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Skills You’ll Learn

Learn mathematics in everyday life

There's math in supermarkets, desk calendars, and flyers too! I learn mathematics in my daily life.

Things to do before starting math in earnest

To study mathematics, there are things you need to prepare first. What is it?

Preparing for thinking skills and math

I'll teach you the ability to think for mom's table, the ability to think for study papers, and the ability to think for school tickets!

Curating a book of problems you should solve in preschool

I'll curate a starter problem book, an arithmetic problem book, and a thinking skills problem book.

Be sure to do this for each age group!

I will divide it into 5, 6, and 7 years old and point out the parts that must be prepared for each age.

Special work paper provided by Oanmom

I'm handing out all my work papers with more paid purchase requests!

Everyone does <mom's table math>

Am I the only one who is this complicated and burdensome?

Everyone would have thought like this.

The world is changing rapidly. Education is also changing in line with trends.

If so, shouldn't mom's math also change? In the vast problem book and parish forest, we don't even know what to buy 'They're getting carried away by “Who likes that?”

Some of them are correct. There are so many things to buy.

But does “my child” really need them all?

Everyone has a mom's ticket, but why is the mom's ticket always burdensome, difficult, and difficult?

Mom's math is hard to do when the child is older. Nevertheless, there is only one reason to do math on mom's table. Because the person who knows my child best is her mom! This is because the selection of problem books and dioceses varies depending on my child's tendencies and temperament.

I'm sure that if you take the preschool math roadmap course I prepared, it will be the easiest, fastest, and most accurate “mom's guide” math study for a mom before her child goes to elementary school.

Year 17 Problem Book Curator, Oan Tutor

I've been mathematician since I was a kid. I liked the math problem book, and I was happy to spend time solving the problems. Then, when I was a college student, I started teaching children when I was twenty I've come to realize that every child may have a different problem book that fits them well. Based on that experience, I am currently curating and consulting on children's problem books.

  • Mom's ticket coaching class management
  • Operation of Naver Cafe “Oan Mathematics”
  • Korea's first problem book curator
  • Mathematics entrance exam lecturer with 16 years of experience
  • Creative Math Instructor, Parent Education Counselor, Board Game Instructor

Why should I learn the preschool math roadmap through Oan-Sam?

Moms talk all the time.

I wanted to have fun learning mathematics when I was young.
Also, I want my kid to like math and do well.

The main reason I had this thought is probably because of my memory that mathematics was difficult and difficult. A student I was teaching also asked, “Teacher, I learned mathematics, so where do you use it?” When I asked, there was an answer I was answering.

Math is used all in our lives!

I will teach you how to learn mathematics in your daily life from a very young age so that you can survive in the current Korean mathematics market. I would like to teach you to do well in mathematics that was vague and frustrating.

Enough for a busy working mom to do

Mom will show you a comfortable path to mathematics!

Were you curious about a problem book tailored to my child?

I analyzed every problem book on the market. “Aren't all problem books the same problem book?” If you think that, it's a big misunderstanding. There are so many problem books even in infancy. So I prepared it.

Here's a list of problem books that are great for starting preschool. Starting out for the first time, anything, can make you lose interest in mathematics. Also, if you solve anything, both mother and child will get tired. Here are some of the funniest problem books that are great to start with. Just follow me.

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1. Who is Oan Sam?


2. An introduction to what to learn in the future



Learning mathematics in everyday life

1. Using a desk calendar


2. Reading and being able to read numbers in daily life


3. Using the best parishes and leaflets


4. Use the free math workbook site for toddlers



Learn before starting full-scale math

1. Before I start math, Hangul


2. Kanji to help you understand mathematics


3. Preparing rhyme skills



Thinking Skills Getting Started with Math

1. Thinking skills to start with a mom's ticket


2. Thinking skills to start with a study paper


3. Thinking skills to start with a school ticket



A collection of good problems to solve in preschool

1. Getting started problem book


2. Arithmetic problem book


3. Thinking Skills Problem Book



Be sure to go this far for each age group!

1. 5 years old, be sure to do this!


2. 6 years old, please do this!


3. 7 years old, be sure to do this!



Worksheet description made by. Oanmath

1. Mathematics in daily life that only needs to be followed


2. If you look at this alone, the first clock is a master


3. Basic math worksheets for elementary school preparation




1. At the end of the lecture, I would like to ask





Hallo I'm Oh An Sam, the mom's math teacher. I've always been curious about something while teaching math to kids. “At what age did you start math?” The kids say, well, and they can't remember. But this is the correct answer. Because children are already doing math when they are born. What time is it now for a newborn baby to eat formula. How much formula did you ride. Oh, how many degrees is it too hot? All of these conversations are actually mathematical conversations. But sometimes there are moms who think big things will happen if they start math early. But really big things are more likely to happen when you don't do math. So I teach just enough to give wisdom while living without clutter, we. Mathematics as a discipline is also important, but if you don't become a mathematician, I think mathematics in reality is important. When a child is young, it means that the mother is still young. The older the child gets, the older the mother gets. I want them to treat math with a different perspective for kids when they're most empowered. Instead of studying, I want you to take a more practical approach and look at what you should do anyway and when. I have a special method. Can you trust me and follow me?




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