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Class introduction

MemopediaThe meaning of organizing everything related to memos Memo and EncycloPediaIt is a compound word of I really can't include everything in this talk, but I've selected the most important content related to memos and organized the course. Memos are similar to dieting, so I want to do them well, but when I'm in real life, I'm busy, so it's hard to do well. I fully understood and sympathized with this point and structured this course. I hope you will take the course well until the end, expand your records, manage your time well, and lead a better life.

Course effect

  • Managing notes at home, and at work Personal - Home - Work It can be classified and archived as.
  • own ideas idea - extensions - applyingYou can learn how to write an article or incorporate it into a blog or YouTube.
  • GTDUnderstand how to (Get Things Done) Managing your own to-dosWe will help you do it.

Recommended target

  • Anyone who wants to enrich their lives by organizing notes!
  • Office workers who want to do a good job in planning through memos!
  • College students who want to earn high credits by organizing their notes neatly!

Pre-course notes

  • diary, Scheduler, planners Please prepare a notebook to manage your tasks and records.
  • varying Writing instrumentsIt's even better if you have one.
  • smartphones, laptops, pads From digital tools, etc. calendarsme Memo appPlease prepare.

2 reasons why this class is special

It's not the memo method you used to know.

Spreading to students and adults over the past 10 years How to take notes, How to manage time, Archiving methodsI will take a different approach to let you know. In particular, many people use it in combination diary, Scheduler, plannersof differencesKnow exactly Time management method that suits youYou can get to know.

② Ready to take notes anywhere?

Unlike traditional lectures that simply emphasize the importance of memos, the classmates Methods that can be used in the fieldI organized a lecture with. For notes to be stored effectively, they must be accessible both online and offline. thus Analog recordinget Digital recordsEffective by identifying the pros and cons of Hybrid memo methodI would like to inform you.

<This class is based on the winner of the Brunch Book AI Class Project. >

✏️ Winner of the Brunch Book AI Class Project by Memo Daewang






TOP KIMtooth Memo the GreatUntil it becomes

  • Since I was a kid, I got the nickname “girly sensibility” by writing a lot of diaries. I also received childish eyes and teased at the same time about how I could write such a careful diary. When I was a student, of course, I liked organizing my notes, so I maintained pretty good grades, and when I was in college, I was able to maintain my credits while doing various activities such as student associations, clubs, and academic conferences. While working, I grew faster than the people around me, and I was able to stabilize economically. As the years passed, the memo that was young became more solid and advanced.
  • As an English teacher, I received a series of lecture opportunities to share memos and organization with the public, and I established a memo method using analog and digital at the same time under the name of smart work. I now run an English language school and continue to spread the importance and effective methods of taking notes to students and adults. TOP KIMis a name I created with the desire to be the best while teaching English, but while doing memo activities Memo the GreatI'm using the Iranian name.
  • Ideas shine from the conception, expansion, and organization of thoughts. I'll make your ideas sparkle and shine. Let's do one thought and one memo today too!





메모대왕 브런치북

메모대왕 브런치북

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