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A princess in a swimsuit! Digital drawing by illustrator Hugh Hugh



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5 Class Projects

It takes about 2-5 hours to complete one class project.

  • natural pose drawing

  • Faces and expressions from various angles

  • Soft clothing wrinkle expression

  • Princess in a swimsuit series “Little Mermaid” A-Z

  • Princess in a swimsuit series' Belle 'A-Z

Skills You’ll Learn

natural pose drawing

I'll show you how to draw various poses by referring to the pictures

How to express a detailed hairstyle

I will try to express a delicate and gentle hair style.

Wrinkles on clothes and texture expression

Have fun drawing various textures such as silk and cotton tea!

How to draw unique eyes that shine on lanterns

Effectively express your own princess character while expressing unique eyes

I'm going to draw the popping charm of a princess who appeared in real life!

“What would a real-life version of the fairy tale's main character, the princess, look like?”

Hallo Illustrator is on hiatus! HUE is a word that means color or hue. I'm literally painting with unique light and color. I mainly draw people. I really like the way the characters look and look.

Snow White wearing a bathing suit, which she accidentally drew while preparing for the illustration fair, received a lot of love on social media, and she continues to draw a fairytale princess wearing a bathing suit as a series.

In this class, we'll draw “Belle” from The Little Mermaid, Beauty, and the Beast from the “Princess in a Swimsuit Series” together. I will tell you all my own painting methods and know-how that I have gained from thinking, studying, and challenging myself, such as an attractive face, beautiful wrinkles on clothes, etc., without adding or decreasing.

I'll show you everything from rough sketching to finishing the coloring.

I think the most important thing when drawing is to have fun and be interested. For all of you who love painting and want to draw well, but are hesitant, I will share my work process for the “Princess in a Swimsuit” series.

You can feel a sense of fun and fulfillment in painting by completing the soft curves of women, and even the wrinkles on clothes that feel warm yet vivid in color and texture. When I first drew a picture, I thought, “Can I draw like this?” As you might think, if you practice with me step by step, you'll gradually improve your skills.

Rapunzel & Alice in swimsuits

I feel the appeal of digital drawing together!

What if you want to create an atmospheric color, but it's difficult to use color? There are various correction methods to make the illustration look prettier. Is that the appeal of digital drawing? You can create a stronger, softer atmosphere to your heart's content.

To that end, let's build up our skills by learning how to use layers, contrast, and matching color combinations. I'm using photoshop. It has the advantage of convenient layer use and correction functions. I will generously share my know-how and tips on the brushes I use, materials, effects, and corrections.

Jasmine in a swimsuit

📌 You'll learn something like this!

1) I'll cover how to express poses effectively.

I think the character's pose tells a story as much as the expression of emotion through the eyes, nose, and mouth of the face. The mood and story may vary depending on what poses and props the characters are holding. I'll show you how to express yourself using poses and props so that you can draw stories with characters you've created.

2) Improving the completeness of the sketch

I start the coloring process with the sketch finished. When it's finished, I imagine the picture and sketch it. That way, I was able to color with confidence without blurring the picture. If you start coloring without a finished sketch, you'll have to make more corrections and efforts. Let's complete a highly finished sketch with me!

3) Draw a vibrant and unique face

Even if it's not necessarily a princess character, the face is a very important point in the character! Pictures are more attractive when the eyes are beautiful. Let's fall in love with me by drawing and coloring beautiful eyes that look like twinkling glass grains!

If you draw the various eyes, noses, and mouths of unique princesses, you'll find a face of your favorite style. If you draw in a variety of ways, that's how your character will be born!

Swan Lake Odette in a swimsuit

4) Style creation for attractive character expressions

Color plays a decisive role in determining the overall impression of an illustration. How can I effectively color my favorite colors and moods? Furthermore, let's learn together how to enhance the completeness of a painting by expressing natural wrinkles and flickering hair in an attractive way.

Keep drawing and find your own color:)

Painting can be a really great hobby. Sometimes I meet people who think “I'm not talented,” but I definitely want to say this. “I'm talented enough, I just don't know how to express it.” If you're hesitant to start painting, don't hesitate to try it out. I'll share with you the parts that were difficult and lost, and I'll share all the know-how I've learned. I think you'll probably be surprised if you finish all the lectures and see the work you've completed yourself.

Have fun teaching by providing a variety of PSDs!

No one is good at drawing right from the beginning! If you download the psd of the lesson materials I provide and work with me step by step through the lessons, you will get used to painting!

For those who want to complete a more complete picture, I will provide a rough sketch psd drawn by me. You'll be able to enjoy coloring and having a beautiful princess born!

I prepared generously. Let's join!



Welcome to Huehue's class!


Learn the basic tools of Photoshop


Forget awkward poses, draw a human body in a variety of poses


Master the charming princess's face


Clothes and accessories that create the details of the picture


'The Little Mermaid' in a swimsuit


Beauty and the Beast in a swimsuit 'Belle'


Congratulations on your stubbornness!




Hallo I'm an illustrator, Hyu Hyu. The class I prepared for class 101 this time is “Drawing a fantasy princess in reality.” I was preparing for an illustration fair, and one day I was making a rough sketch as if I were doodling someone holding an apple.

The reference image I was looking for for a body reference was a swimsuit, and I thought it would be fun to draw Snow White wearing a bathing suit, so I tried wearing a swimsuit on a character. Just a change of thought, 'What if the princess wears a bathing suit instead of a dress? ' The series The Princess in a Swimsuit, which began with, drew a good response from the illustration fair's solo work and social media.

I think all of you can get more interested in painting by starting to find materials in your daily life and surroundings. If you take the course, we will help you draw a complete illustration of an attractive face, soft hair, and delicate wrinkles on clothes. In this class, I'll show you how to draw a fantasy princess in reality without adding or decreasing. Let's meet in class!


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