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Learn about the world through art! <Master art history with Big Fish Art>!


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Using the Big Fish Art Kit
8 Class Projects

It takes about 40 to 50 minutes to complete one class project.

  • [Korean Edition] Ink painting

  • [Korean Edition] Mother-of-pearl

  • [Korean Edition] Traditional Lights

  • [Korean Edition] A Picture Diary of Punk-suk Hwa

  • [Western Edition] Primitive Murals

  • [Western Edition] Arc de Triomphe

  • [Western Edition] Notre Dame Cathedral

  • [Western Edition] Tempera Mona Lisa

Skills You’ll Learn

Self-directed art appreciation

It's fun and easy to actively look at the work while answering the comments.

Exploring traditional materials and techniques

I improve my understanding of Korean painting by making my own works with traditional Korean materials.

Experience new materials and textures

By experiencing new materials, we cultivate flexibility through various textures.

Understanding art history

I can understand the times naturally by teaching according to the flow of art history.

Thinking Skills + Creativity

It fosters thinking skills and expressive creativity through theory and practical skills.

Learn about the world through art!

From Korean art history to Western art history!

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The power of art is amazing!

It reveals your inner world, radiates energy, and brings out your potential. Borrow the “power of art” To help children look at the world actively and in a fun way Please do it!

Just drawing and creating? NO! Big Fish is different.
Even theory classes to boost children's thinking and creativity!

Children's Contemporary Art Education Institute <Big Fish Art>

Online Education Center for Thinking & Creativity, Arts and Humanities <Big Fish Art Online School>

  • <BIG FISH ART>was established in 2008 in Daechi-dong, Gangnam, for 'art education for a better life' based on research on creative art education and museum education. Professional educators gather Continuously researching harmonious and creative contemporary art education programsI'm doing it.

  • Next, Korea's first online arts and humanities education center <Big Fish Art Online School>By opening, more friends are experiencing high-quality art education regardless of place or time. Not only in Korea, but also overseas, such as Singapore, Manila, the United States, and Japan, they are recognized for their expertiseReceiving I have it.

Family enterprise

  1. Children's Contemporary Art Institute <Big Fish Art>
  2. Arts and Humanities Online Kids Education Center <Big Fish Art Online School>
  3. Professional museum education more recognized by art educators <Joy Museum>
  4. Academy for art educators <International Contemporary Art Education Research Association (ICEA) >
  5. Art Education Institution for Life <Communication Painting Research Institute>
  6. A secret art hideout for adults <Riat Ground>
  • We are working on art education projects with various institutions, including national and public art museums.

Who invented Big Fish?

크리에이터 소개

▶ Creator introduction

Art makes us stop to look, think, and express ourselves while living in a busy world. Through art activities, children see the world through the eyes of artists and understand the diversity of the world. The ultimate goal of art education is to love the world we live in even more.

- Soyoung Lee, CEO of Big Fish, Communication Painting Research Institute

Learn humanities through art and experience the world!

This class A comprehensive range of Korean art and Western artI made my own configuration Humanities-based art classesIt consists of 8 chapters, and an 8-part kit and chapter-specific worksheets are also provided.

  • theory : Using the textbook, you can appreciate the work, conduct various presentations, and remind them of the class goals prior to the practical course.
  • Practical skills : Based on what I learned from theory, I carry out creative and high-quality work activities with various materials.

수강생 후기

▶ Student reviews

Part1. Let's swim, Korean art history!

From appreciating Korea's diverse works to the times!

Let's take a look at things that fully contain the value of Korea, and draw and make your own!

Part2. Let's swim, Western art history!

From the beginning of art to the heyday of art!

Enjoy a variety of works of art from the period and experience new materials and techniques!

I have put in 15 years of know-how.

I will carefully pack the Big Fish textbook!

In the textbook produced by Big Fish Includes a variety of essays and simple practical courses.

Let's carry out art activities in a more fun and immersive way through textbooks!

