your own colors and textures.

The thread color in the preparation kit is designed so that you can choose from several color combinations recommended by Peace of Apple. Each work doesn't have a fixed design, but I'll show you how to express your own senses.

I'm going to create my own pattern by creating my own shape and combining colors. It may be clumsy and awkward at first, but the process of drawing shapes one by one can be unexpectedly stylish and you may get results that you like better than you think.

Don't worry too much, I'll give you all the tips for the most harmonious color scheme! Please come with the desire to have fun trying this or that challenge.

I hope it will be a starting point for finding your senses!
It's definitely going to be fun.

I will gather all the tips I can give you, such as how to buy materials online and offline, the location of the materials, the site, how to make a larger work, and how to storage/wash the finished work so that you can continue working on the punch needle even after the class is over.

I'm excited to see how your senses begin and develop through this class. Please show us your own work soon!



Introducing Punch Needles from Peace of Apple:)

1. Introducing the punch needle class with a peace of apple


2. Nice to meet you. This is Peace of Apple Kwon Yeji, the creator of tufting


3. Here's what you need to prepare for the class



Learn the basics of punch needles

1. Settings for working


2. Learn the principles and techniques of punch needles


3. Differences in files depending on the thickness and length of the needle and precautions when punching


4. Make a key ring using techniques you've learned


5. Discover the finished blanket stitches after bonding


6. Finishing after carving with patchwork scissors



Making a coaster

1. Drawing a pattern & combining color schemes


2. Filling noodles with punching


3. Finishing with blanket stitching after bonding


4. Finishing after scissor carving



Making a mini rug

1. Drawing a pattern & combining color schemes


2. Filling noodles with punching


3. Finishing with blanket stitching after bonding


4. Finishing after scissor carving



Create a mirror frame

1. Designing a mirror frame on paper


2. Drawing a pattern on a fabric


3. Filling noodles with punching


4. Digging the inner side of the frame after bonding


5. Carving with scissors


6. Bonding to a framed mirror you've worked on


7. Finishing with blanket stitching after bonding felt paper



Making a cushion cover

1. Draw your own design


2. Drawing a pattern on a fabric


3. Filling noodles with punching


4. Adjust the needle length to increase the height of the file


5. Stitching using a needle


6. Bonding


7. Stitching the finished sewing by connecting it to the prepared linen backing


8. After connecting the zipper, turn it over and clean the surface with scissors



Tips for continuing work life in the future

1. Can I make a big rug?


2. How to wash and care


3. Color scheme and create your own pattern


4. Where to buy tools and materials (online/offline)



Congratulations for your stubbornness!!

1. Congratulations on being stubborn in the Punch Needle class at Peace of Apple!!



A Peace of Apple

A Peace of Apple

Hallo Peace of Apple is developing work using tufting guns in Euljiro. It's a pleasure to meet all of you in class 101 like this.

The starting point and goal of my work is to make the viewer feel the comfort received by the creator again. There are times when it's hard work every time, but there are more times when I feel comforted and comforted. I think this was especially true when my mind was hard.

It was also meaningful to draw the peace I felt during my work and to share those works, but I think sharing the experience of the process would be of great significance.

As a craft student with no dexterity, I will tell you carefully the know-how I have researched and built up for me through trial and error. If you trust me and follow me, even if you don't have any dexterity, something will have been completed before you know it!

I'll see you all:)


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