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Hooray! Animal friends with flashing hands make crochet dolls



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Using a crochet
5 Class Projects

It takes about 2 hours to 10 hours to complete one class project.

  • Minizip crayons

  • I'm thinking about you

  • Manchenimal “Rabbit”

  • Manchenimal “elephant”

  • Manchenimal “Yang”

Skills You’ll Learn

Firmly learn the basics of doll making

The magic ring and spiral knitting method are the foundation of the puppet making process.

Things you need to know to start crocheting

Learn the most basic techniques of crocheting, such as shortening, narrowing the nose, and shortening the nose.

Understanding how to look at drawings and symbols

If you know how to look at patterns and symbols, you can make a lot of dolls.

Doll faces and how to sew

I'll show you how to express doll faces and how to connect them neatly.

Use a variety of knitting techniques to express yourself!

I will try to express the characteristics of various animals using different knitting techniques.

Know tips for color matching

I'll learn how to find a color that goes well with it and how to color scheme it.

A fairytale puppet country made with just one crochet,

Let's get started easily?

Hello, KNITING BY &It's. I like crochet dolls, create various designs, and have spent time teaching people how to crochet 13 yearsThis is moving over. It's always a pleasure to meet new people through crochet classes, and now I'm excited and happy to meet more people through Class 101.

Kids like it more,

Here are some bigger and cuter crochet dolls.

The “Manchenimel” of Knittingby&, which I will introduce in this class, is when you hold it with both hands FluffinessI feel this Big sizeIt's even cuter. The finished doll is the perfect size for kids to play with.

Even if it's your first time, it's okay if you make a mistake.

I'll start step by step with the practice work.

Are you hesitant because you don't know how to crochet or because you don't have dexterity? I am 13 years of crochet lessonsI've met a lot of people through. Even those who were worried because it was their first time passed away with a pleasant smile at the end of class carrying the crochet doll they had created. You can do it too! For those who are still unfamiliar with crochet techniques, you can practice and create complex doll shapes before entering Prepare simple worksI did.

I will teach you how to read designs that are particularly difficult for those who are new to crochet. It starts after learning the basic techniques properly, so even those who are new to crochet don't have to worry about it.

Because it's not difficult for beginners to make

You'll feel a great sense of accomplishment after completion!

When making a crochet doll, there are a lot of parts that need to be connected. If the connecting part is not handled properly, the shape may become awkward, and the connection itself is difficult for beginners. So Cute shape with minimal connectivityI wanted to make a doll of After all this trouble, the doll was born is Manchenimel. It's not difficult for beginners to make, and the finished shape contains a variety of details, so you'll have a great sense of accomplishment!

The more carefully you touch them, the cuter they become.

I'll give you a variety of expressive know-how.

Animal dolls are that Express the appearance or personality of an animalThe process of doing it is particularly interesting. I'll give you all the know-how to make various props to decorate facial expressions and animals. Let's make a doll that is even more cute with a different point.

The various techniques you've learned along the way will help you continue making crochet dolls even after this class is over.

Beginners are also welcome,
Welcome to the land of crochet fairy tales!



Introducing Knittingbuy&'s crochet puppet class.


Beginning of crocheting, strengthening from the basics


Making a colorful mini house “crayon”


I think of you ♡ Learn how to make shapes while floating


How to make a manchenial body


Complete the Manchenial “Bunny” in detail


Create and complete the Manchenimal “Elephant” shape


Complete the Manchenial “Yang” decoration


Make crochet your lifelong hobby!


Unrequited! Congratulations on your stubbornness.


Knitting by Ann

Knitting by Ann

Hello? The artist who makes crochet dolls This is “knitting by &.”

I would like to meet my own know-how, which I have built up over a long period of time while making dolls, through fun classes with all of you. Crochet doll!! Let's make a pretty complete doll with me ^^

If I'm curious, you can watch it on the channel above.




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