Arts and Humanities Class, Big Fish Art Online School!
Let's improve thinking and creativity.



Welcome to the humanities-based Big Fish Art Online School!

1. [To parents] Introducing Big Fish Art Online School!


2. Introduction to class and kit activities


3. Course guide



[Korean Art Edition] Ink Painting with My Hope

1. [Theory] Exploring traditional materials and techniques


2. [Exploring works] Exploring materials for Korean paintings by ancestors who loved nature


3. [Expression - Drawing] Drawing an ink painting with my wishes



[Korean Art Edition] The History of Mother-of-pearl and My Own Mother-of-pearl

1. [Theory] Exploring mother-of-pearl and Najeon lacquerware


2. [Exploring the work] Is there a trend in mother-of-pearl? Exploring mother-of-pearl by period


3. [Expression - Sculpture] Designing and Expressing Your Own Mother-of-pearl Jewelry Box



[Korean Art Edition] Becoming a Traditional Light Designer

1. [Theoretical Study] Exploring the types of lanterns and the excellence of traditional Korean lights


2. [Work Study] A Look into the History of Traditional Lights and the UNESCO Cultural Heritage Lantern Festival


3. [Expression - Sculpture+Design] Interior accessories for my house! Designing traditional lanterns



[Korean Art Edition] Folk Paintings Reborn as Picture Diaries

1. [Theoretical Study] Learn about traditional paintings and leading artists from the Joseon Dynasty


2. [Work Study 1] Exploring the lives of ordinary people appearing in folklore paintings


3. [Artwork Study 2] Exploring the lives of young people appearing in folklore paintings


4. [Expression - Drawing] Literature meets art! Folklore painting diary drawing



[Western Art Edition] The Birth of Art, Primitive Cave Paintings

1. [Theoretical study] Learn about materials used by primitive people


2. [Artwork Study] Exploring Representative Works of Primitive Art (Murals, Statues, Stonehenge)


3. [Expression - Drawing] Expressing Your Own Animal Mural



[Western Art Edition] Greco-Roman Period and the Arc de Triomphe

1. [Theoretical Study] Western Civilization Blossoms, Characteristics of Greek and Roman Art


2. [Artwork Study 1] Exploring representative works of Greek art


3. [Artwork Study 2] Exploring representative works of Roman art


4. [Expression - Sculpture] Making the Roman Arch of Triomphe



[Western Art Edition] Notre Dame Cathedral in the Middle Ages

1. [Theoretical Study] A Thousand Years of History, Understanding Medieval Art


2. [Work Study] Medieval Art - Mosaic, Jesus


3. [Exploring Works] Medieval Art - Architecture, Stained Glass


4. [Expression - Sculpture] Building the magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral, a heritage of humanity



[Western Art Edition] Revival of Art and Culture, Renaissance Mona Lisa and Tempera

1. [Theoretical Study] Understanding Renaissance Art


2. [Author Study 1] Scientist? An artist? Exploring Leonardo da Vinci


3. [Artist Study 2] Exploring the genius sculptor Michelangelo


4. [Expression - Drawing] Drawing with yolk? How to express the mona Lisa using tempera techniques



Congratulations on your stubbornness!

1. Tips for using the work!


2. The power to see the world through art



bigfish art

bigfish art

Bigfishart (bigfishart)

Big Fish Art was established in Daechi-dong, Gangnam in 2008 for 'art education for a better life' based on research on creative art education and museum education.

Educators specializing in art history, art education, contemporary art, creativity, painting education, and art healing gather to continuously study a harmonious and creative contemporary art education program.

We are also working on contemporary art education projects for children with various institutions, including national and public art museums.

Have fun! easily! Realistically! Immerse yourself too!

<I'm Soyeon Tutor who is leading Big Fish Art Online School> together!

She is an educator specialized in children's art who exudes positive and bright energy with her loud voice and gestures.


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